January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

I spent a significant amount of time installing new computers in a computer lab today. That usually means lots of manual labor, extreme amounts of dust, and crawling underneath cabinets. Every once in a while, you see something unusual, like this note written on the underside of the counter. I can only imagine what a bad day that person must have been having.

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Day 2 of 365 Project – Aimless

Day 2 of 365 Project - Aimless

This 365 project is off to a slow start. I got the camera back tonight and decided to take a shot of myself looking aimlessly at the computer screen, which I do way too much of..but hey look, no dust spots. Too bad the camera was in the shop…there was one of the tea parties right in front of the office building where I work at (www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6374948.html)
I’ve been having some odd dreams lately…dreams where I am watching myself in another dream. Maybe a photo redition of that will make it up here one day.

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Two Twenty One of Three Sixty Five

Two Twenty One of Three Sixty Five

Yesterday my computer mysteriously shut down. When I re-booted I had an error message saying something like: "Unexpected shutdown due to a thermal incident" So, today I opened it up and cleaned it out and when I went to start it again, it kept cutting in and out. I banged on it a few times, a plume of dust comes out and away it goes. It doesn’t sound very good and I suspect it will be toast soon. Almost 5 years old so looks like a new one will be required.

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The Den

The Den

The We’re Here gang are showing our work spaces today for In My Room. Excuse the dust, this room collects it faster than any other room in the house. The chair is empty because I just got back from a long bicycle ride, hadn’t showered yet, and some days I just don’t feel like being in the photo.


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Day 61/365 “Turn it up, Its 5 Minutes to midnight”

Day 61/365

Alright day got all my teachers to sign off for the trip =] computers was cool cuz of the free double period so i looked up prom dresses all class lol. pat and i talked alil in english so that was nice then i went to roz 8th period helped a lil with the yearbook got some candy to sell for the trip and it was cool cuz she was covering mr. pressley’s class and had all the old pics from 2 years ago when we were in there it was sooo cool to c cuz everyone looked so young it was nice i miss that class we had alot of fun. sold some candy on the bus then came home watched a lil tv took a nap, cleaned, ate dusted and then a did a lil of my lab so i don’t have to do it all tomorrow, now i’m gonna take a shower and read my book.

So pic today is lyrical, i really had no good pics so i was like ooooo i could that line lol even though i cheated and put the clock forward lol cuz its only 10:24 haha



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