WACR in Niamey

WACR in Niamey

Most of the W-Band (95 GHz) ARM cloud radar (WACR) is mounted on top of one of the AMF shelters. The WACR computer and chiller (used to keep the WACR cool in temperatures up to 47 degrees C) are located in the shelter below the radar.

From January 2006 – 2007, the ARM Mobile Facility (AMF) supported the Radiative Atmospheric Divergence using AMF, GERB, and AMMA Stations (RADAGAST) field campaign conducted in Niamey, Niger. The purpose of the experiment was to study dust storms, specifically their impact on incoming solar energy and monsoon generation.

Terms of Use: Our images are freely and publicly available for use with the credit line, “Image courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility.”

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doing some messin’ around with my new lens: Sigma 20-60mm f/2.8 EX DG

one of the first shots here.

I don’t know the last time I actually listened to a CD. These gather dust on my shelves… it’s all on my computer for listening now. A few from the N and P sections. I doubt that all of my CDs are alphabetized… so, it’s not all the N’s and P’s.

DVDs on the bottom shelf.

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The dogs of war

The dogs of war

Actually it’s a top view of the great old cast iron radiator in the bathroom that’s being remodeled. (This is the same radiator as in "Dust of the ages".) I totally didn’t see the dog thing until it was on the computer, but I like it :).

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On 9/11 I was traveling in Xingjiang Province in China, waiting for the night train from Turpan Zhan to Dunhuang. By chance, there was an Internet cafe next to the train station, so I went in and found a computer between some Chinese soldiers and a young Uyghur man chatting online with friends. Most Western news organizations were blocked in China, but Excite.com, where I had an email account, somehow got past the censors. When the page loaded, I saw the news that the WTC had been hit by a plane.

It just so happened that my girlfriend in Japan (now my wife) was online and so she relayed to me the news she was watching on her television. Occasionally, I would look around, only to find that the Chinese world was still unaware of what was happening on the other side of the planet.

When it came time to board my train, I was left in the dark. How many more planes were out there? Who was doing it? What would the world look like when I had a chance to check the Internet the next day. Looking around at the Chinese web surfers, I knew that nobody within hundreds of miles had heard the news. In fact, it would be another day before the Muslim inhabitants of Western China were allowed to hear about the attacks. And so, I had only my dark thoughts on that long, lonely trip.

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you need a shower, girl

you need a shower, girl

I suspected that there was going to be considerable dirt inside my computer the day I opened it up (i have it since 3 years and never touched it before), but this totally surprised me.

I have been noticing that the machine would turn off automatically (imagine how horribly upsetting and worrying that is) and my first impression was to think that this had something to do with temperature, as these episodes would happen like yesterday in days of +30ºC. I asked and been told that surely it was that and the cooler would be the problem (eventhough I hear it working as always).

Finally yesterday night I decided to open the case and see what was going on and found an incredible amount of dirt inside. I really felt so sorry for my computer, how could I leave her almost die of suffocation because with all that dust she couldn´t breathe. The cooler was in the worst state.

Took me like three hours to remove all the dust, with most delicacy, praying that I woudn´t screw it all up and damage any component. It worked, she is now functioning very well, even today that it´s about 35ºC and I decided as a temporary measure to leave the case open as in the foto to help ventilation (actually my former computer now belonging to my mother) I used to have it totally naked too.

I am glad I finally did this.

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