“tm” Subsidies For Urban Consumption In Home Appliances – Galanz Group, Refrigerator –

“tm” Subsidies For Urban Consumption In Home Appliances – Galanz Group, Refrigerator –

Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council on the 19th executive meeting, decided in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, nine provinces and municipalities to carry out Category 5 household electrical appliances “
TM to
“Pilot, on consumers buying new appliances for 10% of the price subsidies, the annual funding arrangements for 2 billion yuan for the appliance” TM “subsidies.

Group Executive Vice President of Yuyao Chang’s China Securities Journal said, “continues the national policy of expanding domestic demand and promote consumption strategy for urban consumption in home appliances market has great leading role.”

Promote the high-end products

Wang Jianguo, President of United States introduced a refrigerator, in the past had carried out domestic appliance companies are home appliances, “TM”, but most of them located in the market
Activities, in essence, is a discounted price from the consumers to buy their own old products, a more limited influence. “This means countries through financial subsidies to support the TM, which we have a great home appliance business good, consumption of household electrical appliances will help to upgrade the urban market, believe that we can promote our high-end product sales.”

Spirit of the meeting of the State Council, the “TM” pilot covering TV,
, Washing machines, air conditioners, computers, home appliances category 5, the pilot regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu,
, Shandong, Guangdong and Fuzhou, Changsha. Within the scope of subsidies on the sell and buy new appliances Jiujia Dian consumers, in principle, according to a new home appliances to 10% of sales price subsidies, sub-species to determine the maximum amount of subsidies; subsidies within the recycling and dismantling company Jiujia Dian and sent to transport costs, given a fixed subsidy. . Subsidies within the scope of the sell and buy new appliances Jiujia Dian consumers, in principle, according to a new home appliance sales price of 10% of the subsidies, sub-species to determine the maximum amount of subsidies; subsidies within the recycling and dismantling company Jiujia Dian and sent to transport costs, given a fixed subsidy.

Fact, acutely aware of the formal market opportunities in high-end, beautiful, Galanz and other enterprises have increased this year, investment in this market. Wang Jianguo, says that currently 12 high-end market trend of more and more obvious, its sales have accounted for about Daosi Cheng, increase investment in high-end market has become the company’s inevitable choice. U.S. refrigerator sales this year plans a breakthrough seven million units, sales reached 90 billion, and strive to occupy the high-end refrigerator market for more than 22% market share.

“Home appliances into the city” into a trend

Great Wall Securities researcher He Qifeng to the appliance “TM” as is “home appliances into the city” to start off, follow-up to promote industrial upgrading, support energy conservation and emission reduction will continue to put good policy.

Bringing home appliances
Mainly for the rural market, household electrical appliance enterprises in the rural areas to promote universal primary household electrical appliances, sharp drop in exports the context of this policy are effective in helping household appliances through. Effectiveness of home appliances to the countryside in a significant experience, such as through the TM to the policy is the promotion of home appliances into the city, to promote consumption in cities, and also in line with national energy conservation strategy. “
Yuyao Chang, executive vice president of Galanz Group
disclosed, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other departments in the “TM” policy, under discussion on energy-saving air-conditioning products such as subsidies, lead the industry production, consumption, energy saving products.
Central China Securities researcher Hu
strong cast, believes that this policy is mainly to urban household demand, while the large base of urban households appliances, TM to greater demand. In addition, the city commercial housing market has started the trend, when coupled with “TM” condition, air conditioning will quickly return to positive growth in domestic demand. For
Industry, now replace LCD TVs CRT TVs are large, the policy will accelerate this substitution, LCD TV will be the biggest beneficiary of black.

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Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air

Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air
The current 1.17 million farmers in Beijing’s demand for home appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular. According to the municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Yesterday (August 9, 2009), who lives in Mapo Town, Shunyi Feng uncle in a house painted a new move

TV Installation Air conditioning , Washing machine And spent a busy day. His family of new appliances both large and small, are last month

Bringing home appliances Products chosen. Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, with products to promote in-depth, in July the city bringing home appliances products

Sell New record high, breaking 60,000,000 yuan.

Nearly 150 million yuan sales of home appliances to the countryside

With the constant familiar appliances to the countryside, more and more farmers began to replace the city in the “large child.” Shows, this year in February, the city’s “home appliances to the countryside” products on sales of 12.5 million; in March doubled the daily sales of nearly 3-fold, reaching 356,000 yuan; April sales of 440,000 yuan daily ; May daily sales of 861,000 yuan; in June sales of 990,000 yuan the day, while in July and then double the daily sales have nearly 200 million in monthly sales is more than 60 million yuan . As of now, the city appliances to rural areas has reached 147 million yuan in sales.

