Young asian woman hoovering floor at home

Young asian woman hoovering floor at home

Young asian woman hoovering floor at home, this image can use for cleanup, housework, office, job and vacuum cleaner concept

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Urban And Rural Consumer Market Is Gouxiaoliangwang Appliances Gratifying Scene – Appliance Tm, Gome

Urban And Rural Consumer Market Is Gouxiaoliangwang Appliances Gratifying Scene – Appliance Tm, Gome
In ” Bringing home appliances “Appliance” TM “, driven by policies such as urban and rural consumer markets have Gouxiaoliangwang appliances gratifying scenes. 11” golden weeks “before and after the home appliances market

Sell Is there a rare “blowout” scene, Suning, Gome appliance chain, etc. are made good sales.

“This year, highlights the consumer market strobe appliances, Haoxiliantai.” Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Management Headquarters, told reporters pleasure, from the sales perspective, we can clearly feel the pace of market recovery speed. This year six or seven months,

Projects that benefit the energy-saving products
Relevant policy measures to promote the energy efficient air-conditioning hot, with an air conditioning sales from the high tide, effectively pulling the air conditioning industry growth. This year in August, home appliances, “TM” policy in Beijing and Shanghai are being implemented in pilot regions, received positive response from consumers, the market pull effect appears rapidly. After entering in September, home appliance manufacturers ushered in a long-awaited home appliance market “blowout” market.

Nine-year, October has been the home appliance sales season. This year, as the central implementation of the deal with international

Financial Crisis package effect is obvious, the overall economic situation to improve, speed up economic growth quarter by quarter, urban and rural residents to get a boost in consumer confidence.

Reporter from Beijing, several home appliance chain enterprises understand that, in order to seize the “11” business opportunities, home appliance manufacturers to prepare early on, well organized supply, integrated marketing resources, adjust pricing, 9 months late to start large-scale promotional activities. Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Management Headquarters, told reporters that this year’s “11” Golden Week sales than in previous years, the emergence of new features, festivals around the explosive growth in consumption was evident. National Day eve, Beijing Suning on surging sales, high definition television,

The number one machine And digital product sales increased significantly. As of September 30, Beijing Suning is complete 50% of sales tasks. “11” Golden Week, Suning Appliance product sales across the board gains across the board, sales grew 110%. Beijing another home appliance chain enterprises

GOME Electrical Appliances Sales is straight up. “‘Golden Week’ sales capable of reaching the normal 50 days of sales, compared to about 98% same period last year, sales hit a new high.” Gome Beijing branch official told reporters.

Integrated product sales situation, more and more new high-end appliances consumers. In the major appliance stores, large-size high-definition 50-inch

TV , Drum washing machines and 3, on the refrigerator door open and more good sales, sales accounting for the rise. Among these, HD

Flat Panel TV Sales growth was particularly gratifying. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo this analysis, “First, ‘home appliances to the countryside’ and appliances ‘TM to’ implementation of the policy, stimulating consumer demand for flat-panel TV; Secondly, the flat-panel TV prices many more consumers at home TV to be updated; Third, some TV channels began high, standard definition simulcast of this year’s National Day parade is a celebration of the National People’s attention, it has to a certain extent, led the large-size HDTV the sales. “

It is understood that “appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” policy pull the Tianjin holiday sales growth. According to statistics, the National Day holiday period, total sales of the countryside of Rural household appliances 2441 sets (pieces), total sales of more than 450 million; Tianjin TM to sell home appliances up to 3025 units

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Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Best Buy Asia president and chief operating officer Yang Ming does not want to be a crazy challenger, but want to be a sharer.

Ming Yang was managing a consumer electronics retail store, yes, the whole of China is only so one. Precisely, as Best Buy president and COO of Asia Pacific Ming Yang was in the entire Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) is also simply for this one just opened shop in 9 months.

However, this store is just like a sword of Damocles has been hanging in the Gome and Suning, and other Chinese home appliance retail giant heart. Although it is not Best Buy will give the local snakes are a real threat? That two local companies in mainland China, the number of stores are Best Buy’s 650 times and 410 times, but Yang Ming does not appear to be very anxious. Best Buy global experience and strong financial strength put in there? In fact, elements from his daily work can be seen, Yang does not want a crazy challenger but want to be a sharer. Every day he patiently accumulated experience in China in 2008 to open 8-10 new stores for the preparations.

