Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

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Financial Application On Real Time Java Platform

Financial Application On Real Time Java Platform
The financial institutions and companies world over are gripped by the ever-changing demands of the market and therefore it becomes pertinent for them to find technology solutions that can cope with various different kinds of technological uncertainties and be able to provide comprehensive solutions. Aegis, for years has been involved in creating all kinds of different Java solutions for financial companies who may function on a completely different set of parameters and their requirements may be quite distinctive. In most cases the normal computing models do not cater to the kind of requirements a financial company may have regarding their technological infrastructure. These types of companies work in an environment where nanosecond precision is required and only very specialized platforms such as Java Real Time platform can offer that.

Java platform is regarded as one of the most sturdy, reliable and dependable platforms and hence the real time Java software does offer all the benefits one associates with Java along with its own suite of characteristics. Ideally, Java RTS is an extension of Java and it does offer solutions to unpredictable temporal behavior of the system and how to manage and control that. It finds solutions to any unpredictable changes and also ensures there are no risks or high costs associate with it.

As Java remains one of our fortes, it isnt surprising that our team of experienced developers has mastered the command over RTS platform and is able to use it effectively to create reliable and efficient solutions for financial companies.

Our developers are completely aware of the various mechanisms that come with Java real time solutions and how to adeptly control and manage the applications under this environment. At Aegis, the developers are aware and can easily understand and comprehend the various processes related to Real Time Java solutions. For instance they can easily figure out the threads based on their level of priorities and can also use the unique memory models to their advantage.

Another advantage that Java Real Time Solutions offer to our developers is the seamless transition from the old to the new. In fact, this particular Java solution does offer complete compliance with the other Java applications and Java SE platform and therefore the existing platform can easily be enhanced to accommodate the changes of real time environment.

Java Real Time system is also not bounded by any specific platform therefore lending more flexibility to financial enterprises in terms of allowing them to operate their business applications on two real time operating systems, which are the Solaris and Linux operating systems. The development cycle provided by Java Real Time systems are also considerably shorter thereby further facilitating not only our developers but also our customers by a quicker turn around time of delivery. Our customers can leverage the advantage of saving on various additional operational and infrastructural costs, time and effort by ensuring optimum usage of this platform and well within the stipulated time frame.

Aegis Software is a leading Application development company in India. It offering Java Real-Time Solution with latest Java Development technologies and tools.

iPhone Dust Bokeh

iPhone Dust Bokeh

I was sitting out in the bright sunlight at noon when I noticed I could barely see my computer’s screen because of the specks of dust that reflected the sun right off of them making them bright. I didn’t have my 60D with me and it wasn’t a fantastic shot so I decided to whip out my iPhone 5 and see if I could fool the autofocus into staying out of focus long enough for me to take a shot with a nice bokeh effect. A couple of shots later, I had what I was looking for. I brought the photo over to the Photoshop iPhone app (Photoshop Express) and made a few adjustments (primarily the colour) to make it what I wanted for a wallpaper on my phone aaaaand exported. And that’s the story of this shot! 🙂

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