Reporter found that in last month’s best-selling products,

Refrigerator , Air conditioning and other appliances used most frequently in summer to the top of the list on sales of nearly ten thousand units, while sales volume is not high once

Mobile Last month suddenly popular, what the Department sold more than 3300, as sales of the third overall standings.

Main electrical farmers keep more than urban households

Municipal Commission of Commerce of the responsible person, now the city 1.17 million farmers demand for electric appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular .

According to Statistics Bureau data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Network launched this month, check specification

It is understood that the city does not belong to home appliances to the countryside there are individual sales outlets of enterprises are selling home appliances to the countryside products. If rural residents to buy the products of these enterprises will be sealed and not because they can not receive subsidies. This City Commission of Commerce issued the “Beijing bringing home appliances sales network management practices”, started from this month check network specifications.

According to City Business Committee responsible person, in order for farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products, Business Committee organized a number of “free caravan appliances to the countryside” campaign to

TV , Refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and other appliances to the countryside to subsidize products to sell on site, so that farmers can not see into the physical shopping and activities in the implementation of field sales, field way of subsidies, farmers can receive subsidy payments on the spot.

Learned that in order to facilitate rural farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside product in the future, “Caravan” village-site sales and marketing will further expand the scope. The reporters also learned that there are already some districts and counties will “examine rural, district honor” of steps to streamline the direct examination by the rural financial payment, will shorten the period of 15 days 5 working days, while the introduction of the online banking payment system, farmers cleared at the scene, you can go directly to the rural commercial banks to receive cash subsidies.

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Urban And Rural Consumer Market Is Gouxiaoliangwang Appliances Gratifying Scene – Appliance Tm, Gome

Urban And Rural Consumer Market Is Gouxiaoliangwang Appliances Gratifying Scene – Appliance Tm, Gome
In ” Bringing home appliances “Appliance” TM “, driven by policies such as urban and rural consumer markets have Gouxiaoliangwang appliances gratifying scenes. 11” golden weeks “before and after the home appliances market

Sell Is there a rare “blowout” scene, Suning, Gome appliance chain, etc. are made good sales.

“This year, highlights the consumer market strobe appliances, Haoxiliantai.” Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Management Headquarters, told reporters pleasure, from the sales perspective, we can clearly feel the pace of market recovery speed. This year six or seven months,

Projects that benefit the energy-saving products
Relevant policy measures to promote the energy efficient air-conditioning hot, with an air conditioning sales from the high tide, effectively pulling the air conditioning industry growth. This year in August, home appliances, “TM” policy in Beijing and Shanghai are being implemented in pilot regions, received positive response from consumers, the market pull effect appears rapidly. After entering in September, home appliance manufacturers ushered in a long-awaited home appliance market “blowout” market.

Nine-year, October has been the home appliance sales season. This year, as the central implementation of the deal with international

Financial Crisis package effect is obvious, the overall economic situation to improve, speed up economic growth quarter by quarter, urban and rural residents to get a boost in consumer confidence.

Reporter from Beijing, several home appliance chain enterprises understand that, in order to seize the “11” business opportunities, home appliance manufacturers to prepare early on, well organized supply, integrated marketing resources, adjust pricing, 9 months late to start large-scale promotional activities. Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Management Headquarters, told reporters that this year’s “11” Golden Week sales than in previous years, the emergence of new features, festivals around the explosive growth in consumption was evident. National Day eve, Beijing Suning on surging sales, high definition television,

The number one machine And digital product sales increased significantly. As of September 30, Beijing Suning is complete 50% of sales tasks. “11” Golden Week, Suning Appliance product sales across the board gains across the board, sales grew 110%. Beijing another home appliance chain enterprises

GOME Electrical Appliances Sales is straight up. “‘Golden Week’ sales capable of reaching the normal 50 days of sales, compared to about 98% same period last year, sales hit a new high.” Gome Beijing branch official told reporters.