Ming Yang was not much rest time every day, 40 years, slept 4-5 hours a day. He laughs, this is young love to play, do not want to sleep habit.

I do not think the pressure of the General Assembly, I am used to a few people who do the work. In the past, I left a company’s position, the general back to 4-5 to share my personal work. My approach is to change an opinion, not into a dead end.

Have time I will read most books is very professional, for example, and market research-related, industry books and so on.

Yang, who now oversees Best Buy’s three business units in China (Global Sourcing, Five Star, Best Buy), the three business units need to be managed separately from him, each department has different levels of the session to be open, so the meeting occupies the main part of his daily work.

My daily 8:30 to companies to deal with the United States sent an e-mail at night. Session from 9 o’clock in the morning will usually have two, at noon I tried to lunch in 10 minutes to solve, and then went to work at one o’clock the meeting begins, there will be two. We have retail, human resources, finance, business development and other team needs me to time reasonably spent on each sector. Many things are fixed type, such as business development meeting two weeks time, there are many contracts to be approved retail work is not very compelling, there are a lot of little content in it.

I believe the significance of each will have it in there. Arrival, will be where I can from each lot to learn. We do not just report numbers simple, we will be involved in different areas each week, such as IT, home audio-visual sector, and will have a more detailed report.

My daily working hours generally difficult to determine. In fact, Best Buy employees of each company’s sense of belonging are very heavy, most of the time employees spend at work more than at home. We each had one large meeting, and hope my colleagues in easy circumstances leave the company. Under normal circumstances we find a place exchange. May be a team knocked off around 6:30 we will eat together in the office next to, two or three times a week, which is team building. Recently, many multinational brands is China’s CEOs substitutions, and we will take the time to new people to conclude, like Best Buy in the past and how their business is done, so he told us and his products a better position to understand. Conversely, we also want them feedback, such as what new products and so on.

In the past five months, I have seen several brands of the CEO, they were the first time the first company in China.

Yang Ming hope he can get in for a meeting I spend more time in stores. In addition to buying shares on business visits to Nanjing, Best Five Star’s stores outside the

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quot;The longest history of Golden Week” appliance sales continued to blowout – LCD TV, appliance sales – Network Appliance Industry

quot;The longest history of Golden Week” appliance sales continued to blowout – LCD TV, appliance sales – Network Appliance Industry

2008 year-end, Financial Tsunami, the world’s major economies into a severe recession. The Chinese government response to the global economic crisis, has issued a series of economic stimulus policies to boost domestic demand, steady exports, protection of the Chinese economy and stable operation. Steady rise in China’s economic development critical moment, in 2009, “11” Golden Week?? “The longest history of Golden Week”?? Grand debut as one of the pillar industries in national economy

Home Appliances Industry, the joy of riding on 60th anniversary of atmosphere, sweeping away the last quarter decline since the market downturn and even the state, ushering in the market for over three weeks

Sell Continued to blow from one side to show the world China’s good side view moving pictures alone.

Market launch early long duration According to the most authoritative monitoring of appliance retail company?? Beijing in the PRC, market research Co., Ltd?? 100 cities nationwide to provide the main appliance 1668 stores weekly sales sales figures: From 2009 9 21 -10 11,

TV , Refrigerators, washing machines, household air-conditioner sales of the four categories total amount of growth in 2008 compared to 53.4% over the same period. Among

LCD TV Sales up 100.7% year on year sales growth of 57.3%. Refrigerator sales up 59.7%, sales rose 68.6%. Washing machine market, sales rose 42.08%, sales rose 57.78%. Household air-conditioner sales rose 93.59 percent, sales rose 68.08 percent. The “Golden Week, the longest in the history of” the distinct features of home appliances market sales start early, long time. To LCD TV, for example, compared with the same period in 2008, “11” the week before the 21 September to 27 September sales volume increased by 221.3 percent respectively year on year and 153.9%, “11” is the week 28 September to 4 October sales volume grew 41.7% and 11.1%, “11” is one week after the October 5 months to October 11 sales and volume growth of 776.8 percent respectively over the previous year and 645.1% . Record sales and growth rate, making this year’s “11” golden weeks worthy of the “History of the cattle Golden Week”, whether manufacturers or retailers have shouted “than expected.”

