Booster Shot

Booster Shot

Backpacking trips are good for the body and good for the soul. I have a hard time thinking of anything more healthy (at least for me personally) than multiple days out in the woods full of exercise, fresh air and mood boosting views. Add to that the fact that you are often forced to disconnect from technology and the ever more depressing world of current events…..yeah it’s good for the mind too.

I move different on a backpacking trip. I use different muscles on uneven ground, stepping over logs or crossing streams. I stretch, squat, twist and bend much more than I do in my daily work life. There is no comfy office chair, but instead a grassy slope or flat rock.

I use my eyes differently. Much of my normal day I am looking into DSLR viewfinder or 24 inches away to a computer screen. Out in the backcountry my eyes stare at far away horizons, and size up everything from a snow capped mountain to a tiny wildflower the size of a fingernail.

I photograph differently too, more intently. I study the landscape and look for ways to provide perspective on how massive these objects and places are. I deal with dirt, dust and sweat. Hands lathered with sun screen and bug spray.

A backpacking trip is hard work (more so when you are carrying a Hasselblad) but the pay off is worth it. Not only do I love the images, but I also come back with a healthier body and mind.

Image with my Hasselblad 500cm.

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More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6×9 makes for a fantastic pano

More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6x9 makes for a fantastic pano

yup this was done on a 1936 6×9 manual wind rangefinder – it still has a lens that will kick dust in the eyes of any Canon or Nikon.

scanned to the films full resolution, this fine grain will render a 165megapixel image – an just less than the monstrous 6×17 cameras… wallpaper in a box. the stunning thing about the Ikonta is its folding bellows, so it is still the best quality : size / weight ratio of any consumer camera (i have to say "consumer" because i bet the military have something better, but only be a smidgen i’d say.perhaps a 8×10 version of this camera design with finegrain 3200 film if that is even possible?
scanned on an Imacon, this image, unedited renders a 1GB tif file. it take a while to open even on super computers, never mind a white iMac, so i hop you appreciate this one being in the stream 😉 i know i sure do.

the overlapping was due to the film not being advanced far enough to seperate the two frames. the lefthand side was also accidentally exposed twice. (no means on the camera to tell weather or not you’ve already hit the shutter.
the fact the hills line up in the middle is pure luck.

this must be one of my favorite shots – like top 10. and ive KNOW ive got more that 1000, possibly even close to 2000 photos on my hard drive.

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Just Beginning

Just Beginning

Taken on the floodwall, levee trail, or whatever you want to call it, sometime last semester. The clouds looked good but time was short, so I went there because it’s minutes from my house. The smokestacks are from the LG&E plant. The smoke and the clouds lit up not long after this. You can see a little but of pink here, but I will be posting more shots later that have much, much more.

For this shot, I used a Mamiya 645 that I got on e-bay a while back. Yes, I spent money on a medium format film camera. It’s silly, but I think it’s really cool, kind of a nostalgia thing I guess. Unfortunately, the only place that will develop them (since I have no experience with or access to darkroom equipment) is about 40 minutes away and they don’t do too good of job, in my opinion. A lot of the 4×6 prints are really dark and the color isn’t great. I thought the exposure issue was my fault, but I just scanned some of the negatives into the computer and discovered that’s not the case.

I have never scanned negatives before, but I wasn’t using a dedicated negative scanner. Dust was a major issue and I don’t think the negative holders actually kept the negative flat, so the resolution and detail are pretty terrible. Had to color correct the piss out of this, but I think it’s okay.

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Shop Window in Basingstoke, in 1982, Mamiya TLR

Shop Window in  Basingstoke, in 1982, Mamiya TLR

Apart from some dust spotting, I did not have to edit this scanned negative at all, either in the scanning process or in my computer software. The colours seem very pleasant and convincing to me, even from this old negative – good old Kodak!
Mamiya TLR (twin lens reflex) with 65mm semi wide angle Sekor lens. Kodak 120 (medium format) negative at 400 ASA/ISO scanned using CanoScan 8800F.

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Kodak Ektar 100
Mamiya 645 Pro
Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 N

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