Integrated product sales situation, more and more new high-end appliances consumers. In the major appliance stores, large-size high-definition 50-inch

TV , Drum washing machines and 3, on the refrigerator door open and more good sales, sales accounting for the rise. Among these, HD

Flat Panel TV Sales growth was particularly gratifying. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo this analysis, “First, ‘home appliances to the countryside’ and appliances ‘TM to’ implementation of the policy, stimulating consumer demand for flat-panel TV; Secondly, the flat-panel TV prices many more consumers at home TV to be updated; Third, some TV channels began high, standard definition simulcast of this year’s National Day parade is a celebration of the National People’s attention, it has to a certain extent, led the large-size HDTV the sales. “

It is understood that “appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” policy pull the Tianjin holiday sales growth. According to statistics, the National Day holiday period, total sales of the countryside of Rural household appliances 2441 sets (pieces), total sales of more than 450 million; Tianjin TM to sell home appliances up to 3025 units

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Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges

Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges


Small appliances

Maintenance of transmission of the disease

By the National Development and Reform Commission published “

Home Appliances



Clearly the price rule “as early as January 1, 2006 will go into effect, the public has recently reflected Aceh certain point there is no marked price appliance repair, maintenance, and no fees.

Lived in North Street, Guo Tie Feng District, called Dragon, said recently of his family


There is no sound picture, he came downstairs in a home appliance Silbury to TV’s “shortcomings” in the electrical Silbury who told the owner and master, the master called the “wrong” is not much smaller, to 60 per Package fix. To the Kwok family, also known as the master should carefully check the TV moved the store to pm the next day can be repaired. Allow Mr Kwok did not expect is that he pick up the next afternoon TV, the teacher seemed very anxious look, told him that television had a part broken, expensive, and may add 80 to buy the parts to fix the TV. Guo was so vague as a “repair” dizzying array of


Are not few.

Prices are in mind

6 10 am we arrived the middle of the second road on the first floor of a residential appliance Silbury. Only 10 square meters in the small shop, stacked with old Montreal



Washing machine



, Electric


And other home appliances, journalists around the chamber and did not see the marked price of any appliance, and only when customers ask the price quoted by the maintenance staff. When a reporter asked to amend the grounds of this Silbury TV boss why not publicized price of maintenance, the boss said: “I did nearly 20 years appliance repair, appliance repair also never heard of any posted price list, prices are loaded In my mind up. “He believes that there are a thousand parts of a color TV, and TV’s problems are different and certainly starting to be too much trouble. The “Regulation”, clearly the price of the home appliance maintenance services shall include: services (including inspection fees, repairs, home maintenance services need to collect the site service, etc.), charges; repair


, Zero


Name, place of origin (domestic standard province name and import standard country names), specifications, price units, retail prices. Such as providing home maintenance services, maintenance personnel should take the initiative in service to the user before the show and in its place of business is consistent with price codes manuals, price lists or price.

Do not care to be “slaughtered”

“To another water heater


On so expensive, “a talk about his family

Water Heater

, Who lives in Ann Lee Chi district, not from an uncle come home one day in July this year a problem with the water heater is Dabu Zhao fire. As it has been , Li uncle pondered forget bits and pieces just anywhere, it came to the district, a home appliance Silbury and Silbury Grandpa Lee said people who listen to the problems, we follow the old people come home, after ” careful “check, Master Li told Grandpa, start checking with repair


, She has to pay 80 yuan, Li uncle a Mongolian, and repair a switch have to spend so much money? Can not understand their approach, only Jiaoqian see a visitor. The next day while relaxing in the district, the elderly and neighbors chatted about the water heater would go wrong thing, did not expect, a neighbor’s water heater also appeared this phenomenon may be a neighbor told him that “small problems, that is, when did you change the battery One to two batteries


Risk removed, but directly by the not achieve the role of power, the last repair person is to take remove the plastic, such as minor problems can make things right for themselves! “Although Lee later Grandpa has found the Doctrine of the master repair theory, master to return 30 dollars, but the mention of the elderly or furious. In Long Street, several electrical Silbury, the reporter saw, there were often only one staff member , as long as electrical appliances, delivered and consequently the courage to take over the counter to open the TV, put arbitrary random fan stood, as there is no trace of the maintenance list.

Transparent Call charges

Interview is understood that most of the appliances currently Aceh’s fees Silbury their own internal requirements, are the price by the number of parts and their maintenance process to determine how much the price, there is no price on the repair publicity. Appliance repair in some point of the same brand is difficult to find the line “rule” requires the publicity price list. This, many appliance repair master, said some consumers are still accustomed to bargain, to retain customers, there are some items they would make something profits, so the publicity is a furnished brand, mainly to meet the inspection. There are many shopkeepers in favor of price codes, if the real implementation of the marked price, less bargaining session with the public, better able to curb those who mixed, uneven quality of the maintenance department, is conducive to fair competition among peers.