Overall growth in the market in general prosperity of the brand

The “Golden Week, the longest in the history of” selling feature of the two appliances are all brand overall growth, market prosperity. Undertake this year made a strong brand, continued its advance, such as color TV industry

Hisense In the Sept. 21 to Oct. 11 period growth rate of 99.43 percent year on year sales,

TCL 93.06% year on year sales growth rate; Haier refrigerator industry sales rose 96.17% year on year growth of 82.64 percent Meiling; washing machine industry sales rose 57.28 percent Haier, Little Swan up 73.55%; air conditioning industry The Gree sales rose 81.25%, U.S. sales growth of 242.53 percent year on year, up 75.8% of Haier. Import brand is completely out of the economic crisis since the downturn, the strong gains, such as the color TV industry

Sharp In the Sept. 21 to Oct. 11 period growth rate of 31.9% year on year sales, Samsung sales growth rate of 55.68 percent year on year; Siemens refrigerator industry sales rose 48.6%, LG-year growth rate of 78.81%; washing machine Siemens industry sales rose 58.58%, LG up 95.07 percent;

Overall growth in the balanced development of all regions

This “the longest history of Golden Week,” the characteristics of household appliances sold in various regions of the third-round growth and balanced development. Golden Week, showed up after three weeks of home appliances market situation in EADS were mixed, color TV industry in Chengdu, Southwest China sales rose 86.67%, Xining, Northwest China sales rose 71.46 percent while the refrigerator industry in Shenzhen, southern China sales rose 94.66%, while sales in Xiangfan, central China were up 100.3% year on year, washing machine industry in Xiamen in East China sales rose 80.5%, while sales of Dalian in Northeast China were up 64.5% year on year in all industries and regions showed full-year sales growth;

Comprehensive high-end consumer products widely sought after upgrade

This “the longest history of Golden Week,” the characteristics of the four home appliances sales overall upgrade of consumption, high-end products are widely sought after. “11” before and after three weeks, washing machine drum washing machine of the retail sales share are close to or more than 50%, three refrigerators, multiple doors, the refrigerator door retail sales share of more than Liu Cheng, total retail sales of LCD TVs TV retail sales in more than 90%, 40-inch and above large-size and large size TV is particularly popular, the market share increase by 10 percentage points than usual.

“11” Golden Week appliance market prosperity, the Chinese home appliance industry a brilliant fourth quarter of 2009 had great expectations, but also adds infinite confidence. King will remain president!

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quot;Returnees” rice cooker upgrade storm caused Hung Chi – Hung Chi, rice cookers, small appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

quot;Returnees” rice cooker upgrade storm caused Hung Chi – Hung Chi, rice cookers, small appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

Strong appeal: China

Rice cooker

Urgent need to upgrade! This caused uproar industry, and its theme held throughout the country as a “renowned European and American roots in China,” the rice cooker upgrade activity, it is attracted great praise from consumers.

Learned that Hung Chi has always been its export-oriented electrical appliances, is a export over 50 million U.S. dollars of export-oriented enterprises. Hong-Chi’s customers on five continents around the world, mainly Europe and the Americas, large chains, including WALL-MART (


), K-MART (Kmart), IKEA (


) And A-RGOS (Yage Shi), and some of the major known


Overseas importers. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States, an average of every 10 households had a household rice cooker using the Chi-hung! For these reasons,


That the Hong Chi-depth understanding of foreign markets in the context of the urgent need to upgrade the Chinese market will be the party’s call attention to reverse its strategy from exports to domestic sales, China’s small household appliance market will also bring great impact .

Hung Chi launched a nationwide upgrade activities to “kitchen of the companion series of luxury electric rice cooker thick kettle” and “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron cooker” for the demonstration products to “rice cooker pressure valve, large curved heating element, thick tank liner “to highlight the three major upgrades.

