Blue Angels After Burner

Blue Angels After Burner

Blue Angel that overshot the end of the run way and kicked in the afterburners over a field kicking up some dust.

Pictures all shot at 1/500. MCAS Miramar Airshow Friday October 3rd.
Sorry that these are just uploads from Photobucket, as the originals are on my home computer which has an internet problem right now.

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brooklyn bridge stretch

brooklyn bridge stretch

this was taken memorial day of 2008… at the same time this bridge celebrated it’s 125th year..

**i’ve been archiving old stuffs in my computer.. i thought of sharing some old photos (taken when we were just started photography) before it’s completely forgotten…

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Leonardo di Caprio in Body of Lies (2008)

Leonardo di Caprio in Body of Lies (2008)

Adaptat dupa romanul omonim al jurnalistului David Ignatius de la publicatia Washington Post, filmul "Body of lies" urmareste misiunea sub acoperire intreprinsa de catre agentul CIA Roger Ferris in Jordan, o tara din sud-vestul Asiei, cu scopul de a captura un lider terorist cunoscut sub numele de "Suleiman". Intors din Irak cu un picior fracturat, Ferris primeste de la superiorii lui sarcina de a se infiltra in vasta retea terorista, pregatind pentru aceasta un plan elaborat si periculos, inspirat dintr-o celebra misiune a Serviciilor Secrete Britanice din timpul celui de-al doilea Razboi Mondial. Pentru a fi sigur de reusita Roger Ferris are nevoie de sprijinul lui Hani, seful Serviciilor Secrete din Jordan si al vicleanului veteran CIA Ed Hoffman, cu care formeaza o alianta problematica, ce conduce adeseori la conflicte morale si culturale intre cei trei barbati.

Intrebarea pe care si-o pune Ferris este daca poate avea deplina incredere in Hani si in Hoffman, fara sa pericliteze rezultatul misiunii sale secrete si fara sa isi riste propria viata.

Body of Lies is a 2008 American spy film based on the novel of the same name by David Ignatius about a CIA operative who goes to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist. The film is directed by Ridley Scott, director of American Gangster and Black Hawk Down, written by William Monahan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Vince Colosimo, and Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani.

Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) is a CIA operative, most likely from their elite Special Activities Division. He is in Iraq who is trying to track down a terrorist called Al Salim. While following a lead, Ferris’ asset (who he has become good friends with) is killed during a car chase involving terrorists, rocket-propelled grenades and two missile-firing U.S. helicopters. Ferris recovers from his injuries at a U.S. facility in Qatar before he is sent to Jordan to run down some intelligence he recovered in Iraq. Meanwhile, unknown terrorists plan to follow up an offscreen series of bus bombings in Sheffield, with more attacks in Manchester but blow themselves up when the police find their cell. Later, another terrorist undertakes a cell phone-triggered bombing in an Amsterdam flower market that kills at least 75 people.

Ferris’ handler, Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe), keeps tabs on Ferris via an UAV. Towards the start of the movie, Hoffman speaks to his CIA superiors. He explains to them how terrorists are turning their back on technology by throwing away their phones and computers and using old methods of communicating face-to-face and with written messages. Because of this, the terrorists are very hard to track.

In Jordan, Ferris tosses the ineffectual Station Chief out of his office before he meets Hani Salaam, head of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (GID) who tells Ferris to never lie to him. Hoffman finds an Al Salim safehouse in Jordan and tells Ferris to conduct a surveillance operation on it. However, Hoffman organises another CIA operative Skip (Vince Colosimo) to conduct an operation without Ferris’ consent. The other agent screws the operation up and blows his cover after saying something compromising to a terrorist from the safehouse. The terrorist takes off running, intent on relaying information that the safehouse is being watched. Ferris chases him down and kills him by stabbing him, getting bitten by dogs in the process. Hani covers up the killing by passing it off as a robbery and Ferris accuses Hoffman of running "side operations", telling Hoffman to lay off.