I want to comment

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quot;Returnees” rice cooker upgrade storm caused Hung Chi – Hung Chi, rice cookers, small appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

quot;Returnees” rice cooker upgrade storm caused Hung Chi – Hung Chi, rice cookers, small appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

Strong appeal: China

Rice cooker

Urgent need to upgrade! This caused uproar industry, and its theme held throughout the country as a “renowned European and American roots in China,” the rice cooker upgrade activity, it is attracted great praise from consumers.

Learned that Hung Chi has always been its export-oriented electrical appliances, is a export over 50 million U.S. dollars of export-oriented enterprises. Hong-Chi’s customers on five continents around the world, mainly Europe and the Americas, large chains, including WALL-MART (


), K-MART (Kmart), IKEA (


) And A-RGOS (Yage Shi), and some of the major known


Overseas importers. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States, an average of every 10 households had a household rice cooker using the Chi-hung! For these reasons,


That the Hong Chi-depth understanding of foreign markets in the context of the urgent need to upgrade the Chinese market will be the party’s call attention to reverse its strategy from exports to domestic sales, China’s small household appliance market will also bring great impact .

Hung Chi launched a nationwide upgrade activities to “kitchen of the companion series of luxury electric rice cooker thick kettle” and “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron cooker” for the demonstration products to “rice cooker pressure valve, large curved heating element, thick tank liner “to highlight the three major upgrades.

Through understanding, Hung Chi, “the companion thick kitchen kettle series luxury electric rice cooker,” the activities of its flagship product upgrade. It is refined and elegant design Jasmine Green, 2.4mm thick tank liner, alloys,


Environmental protection; another three-dimensional heating, cooking rapid and uniform, so that rice crystal; pressure steam valves, use of fuzzy logic control; recessed heating element design, improving thermal efficiency, adequate nutrition to keep dishes; more intelligent temperature control to prevent the coke Paste spillover; In addition it has soup, congee, cooking a variety of cooking function, multi-security design, consumers with more confidence.

The “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron stew pot,” consumers also have a unique appeal. It is the overall European trend, with

Stainless steel

Fine wire drawing designs; the bowl with high temperature enamel, in line with international health standards; surface smooth as jade, stew without odor; the other with the inner pot handle, and convenient to mention take; and surround heating, heat the food uniform, efficient delicious; transparent


Cover, not to mention get hot; large capacity, and has never favored family; another high, low, automatic third gear firepower adjustment, easy to use quickly.

In addition, Chi-hung variety of new products recently introduced the 10 rice cooker, pot and more are available, do the cake, no kettle of chicken and so on, and the other equipped with removable and washable-type pot cover, for consumers in great benefits. In short, the upgrading of the rice cooker, in a blow to the market to


Pressure on opponents, while, more importantly, to the great surprise of China’s consumers.

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quot;Nanjing made” Siemens home appliances brand new sail – Siemens, small household electrical appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

quot;Nanjing made” Siemens home appliances brand new sail – Siemens, small household electrical appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

After more than 150 days of construction, the global home appliances industry giants

Bosch And Siemens Appliance Group in Nanjing

Investment Of BSH Home Appliances Electric Park has been hosting the Games is the beginning. Yesterday, the small home appliances garden workshop was inaugurated Bosch and Siemens announced a small household electrical appliances field in China, a new sail. It is reported that total investment of 99 million U.S. dollars, more than 370,000 square meters of electrical park most of the works will be completed and put into production later this year.

Iron vacuum cleaner, etc., have small batch production

As 2004, the second largest foreign investment project in Nanjing, BSH Bosch and Siemens electrical appliances garden group success in China

Operation 10 years, the highlight of the second wave of large-scale investment and will become the group

Kitchen appliances , Vacuum cleaners, electric irons and other small household electrical appliances in the domestic production base. R & D centers, procurement centers and centers of international libraries will have this. This shows their confidence in China’s small household appliance market, strengthened the position of the headquarters of Nanjing as a group.