Through understanding, Hung Chi, “the companion thick kitchen kettle series luxury electric rice cooker,” the activities of its flagship product upgrade. It is refined and elegant design Jasmine Green, 2.4mm thick tank liner, alloys,


Environmental protection; another three-dimensional heating, cooking rapid and uniform, so that rice crystal; pressure steam valves, use of fuzzy logic control; recessed heating element design, improving thermal efficiency, adequate nutrition to keep dishes; more intelligent temperature control to prevent the coke Paste spillover; In addition it has soup, congee, cooking a variety of cooking function, multi-security design, consumers with more confidence.

The “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron stew pot,” consumers also have a unique appeal. It is the overall European trend, with

Stainless steel

Fine wire drawing designs; the bowl with high temperature enamel, in line with international health standards; surface smooth as jade, stew without odor; the other with the inner pot handle, and convenient to mention take; and surround heating, heat the food uniform, efficient delicious; transparent


Cover, not to mention get hot; large capacity, and has never favored family; another high, low, automatic third gear firepower adjustment, easy to use quickly.

In addition, Chi-hung variety of new products recently introduced the 10 rice cooker, pot and more are available, do the cake, no kettle of chicken and so on, and the other equipped with removable and washable-type pot cover, for consumers in great benefits. In short, the upgrading of the rice cooker, in a blow to the market to


Pressure on opponents, while, more importantly, to the great surprise of China’s consumers.

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quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus

quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus


March, slightly cold,

Microwave ovens

Market has been hot ever. It is reported that, since “


Sanmeizhenhuo – light breakthrough “campaign started, the major home appliances


Halogen Cooking Pot


Warming up, snapping up hot scene staged. Many consumers have pointed out: “Galanz brand ring, the product is good, affordable enough!”

“Light” Love


“Sanmeizhenhuo” Early Spring Warmth



Person in charge, III, April chill of early spring, the breeding of bacteria are most vulnerable, at home, purchase a bactericidal


Function of light household appliances has become first choice for health. Now, buy a chance to enjoy special Galanz wave stove, get purple pot,

Rice cooker

Hotpots and other super-luxury gifts, many places to carry out on-site lottery, “Cooking Contest” for the consumer to create a unique benefits! Coincides with the season, Galanz activities have no doubt sent out to carefully care for consumers.

According to authoritative sources noted that the ultra-violet disinfection, more than a certain wavelength is harmful. Steady light is bactericidal, in the use of which will not change. The technology upgrade through the “Sanmeizhenhuo” light technology, is a world leader: It combines shower ball microwave, direct circulation light, three-dimensional polymer light shooting, multiple cutting-edge technologies together so that the efficiency of scale and perfect wave stove heating upgrade faster


, Healthier, safer and more efficient. “Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove highly popular shows that consumers increasingly rational.

“Fast” cooking music



To lead a harmonious consumption

Also seen in some stores, “Glanz PK light cooking contest,” set off a Road festive heat! It is reported that the activities for the public purchase at the scene, “favorite” products, can easily participate in activities with prizes, received unanimous praise.

The past two years, “

Super Girl

“PK Competition swept the country, while” Sanmeizhenhuo “Halogen Cooking Pot’s fast, smart cooking, microwave cooking experts to the general ease,” title “! In the” light cooking PK Glanz Competition “during the event, consumers can participate in Marketplace colorful


, Q, cooking and other activities. Through several rounds of elimination, the final two will be the ultimate consumer PK, Ping Chu final rankings, win prizes!

According to “the PRC, market research report”, Glanz has been reelected 11 consecutive years of sales and market share in China’s microwave oven double entry title. Last year, global production and marketing breakthrough in microwave oven light Galanz 20 million units, nearly Qicheng domestic market share, about five percent of global market share. The absolute leader in the market situation, consumers return Galanz also always keep in mind, service to the community, to create a good environment for consumption, show a “world leading brand” good style.

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quot;Appliances to the countryside” more attractive to rural consumers – Appliance TM, appliance sales – Network Appliance Industry

quot;Appliances to the countryside” more attractive to rural consumers – Appliance TM, appliance sales – Network Appliance Industry

“‘ Appliances to the countryside

‘Activities have greater appeal to rural consumers, 42.11% of consumers purchase intentions; 37% of rural consumers think,’

Home Appliances The countryside ‘to improve their standard of living; 80%

Sell Business that ‘appliances to the countryside’ has brought tangible benefits to farmers; 34% of the respondents believed that by participating in household appliances’

TM to ‘Activities to improve their standard of living. “This is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 7 University survey of social practice Summer conclusions.

