Long Neck Landscape

Long Neck Landscape

Another one with the dusted-off D70 and 70-300mm lens taken during that earlier in the month (14-May-2011) visit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. And, yes, this is a giraffe’s neck … if you couldn’t guess.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center – Glen Rose, TX USA on 14-May-2011.

At last… After months and months of pushing through a huge work-related project that has been on my plate, I am finally at the very end. That light at the end of the tunnel was much farther than expected … always way out of reach. It is good to finally have this weight off the shoulders and perhaps now I can get to concentrating more on my photography. Going to take a bit of a break from being behind the computer after this week, but will be back soon with much to share.

Constructive criticism and suggestions welcomed! Thank you for dropping by.

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Moose Calf Crossing A Bog

Moose Calf Crossing A Bog

Been quite awhile since I last posted any photos. The “why” is a long story and I have Yahoo to thank for it. It started when I got back from Kona on May first. Yahoo, decided not to support MAC’s Safari 5 anymore. My computer, while a top of the line Pro Mac was just old enough that I couldn’t upgrade my OS to get the new version of Safari. Since, Yahoo wasn’t supporting the version I had, all of my photos and the photos I viewed came up very low res and pixilated. This pretty much bummed me out. This caused me to quit looking at Flickr. Then my modem quit working. GCI replaced that and for some reason my WiFi quit.
SO! I special ordered a new MAC with the 27 inch HD monitor and a Apple Extreme WiFi base. My old computer had a 30 inch monitor, but, wasn’t HD. The HD is great! My son came up from Washington and with his help we got everything transferred, setup and running. I gave him the Mac Pro and the 30 inch monitor to take home with him. They were using laptops and iPads. As his wife said, “ the monitor is bigger then some of their TV’s”. I was running Snow Leopard OS on the Mac Pro. Now upgraded to Mac’s latest Yosemite OS. Took a little time to get used to the new Yosemite OS, but, it pretty cool. Also, upgraded to the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, as my CS5 wouldn’t load on the new computer.
Anyway, I hope to start posting again and get caught up on commenting on everyone’s posts. I took thousands of pictures while in Hawaii. Two of the things I wanted to get shots of, were the little Green Gold Dust Gecko and the Torch Ginger. That worked out very nicely. My son and myself are going back to Kona in October. So, that should be fun. Stace, is really good with animals and is good at spotting things most people miss.
Lately, I have been working with some moose calves and a Red Throated Loon and whatever else that comes along. There were two loons early this spring and I hoped they would nest, but the one moved on. I have been wanting to photograph the Red Throated Loons for many, many years. So, this is a first for me.

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Kit Bag

Kit Bag

If I need to carry all my gear or if I’m travelling on a plane, this is the bag I use. It’s a Tamrac 614 Pro 14 Shoulder Bag with a slot for my laptop as well as some other nifty compartments. Obviously not very portable, but well padded and it holds a decent amount of gear with efficient and smart usage of space. This picture was shot with my XTi/400D.

Key Features

• Dual Action Top offers triple protection against rain, dust and sand by providing three levels of security: hook and loop closures for quick access, EasySqueeze quick-release buckles for security and a zipper closure for the ultimate weather protection.

• Lens-Bridge Divider System allows the camera to sit cradled above the rest of the equipment with various lens lengths attached and ready for action. The camera rides on an adjustable platform insuring a perfect fit with or without a motor drive.

• Pockets

Foam padded rear pocket for a thin notebook computer up to 17 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 2.0"
2 Slide Pockets feature the Tamrac Memory & Battery Management System which uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available and which ones are used up.
The front has 2 ZipDrop pockets that have an internal zippered mesh accessory pocket and paraphernalia pockets in a see-through mesh pocket for storing accessories and small items that are normally hard to locate. The left pocket has an attachment system to utilize the optional Photographer’s ToolPak. There are 2 tripod straps mounted below the pockets.
The front flap has a weather-protected Speed Pocket that allows filters and other accessories to be quickly accessed without opening the bag.
Two Touch Fastener closing, weather-flapped padded end pockets
Full length zippered Passport/ticket foam padded pocket in the back
Inside the top, a removable Pop-Off film pocket is made of Windowpane-Mesh. It can hold lots of film in clear view. In addition, it can be quickly detached so that film can be hand inspected at the airport and not risk damage by X-ray security systems.

• The Piggy-Back Pocket enables a camera bags to work in conjunction with most rolling bags or carts that have a handle. With the handle locked in the upright position, the Piggy-Back Pocket allows a camera bag to be easily slipped over the handle and held securely while riding on top of the rolling bag.

• Elastic accessory loops inside top

• Plastic bottom platform beneath the foam padding provides stability, protect ion and support.

• Adjustable padded BioCurve shoulder strap with S.A.S. Strap Accessory System attachment slots

• EasyGrip padded handles are made from a composite material. The material is exceptionally non-slip, yet soft and easy on your hands. A torsion bar stabilizer strut in the top distributes the weight for carrying ease.

• Compatible with;

2 SLR camera bodies, 9 lenses, 2 flashes, tripod and accessories plus a notebook computer

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