Currently, the park has electric iron, vacuum cleaner and some other products began small batch production. This part of the products are mainly exported to Europe in high-end market, use the “Siemens” and “Bosch” two

Brand . Next, the various series of products will gradually scale production, sold to the Chinese and global markets, Electric Park in 2010 will reach 10 million annual units.

Tailor-made to be a “China hand”

As the highest in Europe, the world’s third home

Electricity Century device manufacturers, Bosch and Siemens on the Chinese market seems very cautious, not ready to move into the Chinese market stood foreign products, but expect to be a “China hand”, tailor-made for the Chinese market, all kinds of small household appliances. With the completion of the workshop, Bossi on the Chinese market to open up the argument has ended.

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Jiangsu Sell Wu, general manager of sales initially described to reporters Section

Planning The products look like: foreign domestic major carpet shop, vacuum cleaner features a relatively single, but most shops use of family

Floor , So in the future to market the traditional vacuum cleaner not only a function, but also the floor

Polishing Function. Another example is iron, the body will be designed to

Model Like clothes “to wear” on it, to stretch, smooth.

Pull billions of purchasing supporting industries

As the product terminals, Bossi Electric Park, will pull into the upstream production and related industries. Wu Bureau said early stages of development, where the purchase may be facing the country, but with the industrial development, close to procurement is necessary, which is bound to Nanjing and surrounding cities in the appliance industry core to form a circle. He predicted that there will not be put into operation less than the annual amount of 10.0 billion purchase.

Reporter has learned that many of the current domestic

Appliances raw materials

The device and other supporting companies are planning to Nanjing “camp”, and some have entered. In order to match with the scale of production, Jiangsu BSH Home Appliances Sales Company is also brewing capital increase.

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Quot;Cheetah” in the run 2007 Oulai Ke Facebook – Oulai Ke, water heater – appliances industry

Quot;Cheetah” in the run 2007 Oulai Ke Facebook – Oulai Ke, water heater – appliances industry

2007 to sum up the year-end, find Oulai Ke was 200% sales growth in its “Archery” theory has become the fast water heater industry, the classic marketing strategy. Electric water heater with fast within the industry compared to other categories, Oulai Ke undoubtedly successful, only a short time of three years sales have gone through their course of development in recent years.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” In the market changing Oulai Ke, only keep up with the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the tide; only understand the product development direction, the better the quality, accelerating the run rate, improve and meet consumer needs, make a healthy bath pioneer status, as representative of modern life.

“Cheetah” in the run

From the company set up to now, only a few years time, but Oulai Ke has been maintained 200% growth rate in growth, is becoming the fast water heater industry leader in the field of health bath. The end of 2007, Ou Laike more than 20 provinces and cities in the country has broken the 1000 terminal network structures. What is the reason for Oulai Ke success? What factors make Oulai Ke fast as cheetah-like in the dash?

From industry, environment, fast water heater for its smaller and sleeker, faster than the storage-type heating rate, more secure than the characteristics of gas water heaters, water heater represents the development direction of the industry! Oulai Ke timely in the domestic power grids step by step process, the increase of fast water heater efforts to promote the project more quickly has been specializing in the production of Oulai Ke water heater created favorable conditions for development.

“Business success is reflected not only on the external environment of the powerful grasp, but also because their own ideas for product and brand marketing, the exact location.” Oulai Ke Fang Zhong electrical marketing manager pointed out that the price positioning in the high-end, will target consumer groups for middle and high spending power of youth groups, the sales channels located in the large cities in high-end consumer groups and market new real estate projects, so that Oulai Ke gradually do young people based on the consumer in the field of “boutique brand” strategy.

Fang Zhong said, to business operations, sales run can be seen as a “shooting” process, first of all have a goal, that is to be “flak”; followed by even have enough power, that is a “good bow “; the last gap in the market should also be a tool for tearing, a seminal called” sharp arrow. ” Only in this way, Ou Laike to go faster and more robust. Of course, the company picked the right direction, product technology research direction set down correspondingly.

Present, Oulai Ke product use the international popularity of faster heating, “British Grameen 800 heater” heating devices, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of water heaters, by rapidly heating cold water to ensure that hot water in 5 seconds out. Without water, without preheat, without thermal insulation, water heaters, and all-weather continuous supply of hot water heaters to meet the needs of consumers, while greatly accelerating the speed of running Oulai Ke sales.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” Experts believe that the market is constantly changing, only keeping the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the trend. In the “Archery” theory, occupy an important position, “marketing” as the rapid run Oulai Ke played a decisive role. As long as there is a place Oulai Ke product sales, not only occupy a prominent position, with a unified counter the image of professional quality sound Purchasing Guide (promoters), and high-grade terminal image and quality services and brands to customers was value for money for, and have wide confidence.

