Living with Fire front page

Living with Fire front page

Definitely the most difficult photography I’ve done. I worked as a wildland firefighter for seven years with the US Forest Service, and for most of the time my Olympus OM1 rode either in my pack or in my oversized Nomax (fire resistant) shirt. Some of the challenges included dust, ash, and smoke, water, sheer exhaustion, heat, and sometimes even a lack of oxygen. On this occasion we were all down on the ground because of the last two reasons….heat and a lack of oxygen…..but we found some nice cool soil and air to breath there. ūüėČ

Something I had published awhile ago in a special section for the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. This FireWise guide is a special section of the newspaper and a newsprint brochure to hand out to people who want to take measures to reduce their wildland fire risk.

This was just quick clean up of the original artwork they sent–unfortunately they did not retouch any of the dust/scratches on the original slide before publication. I offered to do the job for them but they originally planned to have a "pro" do the work–oh well. Isn’t too obtrusive in the publication, but looked horrible on the computer.

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I like apples!

I like apples!

Christmas the recued Eastern Rosella loves apples, my computer has bitten the dust I think, specialists being called in, until then I am limited to posting those shots I had as private. Or ones on my BC disk that are loaded at my work computer……….orcas anyone?

Hope to see you all soon

And if I did post this before sorreee but I think it was just in the TBO Blog, another project put on hold ūüėÄ

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Sunset Over St. Pete

Sunset Over St. Pete

I found this today from 1991and scanned it into my computer. I can’t even remember what camera I used to take this. I think it’s darker on the right because it was at the end of the roll of film. The only thing I did was PS the dust spots off.

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Magic Punk-Rocker Moth

Magic Punk-Rocker Moth

I felt very lucky to capture an image of a creature with magic powers as great as this. It was spreading it’s magic dust around the house until my son hit it with the swatter.
(No moths were actually harmed.)

Check out his goofy blue & yellow striped hair. I didn’t do that, it’s his natural color.

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Just eating through the week!

Just eating through the week!

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I’m having some computer problems. My monitor bit the dust so I’m having to use my daughters laptop which is slower than all get out. I have to go shopping for a new one as soon as possible. The weather may slow that down because we got some snow today. I probably won’t post anymore pic’s until I get that monitor. Thanks everyone for everything and have a wonderful week.

Update: Bought a new monitor which is a Samsung at almost 22 inches. I really need to get use to it because the photos look somewhat different. They seem brighter and some look a bit stretched. My editing and photography seems to need some improving from the look of things. Of course I already knew that I needed more photgraphy practice. Can’t wait to get back to the zoo once it warms up some.

Link to Cincinnati Zoo

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Thank you for respecting this.

Before he was sold, Peanut was my favourite model. Such a beautiful horse and was part of my very first paid photo shoot. The background in this picture was less than desirable so I added a smoke and dust effect to the background.

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A quick trip to Mars

A quick trip to Mars

After a long time i decided to dust off my spaceship. first step was to enter the destination in the computer. after a quick thinking i entered Mars, which proved to be lots of fun. Mars is about 34 million miles from earth but since my spaceship can cruise around speed of light so its not a big deal. we landed at Mars before sunrise. what a great timing right. sun was looking so little as compared to earth sunrise but who cares. we did get some crazy colors and blah blah (dream ends )
My photos are available at

NOTE: All images are Copyrighted by Asad Gilani. No rights to use are given or implied to the viewer. All rights of ownership and use remain with the copyright own.

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“Hi my name is Cooch, Mike got tagged and I am gonna tell you a few things about him!”

"First of all, before I start ratting out my friend and repeat a bunch of junk that you may already have seen or you may already know, let me refer you to my friend, Little Wood. You can see him here…"

"If for some reason you were expecting photo of Mike, you can find that here…"

"Okay, now I can get started…."

1. "Just like me, Mike has a big mouth! He’s got a real strong, loud voice, is always being told to be quiet and has never had a problem being heard. This has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. He has been told that he sounds like Jeff Foxwothy but I think he sounds like a nut!"

2."Mike is single and would love to find that special girl."

3. "Mike is unemployed right now and hates it."

4. "Mike is a guy who could never decide exactly what he wanted to do, when he was 12 it was going to be a pro football player, I thought, yeah right, he’s way to small, he would get killed. When he was 18 it was a rock star! What a joke, he can’t even play the radio! Now he’s, well was, a waiter in a restaurant here in Sarasota."

5."He is a big football fan an still cheers for his home town Atlanta Falcons."

6."Mike really likes to laugh and tries his best to be funny and make other people laugh. He usually makes fun of himself in his attempts to be funny."

7. "Mike is very happy to be clean and sober and wonders why it took him so long to accept that way of life."

8."Mike lives with his landlord, Dusty and his other roommate, Stan, in sunny Sarasota Florida. Three single straight guys in one house, oh brother, man that place is a little crowded."

9. "Mike loves all kinds of animals and is devoted to the welfare and health of animals and hopes his photography shows that,"

10. " Mike is kinda boring, all he does is go out and takes a bunch of pictures and looks at them on his computer. He likes to share them with all of you."

11. "Finally, Mike is surprised and thrilled actually, that anyone would want to know all this junk. He loves FLICKR and he loves taking photos for all of you. He also loves each and every one of you and nothing makes him happier than getting a bunch of comments from all of you nice people that make a big fuss over him and his images, and he wants me to tell you Thank you from the bottom of his heart."

12."All in all, Mike’s a great guy and would love it if he could meet each and everyone of you! Good Bye now!"
View On Black

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