Ferris meanwhile goes to hospital to tend to his wounds. While in the hospital he meets a nurse named Aisha (Golshifteh Farahani), and he gradually falls in love with her. Hani recognises one of the men living in the safehouse as a man he had known for years named Karami (Kais Nashif) and he takes him out into the desert and coerces him into working for Jordanian intelligence (he has been sending money to Karami’s mother and making it appear as if it came from her reformed and successful son, so she doesn’t know Karami is still a thief and now a wannabe terrorist, and he is shamed and surprised when Hani does not kill him but lets him ride away on his bicycle). Hoffman asks Hani to hand Karami over to the CIA, most likely to interrogate him but Hani refuses, having earlier told Ferris he does not believe in torture. Unknown to Ferris and Hani, Hoffman tells Ferris’ CIA subordinate to follow Karami and kidnap him. Karami gets away and notifies the terrorists in the safehouse that it is being watched, resulting in the safehouse being lit on fire and abandoned. Ferris’s partner is caught and Hani professes his belief that Ferris had knowledge of the move on Karami and therefore blames his lack of honesty with Hani for the destruction of the safehouse. Hani gives Ferris 12 hours to leave Jordan.

Ferris comes back to the States for a while and argues with Hoffman, whom he derides as power-hungry and fat. He then comes up with a plan to make contact with the terrorist Al Salim by staging a significant terrorist attack, the logic being that Al Salim will hear about this attack and try to make contact with the terrorist group who committed it. With the help of one of Hoffman’s CIA friends, Ferris is able to frame a Jordanian architect named Omar Sadiki by posing as a financier contracting a bank’s construction in the UAE, making him look like the head of a terrorist cell.

The "terrorist attack" is staged at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. A bomb is exploded in the base and Ferris uses unclaimed local bodies dressed as soldiers to make it seem that soldiers were killed in the attack. Al Salim (Alon Abutbul) sees the report of the attack on television and tries to make contact with Sadiki.

Hani tells Ferris to come back to Jordan because he knows that he needs Ferris. Hani then talks to Ferris about his suspicions that Omar Sadiki is a terrorist. Ferris hides that this is not the case, and acts as if he doesn’t know anything concerning Hani’s suspicions. Ferris later tries to save Sadiki from being kidnapped by Al Salim’s henchmen but fails and sees another CIA agent nearly killed in the subsequent car crash. Sadiki informs Salim that Ferris made it seem he committed the terrorist attack. Sadiki is killed. Ferris goes back to his apartment and finds out that Aisha has been kidnapped. He then desperately asks Hani for his help, explaining to Hani that he made up Omar Sadiki’s terrorist cell and the terrorist attack supposedly committed by Sadiki was faked. However, Hani refuses to help Ferris because Ferris lied to him.

Ferris gets a call from the kidnappers and is told to wait for a van. The van picks him up and drops him in the desert. Meanwhile back in CIA headquarters, Hoffman is watching everything via an unmanned aerial vehicle. Ferris is then picked up by a group of men in cars and the vehicles create a massive cloud of dust before splitting up. Hoffman is unable to follow Ferris because he has no idea which van he is in.

Ferris is taken to be interrogated by Al Salim, just across the border in Syria. When Ferris asks Al Salim about Aisha, Salim tells Ferris that someone has lied to him and he has been doublecrossed. While Ferris tells Salim that there is an infiltrator (Karami) in his organization who works for him, and that, by association, Salim works for him, and laughs in his face, and subsequently spits in Salim’s face, Salim smashes two of Ferris’ fingers with a hammer before turning on a video camera and ordering Ferris to be cut loose. Al Salim then leaves. Ferris is prepared by Al Salim’s men to be executed on video. As Ferris is about to be executed, Hani and his men burst into the room, killing all of the terrorists and arresting Al Salim.

While in the hospital, Ferris is visited by Hani who reveals to him that it was his men who kidnapped Aisha, using blood she donated regularly at work to make it appear she’d been killed or wounded. He then brokered a deal with Al Salim (using Karami): he would deliver CIA agent Ferris to him, for money. It was one of Hani’s men who rang Ferris and dropped him in the desert. Since Karami was Hani’s man inside Al Salim’s organization he was able to locate Ferris and Al Salim in time to save Ferris and arrest Al Salim. Aisha has been released and is fine, and she does not know what role her kidnapping played.

