Day One Hundred and Eighty-Five | Twitter

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Five | Twitter

in which the photographer rediscovers pigtails and eyeliner.

I really, really need a sensor clean, but I have just enough money for a tank of petrol, and that’s what it’s going to be used for, sadly. I don’t have Photoshop on this computer, but once I get around to it, I’ll replace this with a less dust-spotty photo.

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two hundred and forty eight

two hundred and forty eight

i realize i take a lot of photographs at my windowsill but i spend a lot of time sitting here, looking out the window, using the sill as a table for my computer, or for a place to write. it’s perfect when sitting at my ottoman.

i’ve added notes to the photo so you know what is almost always sitting on my windowsill.

sometimes i feel captured in the small moments.

the light of a cigarette.
the dusting of a plant.
falling leaves.
falling dreams.

then i am snapped back, into a place of reality and despair.

so you guys know, tomorrow is photograph your day day. i did it two years ago and the photos from that day are a set on here. maybe you should do it too. just spend a day documenting your day in photographs!

i didn’t do it last year, i was in portland having a mental breakdown. it was terrible and beautiful at the same time. i’m glad it’s not documented though.

day two hundred and seventy eight.

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November 2, 2008

November 2, 2008

I’m going to a Sarah Palin rally this afternoon with my family. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say this: I’m not voting for McCain/Palin on November 4 and I’m only going because my nephew’s cub scout pack is leading the pledge of allegiance.

I would have taken a picture later on at the rally (especially since I’ll be kttted up in a McCain t-shirt that my dad got for me! What? Yes!), but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be arrested.

This was taken using the webcam on my mom’s computer.

ETA: My photos of the Palin event can be found here

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206 of 365 (mini malfunctions)

206 of 365 (mini malfunctions)

Double erg. My computer works, but my processor upgrade card bit the dust last month. I bought a replacement (cheaper), but it’s too SLOW. So, I ordered a faster (MORE EXPENSIVE) upgrade, but it needs a firmware update that will allow it to work. Then, I went to take my 365 shot this evening and realized I don’t have my camera. I think I left it upstate and won’t be able to get it until Friday night or Saturday morning. This (and probably the next several shots) was taken with my laptop camera.These are all, of course, luxury problems. Life is good. ; )

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7 of 365

7 of 365

1:00 a.m. Monday night. Laundry night. Tunes: Walk Idiot Walk by The Hives.

People are generally surprised to hear that I do my own laundry every week. It’s all to do with marital politics. My wife loves to do laundry. But she doesn’t like folding, sorting or putting laundry away. One day about six years ago I complained about having nothing but single socks and she said something to the effect, that if you don’t like the way I do the laundry why don’t you do it yourself? So, for the past six years, every Monday night I sit at our local laundromat from 11:00 to 1:30 watching my clothes spin around. In six years I’ve lost three socks.

Actually, I kind of like it. If I were at home, I’d be watching TV or working on the computer (or Flickring). At the laundromat I have a full, uninterrupted hour to focus on doing something. The first couple of years I spent the time reading. Since then I’ve been writing songs. For a while I was finishing one song a trip, but I’ve slowed down since then. Tonight, I read my camera’s manual and learned how to raise the mirror so I can clean the dust off my sensor.

BTW, I’ve reached the one week mark on my 365 project. This is only noteworthy because of the many projects I have begun and failed to follow through on in the past. Anyway, it’s been fun. I find I spend a lot of my spare moments thinking about what I can do for today’s self portrait. Creativity is a good thing, right?

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#172 – pet peeve number 3: the desktop

#172 - pet peeve number 3: the desktop

i never understood filling up the desktop with files and icons. firstly it affects ur ram. secondly it blocks the lovely desktop pic. the desktop needs to be uncluttered, and the files inside neatly foldered.

i also have an issue with dusty screens (this applies to the tv too). so i have to dust it every few days. however, i do not care if my floor or shelves or the rest of the table is dusty. i just need a dust-free screen.

also the orderliness i keep in my computer says nothing abt the order in which i keep my physical belongings as can be seen by the pile in the corner.

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64:365 Road trip!

64:365 Road trip!

You know, on the east coast, i used top hop in the car and road trip for weekends and holidays just about once a month on average – Connecticut mostly, but also Boston, the Cape, and Upstate NY were frequent destinations.

i realized this summer, that all of my trips were far away places and that it meant i hopped a plane or a train, but had no car to hop in with my music and stuff. It was strange! see, since moving here, i haven’t known where to go. In the northeast, you can hop from state to state. Here, everything is . . . big. So, all of my driving has been for work.

It started to feel like my car was my office. It used to be a fun thing for me to pack some snacks, some clothes, m computer, and cds and hit the road to get out of my life for awhile.

So, on Friday, i booked a really cheap room (with free WiFi) in Colorado Springs, and yesterday planned out some places to go and things to see.

Today was just about getting in the car and going somewhere. i have Monday and Tuesday off, and when i have long weekends, staying at home means staying within 6 steps of the office. So, off i go, with a couple of great cds left pic in my car) for my 2 hours of driving, plans for sunrise tomorrow, and a chance to stop here (since no one is waiting for me, i can stop whenever i want! Just outside of the springs is the pic on the right – look at how everything looks dusted with powdered sugar) and notice, that, yes, i landed here a very strange way, but i truly do live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet

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147 of 365+1/3: Almost forgot!

147 of 365+1/3: Almost forgot!

I shot almost 1100 photos this weekend, Opening weekend at the Bristol ren faire. I shot RAW. And its taking me forever to get through them all.

These are the eyes of someone who spent two days in the epic Bristol dust, missed two nights of pain meds (muscle relaxers, that is), and spent all day staring at the computer monitor with RAW photo files.

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11:365 some days, you gotta take what you can get

11:365 some days, you gotta take what you can get

well, some days, you try, and try and the fairies don’t sprinkle their picture-magic dust on you. Today, i took over 100 shots. Instantaneously deleted over 50. Downloaded over 50, and still didn’t get any of the shots i planned.

Today is my once a month "Instructors Meeting." This is a fancy way of obscuring the fact that the company requires them to get ongoing professional development, and requires me to provide it. As such, it is one of the only work days in a month where i have to be concerned with being ready to leave the house by (or before) 9am. It is also usually my best dressed day of the month, and the day in which i hoof it and become a bag lady – i haul an entire office on my back on these days: handouts, projector, computer, etc. Not uncommon to see me with 4 or 5 things on my back on these days.

So, my thought was to show me in my best "professional wear" (a cute outfit today, if i say so myself) holding all of my bags. Tried that this morning, mehhh.

Then as i was driving home this afternoon,i thought i would detour to one of my favorite views, taking my first ever outside pics, and also showing off my spiffy frock. Nope.

So, here i am, sitting on my bed, looking up at the photography gods and thinking, "this is a process. And i should write down all of the shots i have thought about but not gotten (yet!) to tray again later."

i’m also thinking, "damn, i should go to the gym but sitting here and drinking beer sounds much better."

On a happy note, for the first time, in this pic, i see the changes in my face that others have noted. That, at least, makes this pic worthwhile after all of the frustration today.

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