Board Cleaning Supplies

Board Cleaning Supplies

Console: Atari 2600
Model: CX-2600
Switches: Six Switch
Light Sixer
Made In Taiwan

Supplies: 71% alcohol pads, screwdriver, 91% rubbing alcohol (not pictured), Q-Tips (not pictured), and Duster (Endust)

This is what the switch board looks like with the foam ring dust covers off the switches.

I use compressed air (Endust) to remove any dust that’s on the switch board and motherboard.

I use 91% rubbing alcohol with q-tips to clean the inside of the switches. These were a little dirty, but they were the only things that were dirty on the switch board or motherboard.

I use 71% alcohol pads to clean the switch board itself (I let them dry a bit so they’re not so wet), which is safe, because there’s not anything on the board.

I again use the compressed air to get any dust or dirt that was left behind on the switch board or motherboard.

Note: Game cartridges are just for looks. They’ve already been cleaned (photos 16-18)

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