In the end Hoffman offers Ferris a job in his office, but Ferris declines and tells Hoffman that he quits the CIA. Hoffman prepares to leave Jordan and resigns himself to Ferris not changing his mind. At the movie’s end, Ferris seemingly decides to not contact Aisha therein refuting what Hoffman had repeated numerous times through the movie; claiming that no one is innocent. However Ferris is seen in the market buying pastries, in a box similar to that which he had taken to Aisha’s and it is left to the viewer to decide whether he leaves her to live her life or act’s selfishly, involving her in his.

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P365 Day 6 January 6 100_0451 (Medium)

P365 Day 6 January 6  100_0451 (Medium)

We decided it was time to organize the computer/craft room. We took everything out, vacuumed and dusted, put some stuff back in. I’m happy with the room so far but there are still things that need to fit in somewhere and I’d rather not just put them all back in without having a place for them. Hmm.. Ikea?
(Project52 – Week 1)

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20080411 – Oranjello – just woke up from nap in the airzooka – 154-5416_IMG

20080411 - Oranjello - just woke up from nap in the airzooka - 154-5416_IMG

The Airzooka is every cat’s worst nightmare, and every cat owner’s best discipline tool. Merely brandishing it towards Oranjello is enough to make him get off the table or stop walking behind your computer (where there are sensitive wires). You can also dust cobwebs out of hard-to-reach corners. But again: These are terror for cats.

Yet, despite all this terror, Oranjello seems to comprehend the Airzooka more than any other kitty we’ve owned. Beavis and Misfit who would look at it on the top of the refrigerator like, "Is it going to get me?" We had to move it out of the room, becausethey didn’t even like being in the same room as it! But Oranjello completely understands that the Airzooka is no threat to him unless picked up and pointed at him. You can even fire it in another direction and he wont necessarily leave. Other cats would also run out of the room at the mere sound of the plastic crinkling — but we desensitized him to this early on. (3rd cat is the charm; We got the Airzooka after Samhain passed away.)

Thus, being so smart, Oranjello is quite willing to take a nap in (and knaw at) the same plastic "hammock" that generates the harmless air blast that sends him flying out of the room (so fast his little feet slip on the hardwood) when he is bad.

Oranjello the cat, airzooka.

Clint and Carolyn‘s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

April 11, 2008.

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Tony Stark, A.K.A The Invincible Iron Man, was supposed to have voted at a staged photo opportunity early on Election Day.


First he had to fly off and support a collapsing building that was damaged during World War Hulk.

Then catch a falling S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier that (surprise!) had lost power while cruising over Manhattan.

Defeat a combined A.I.M/Hydra attack on Stark Tower while simultaneously preventing
the Mandarin from destroying the East Coast with a nano-bomb generated Tsunami.

And, oh yes, there was the minor matter of the Skrull Invasion of Planet Earth….

All in all he was lucky to get to a polling station at all before closing.

By that time of course his armour’s sophisticated on-board computer had already given him a solid estimate of how the wind was blowing. So he cast his vote accordingly so as not to waste it.

He was sure Rhodey would understand….

Civic duty done and dusted Iron Man kicked in his thrusters and headed for Earth Orbit.
Galactus was in town and the Fantastic Four wasn’t.

Break’s over. Time to get back to work.


The shot itself didn’t take long to achieve. I just took the picture, coloured my stainless steel gauntlets red with Photoshop, and whacked it onto Flickr using my armour’s uplink capability. Well, more or less!

What did take a bucket load of time was creating an ‘Ofishoil’ looking Ballot form. A fun but lengthy process, to be sure. Inspired by seeing all the pictures of their forms that many of my U.S Flickr chums proudly posted.

(Stand up there in back Pockafwye! Yes you! Take a bow. Ta!)