Learned that, to understand “home appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” implementation of the policy effect and the two shortcomings are widely listened to all the demands to continuously improve and expand the implementation of the policy effects, 2009 summer, the Department of Industry and Information Technology Organization of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics other seven subordinates and university students in Colleges and Universities, “home appliances to the countryside,” home appliances “TM” social practice Summer survey activities.

Investigation the following conclusions: the rural consumers, “home appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” policy has some recognition, but the familiarity is not enough; “appliances to the countryside” campaign to the rural consumers have more attractive, 42.11% of consumers buy. As the “home appliances to the countryside” campaign launched, consumers

TV , Refrigerator , Air conditioning , Significant increase in demand for computers and purchase; daily needs of rural consumers is the main reason to buy home appliances, quality, price and after-sales

Service Is a key factor in purchase of home appliances; rural household appliances sales service quality to be improved; rural consumers are not familiar with most of the subsidy process and can not get subsidies, affect the enthusiasm of consumers; respondents appliance “TM “policy has some awareness, participation in home appliances” TM “campaign will is high.

This end, the report recommends reform subsidy payment model home appliances to the countryside activities, simplifying procedures for the implementation of activities such as TM to simplify the procedure; increase in home appliances and range of product categories involved in the countryside; home appliances to the countryside through the establishment of a unified distribution centers using third-party after-sales service, improve service levels and quality; by strengthening quality control, strengthen implementation of the policy limit and set up Jiujia Dian unified assessment system, and vigorously promote consumer protection laws and regulations, increased inspection supervision, and promote business integrity; actively promote innovation model, and gradually expand the scope of publicity, propaganda and so steadily enhance and strengthen “home appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” campaigns; regulate behavior related industries, and promote legislation to promote cycle of economic development measures to “home appliances to the countryside” and home appliances “TM” policy to better implement and benefit more people.

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quot;Nanjing made” Siemens home appliances brand new sail – Siemens, small household electrical appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

quot;Nanjing made” Siemens home appliances brand new sail – Siemens, small household electrical appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

After more than 150 days of construction, the global home appliances industry giants

Bosch And Siemens Appliance Group in Nanjing

Investment Of BSH Home Appliances Electric Park has been hosting the Games is the beginning. Yesterday, the small home appliances garden workshop was inaugurated Bosch and Siemens announced a small household electrical appliances field in China, a new sail. It is reported that total investment of 99 million U.S. dollars, more than 370,000 square meters of electrical park most of the works will be completed and put into production later this year.

Iron vacuum cleaner, etc., have small batch production

As 2004, the second largest foreign investment project in Nanjing, BSH Bosch and Siemens electrical appliances garden group success in China

Operation 10 years, the highlight of the second wave of large-scale investment and will become the group

Kitchen appliances , Vacuum cleaners, electric irons and other small household electrical appliances in the domestic production base. R & D centers, procurement centers and centers of international libraries will have this. This shows their confidence in China’s small household appliance market, strengthened the position of the headquarters of Nanjing as a group.

Currently, the park has electric iron, vacuum cleaner and some other products began small batch production. This part of the products are mainly exported to Europe in high-end market, use the “Siemens” and “Bosch” two

Brand . Next, the various series of products will gradually scale production, sold to the Chinese and global markets, Electric Park in 2010 will reach 10 million annual units.

Tailor-made to be a “China hand”

As the highest in Europe, the world’s third home

Electricity Century device manufacturers, Bosch and Siemens on the Chinese market seems very cautious, not ready to move into the Chinese market stood foreign products, but expect to be a “China hand”, tailor-made for the Chinese market, all kinds of small household appliances. With the completion of the workshop, Bossi on the Chinese market to open up the argument has ended.