“Security” ranked No. 1

Often hear consumers that reflect the use of water heater less than a year, on account of body heat by scaling, corrosion and bad, life is difficult to achieve the water heater manufacturer said warranty period, consumers security can not be guaranteed.

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Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

“left the scrap business for appliances will flow Where? “Many are prepared to participate in

TM to

Activities of consumers questioned whether these waste appliances to be refurbished, or after being assembled into the market again?

Movement of waste household appliances arouses concern

Every city in Beijing, are scattered with some second-hand market, many of whom are a large number of second-hand home appliances, some from the outer look also belongs to new products, some vendors clearly told reporters that the surface appears to be new appliances, all through the assembly and refurbishment, the replacement for a shell


. Used appliances used for assembly of diverse origin, of which there are some from various supermarkets and other activities in the host after the TM to be discarded appliances cheap home appliances for sale to professional waste recycling company. Some vendors are purchased from recycling companies, after they discarded appliances during dismantling and assembling, but also continue to use the scrap parts for assembly of new products, and some parts have been damaged part was sold to other


Waste recycling vendors, can not use the sales value does not directly abandon. Direct disposal of these waste components directly on the local soil and water caused great destruction, there is information, each


Machine or computer monitors containing cathode ray tube an average of 4-8 pounds of lead. Once the lead contaminated soil would be a serious water will eventually harm humans, plants and microorganisms, but also on children’s brain development has a dramatic effect. An old


The cadmium batteries can be pollution, 60,000 liters of water, the water can be filled with three standard swimming pool. In a well-known e-waste recycling to


Guiyu, many migrant workers so infected with respiratory diseases, skin ulcers, while the other is a common disease, kidney stones.

Although various documents issued by several countries and by helping and supporting the formal policy of waste home appliances recycling, little is still effective, in April 2007, the government approved waste disposal unit of China Star Appliance Recycling Group

Environmental protection

Industrial Development Company Limited (commenced operations. In 2008, Beijing’s first focus on e-waste and waste sorting center appliance Han Jiachuan, Haidian District, was built and put into use. But recovered in the small traders under the impact of high prices, China Star green living have a great impact on the large, China Star, a green marketing department in an interview, Mr. Court said that the dismantling of many small and medium business, driven by the interests may also be used home appliances recycling of scrap sales, and the present state no sound legal provisions to provide for the quality standard system used home appliances, consumer interests will eventually be damaged. He suggested that environmental protection for the Chinese star to be a large recycling company preferential policies and support, while not included in the waste Appliance Recycling Directory of Company shall be resolutely banned, to prevent the waste from the source appliance re-enter the market.

Similarly, as the nation’s largest home appliance retailer Gome has maintained that all countries should strengthen the control of waste home appliances recycling


Bringing home appliances division director Wangjia Sen said in an interview, in order to protect the ultimate interests of consumers, hoping that the recovery of waste household appliances dismantling by the professional bodies to be destroyed from the physical point of view. Wangjia Sen said, there are some small recyclers regardless of social responsibility, recycling of waste will be re-assembled into the appliance market, these second-hand home appliances can not guarantee security issues may also arise on the ongoing impact of home appliances to the countryside. Wangjia Sen told reporters that the current recovery of our country may be close to 90 million household appliances, these appliances once again assembled through illegal channels into the market, its low price is likely to become very popular in the 23 markets, many rural consumers drive the price to buy These products not only affect the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, rural consumers will give a tremendous security risk.

Environmental protection into focus again

Enterprises should take social responsibility, consumers should be made on the environmental movement. China Star Marketing Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. Yuan also said that countries need to be a lot of publicity on recycling, waste electrical consumers about recycling in the small traders after being possible consequences on the environment. Experts have pointed out, currently the majority of consumers still very backward notion of environmental protection, many consumers in the waste disposal or household appliances driven by interests, often hundreds of dollars for the sake of the interests of waste household appliances will be sold to small traders, while the Experts also pointed out that large-scale professional recycling companies should not be at home waiting for a large number of discarded home appliances, small traders should learn, go to communities for recycling, environmental awareness at the same time convey to the minds of consumers to go for more, the only way to gradually solve the problems behind the public awareness of environmental protection.

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