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Cold Springs Fire from MIrror Lake July 13, 2008 2:07 pm IMG_7484

Cold Springs Fire from MIrror Lake   July 13, 2008  2:07 pm IMG_7484

UPDATE 7/21/08: I am moving this one forward to let you know that the fire is getting well contained, they are doing fill burns to clean up the fuel inside the perimeter…
I guess there is still a little spot fire now up about a mile south of Bird Lake.. but I have faith that all these copters and awesome firefighters will handle it.. I hope!

There are other fires popping up all over the place… a 5-10 acre fire at the low end of the Big lava bed last night near Willard…. a huge convoy of fire trucks and crews were heading back from that last night around 11pm or so, making an eerie light brigade thru the forest throwing up dust that made moon rays coming thru the trees..

a tiny fire up near Tahklak lake they now call Sheep fire is being attacked by copters and crew very quickly… we are lucky that this huge crew is here already, able to jump on these quicker than would otherwise happen.

yikes! and the Smokey firesign still says FIRE DANGER: moderate!

I am still in TL, can’t upload photos yet…
wanted to give you an update!
~ Darlisa

Taken from Mirror Lake just north of Trout Lake, Washington on the 82 road, a few miles north of where it was later barricaded on July 13th in the morning

my night shot was on the channel 2 news!

this website was set up for this fire
There is a wonderful huge crew now working on the fire, they are amazing.

Many other photographers have posted wonderful photos on this fire as well, for example:

my niece:


Thank you all for your wonderful insightful and inspiring comments on the nighttime fire shot… I enjoyed them all so much! My computer is acting up, and I have little time now..bear with me! Come see the growing slide show of this fire at

I will be posting a whole set of this fire starting at about 11:00 am Sunday July 13, 2008…

On July 13, 2008, this fire started in the morning as a small blaze with a spindly column that may have been smoldering since the lightning strikes in the area 8 days earlier. When I started observing the fire around 11 am, it was small… within 20 minutes I saw helicopters and tankers with retardant attack the small blaze. WHile they were returning to Troutdale to restock on retardant, the fire sprang to life wiith the growing winds and trees to the SE and to the west began to blaze up as the fire jumped from crown to crown. This area along the tree line of Mt. Adams is choked with dead trees that have not seen a fire in many years… and many standing dead trees from a heavy infestation of Spruce Bud Worm and Bark Beetles. There has been great debate for years about cleaning up this area, but many who fought to keep it natural. Naturally, in history, the area was occasionally swept by fire which renewed the grazing for elk and other critters, and encouraged the growth of the huckleberries.

Fire, the great destroyer and the great purifier all at the same time… a primeval force that is overwhelming if you are downwind… yet so awe-inspiring. How can something so destructive be so beautiful??? Destruction and Purification all in one… Nature balancing itself.

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Clean your computers, folks

Clean your computers, folks

My sister’s computer has been making sounds like a helicopter for some time now, so I decided to open it up and have a look. The CPU heat sink had about a half inch of dust caked onto it. I followed the air flow and began pulling out bits of hair with a hook. This was taking forever, so I pulled of the front casing of the computer, and found this horrible scene.

Our dogs hang out right in front of the computer, which may be why there’s so much dust.

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30 Years Old and Sharp as Hell

30 Years Old and Sharp as Hell

the lens, not the spirits

Better with B l a c k M a g i c

(in a bit of a rush today after spending last night in CT, with 400 miles on car and body – I want to post one picture a day!)

This is a photo taken with the 30 year old 50mm F1.8 I acquired last weekend (shot at f4 here). Not only is the build quality wonderful, but the sharpness is exquisite. At f1.8 it is only slightly less sharp (the grain of the paper label is less pronounced). The 28mm E series lens I obtained with the same set of lenses cannot compare in terms of sharpness, unfortunately.

I do suggest looking at the original resolution:

Hopewell Township, New Jersey, USA

You can also view my photos on Flickr Hive Mind

50mm f1.8 Nikkor Manual Focus, non-CPU
50 mm, f/4.0

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