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Jiangsu Sell Wu, general manager of sales initially described to reporters Section

Planning The products look like: foreign domestic major carpet shop, vacuum cleaner features a relatively single, but most shops use of family

Floor , So in the future to market the traditional vacuum cleaner not only a function, but also the floor

Polishing Function. Another example is iron, the body will be designed to

Model Like clothes “to wear” on it, to stretch, smooth.

Pull billions of purchasing supporting industries

As the product terminals, Bossi Electric Park, will pull into the upstream production and related industries. Wu Bureau said early stages of development, where the purchase may be facing the country, but with the industrial development, close to procurement is necessary, which is bound to Nanjing and surrounding cities in the appliance industry core to form a circle. He predicted that there will not be put into operation less than the annual amount of 10.0 billion purchase.

Reporter has learned that many of the current domestic

Appliances raw materials

The device and other supporting companies are planning to Nanjing “camp”, and some have entered. In order to match with the scale of production, Jiangsu BSH Home Appliances Sales Company is also brewing capital increase.

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quot;Appliances rental” market quietly heating up – Appliance Rental, fans – HC network appliance industry

quot;Appliances rental” market quietly heating up – Appliance Rental, fans – HC network appliance industry
Car Lease, rental brand clothing, jewelry leasing … … With the growth of people’s lives, the diversity of demand, rental industry deep into every corner of our lives. This summer, Home Appliances Wuhan extremely strong leasing business, university and some surrounding villages in the city, air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliance leasing the facade can be seen everywhere. Appliance Rental in bring people to enjoy convenient, quality second-hand home appliances worrisome. In fact, the “appliance rental” is not new, several large and medium cities in China, home appliance rental has been the rise for years, while in South Korea, the U.S. and other countries, household appliances leasing the consumption is very common, since the rental performance of the U.S. accounted for 30% of GDP. Hankou in Wuhan forward four, Wuchang Yuema Chang, etc. Electronic Flea market, a lot of second-hand shop owners are second-hand appliance rental appliances. Owner, said home appliance rental business this summer more than in previous years, especially in July when the continuous high temperature, air-conditioning leasing more popular. New job is “music rental family” Quietly rising despite lease appliances, but consumers have the response was different. Found in the market, many people never heard of home appliance rental, and some even asked: “appliances can also rent it?” There are other people that have heard of, but not lease appliances. Many people believe that rent appliances in use with the general feeling is that other people’s things, always to be worried about its security problems, it is not a sense of belonging, not the things themselves are not intimate with them. Now home appliance store in vigorously in all promotional activities, is actually quite cheap to buy new, not to spend some money. Should only buy new, can not afford do not need. , Of course, some people are authorized appliance rental. Xiaoxia is one of the representatives, “Take the rent air conditioning, the summer temperature is high, even with the house Fan Does not help, for those of us to work just for people who rent a used air conditioner cheaper than buying a new air conditioning and more, and so save money, and of resolving the hot issue, why not? ” It is understood that in the Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and some other large cities, every year a large number of local or foreign graduates come to find work, most of them relatively cheap rental houses in some years, but most of the rental rooms do not provide home appliances, which provide a great rental for the home appliance market. Market expectations “regular army” Present, growing demand for household appliances leasing, lease covers a refrigerator, air conditioning, Washing machine , Television. Households spend a lot of second-hand home appliances business acquired dozens of dollars from residents to Jiujia Dian, a simple shell cleaning and refurbishment of second-hand home appliances can be rented or sold out, which is worrying security issues. For example washing machines, washing machine too long after the use of body encourages the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, also use more than retirement age of household electrical appliances are prone to leakage and other safety incidents. Appliance industry, said China’s huge holdings of traditional consumer electronics market, second-hand appliance rental market must be a big cake. Currently, second-hand goods market is still in the stage of cohabitation, people used home appliances lease can be approved, but also need some strong enterprises to positive guidance, the key is that these companies can achieve a ” Service “First, to meet consumer demand. Increase in automobile production and marketing Driven engineering plastics market 2009 7 engineering plastics market, the relative dispersion of concern products, engineering plastics, PMMA, PET, PET, nylon, EVA, POM, PPS, PC, PA6, TPU, SBS, polyurethane, PPO, PBT resin, glass fibers, PU, EVA, etc. are subject to interest. The overall situation of concern increased from last month, the most concerned about product is 13% polyester (polyester 6% + PET6% + PBT1%), nylon accounts for 8%, PMMA7%, EVA5%.

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Quot;Trees” program start Suning 1.8 million refrigerators will be updating – Suning Appliance

Quot;Trees” program start Suning 1.8 million refrigerators will be updating – Suning Appliance

Home Network News



The end of 2007, the state has been successively implemented in three installments of the different batches of intense

Appliances to the countryside

Policy, the 2008 and 2009 the domestic refrigerator industry’s growth. The State also made clear in May have refrigerator and updating of the next three goals to start the “

Projects that benefit the energy-saving products

“” Appliances TM “policy has started a pilot area 9, and also during the two sessions were used household appliances recycling focus, to further expand domestic demand, benefiting the people, the development of circular economy.



Is the focus of national policy cover categories, following the March Suning more than 60 medium and small cities across the country to subsidize the activities carried out and updating, its recent announcement, this week launched a nationwide “green trees” program, in response to the call of national policy promote energy conservation, and preservation of the popularity of the refrigerator.

“Trees” program starts, Suning in 2009 will achieve 1.8 million refrigerators and updating

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data showed the community to maintain our country about 130 million refrigerators, and washing machines by about 1.7 million units, these appliances are mostly in the late 20th century into the average family. As a general

Washing Machine

8 years, refrigerator and washing machine drum safe useful life of 10 years, most of these appliances are safe to use after a number of years. Over-age use of refrigerators, washing machines, not only the preservation of performance can not meet consumer demand, the general power consumption will exceed the original 40% increase in intangible household spending and, more importantly, because the formation of an unnecessary


Waste, indirectly causing more carbon dioxide being discharged into the atmosphere, contribute to “greenhouse effect” of global warming. Reporter learned from Suning side, Suning will take the annual festival started in 2009 the National refrigerator “trees” program. Countries implement a series of policy measures to expand domestic demand to promote not only economic, but also because the Chinese

Environmental protection

Advance the cause.

Suning Appliance refrigerator, washing machine general manager Liu Peng said that with an ordinary household refrigerator, for example, assume that electricity is 7.94 degrees a week, every week of the resulting carbon emissions to 5.89 kg, produced a year carbon emissions as 306.28 kg. Suning and factories to advance, “Su Ning in 2009,” trees “plan” to implement, and strive to achieve the country this year, 1.8 million refrigerators in updating upgrade, through the upgrading of energy saving refrigerator, you can use the power reduced by 50% to 70%, each 215 kg per year of carbon dioxide can be reduced, if the refrigerator to achieve 1.8 million energy-saving and updating of upgrades that will reduce the 387 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. If a tree absorbs carbon dioxide a year as 1825 kg, which can reduce emissions to the atmosphere, the growth needs of 23,000 trees a year for 50 years of age to complete absorption of carbon dioxide, if included in the growth cycle and survival rate, the need for new planting 100,000 tree seedlings can be achieved.

Suning committed to updating to achieve energy conservation, another sense is to reduce the burden on the environment. Through the cooperation with upstream suppliers, Suning wish to allow all Chinese households have access to energy-saving refrigerator fresh.

Updating the refrigerator electricity subsidies, Suning pushing universal energy-saving refrigerators

Liu Peng said in an interview, energy-efficient household appliances will be the development trend of home appliances, home appliances, as national distribution companies, Suning Appliance and obligation to promote the popularization of Chinese energy-saving appliances.

Benefits for energy-saving refrigerators, refrigerator Beijing Suning a store


Staff told us that in the course of daily use should pay attention to the skills of small, but also make the refrigerator more power. Refrigerator should be placed in ventilation, avoid sun, dry place and away from the stereo, television, microwave ovens and other heat sources; display refrigerator, both sides should normally be reserved for 5-10cm, above 30cm, 10cm rear space, to help the refrigerator heat; minimizing the frequency and duration of the refrigerator door; hot food cool in the refrigerator; box storage capacity of about 80%, not too close; the production of ice and cold should be arranged in the evening; for large pieces of food, according to family one-time use for separate packaging, take out an amount of time; laid out store fruits and vegetables; the frozen food out from the freezer, may be defrosted first, into the freezer before eating.

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