LG WING with Swivel Screen, 5G announced

LG WING with Swivel Screen, 5G announced


LG announced their latest phone Wing with several attractive specifications. LG Wing is running on Android 10 operating system. LG used Octa Core (1 x 2.4GHz + 1 x 2.2GHz + 6 x 1.8GHz Kryo 475 CPUs) Snapdragon 765G 7nm EUV Mobile Platform with Adreno 620 GPU processor in this phone. It has integrated 64 Bit processor. The phone has 8GB RAM, 128GB / 256GB storage. LG added Accelerometer, proximity, compass in this phone for better user experience.The phone has 6.8-inch (2440 × 1080 pixels) Full HD+ 20.5: 9 aspect ratio P-OLED display, 3.9-inch (1240 x 1080 pixels) 1.15:1 G-OLED second screen. LG offers 64MP rear camera with LED flash, f/1.8 aperture, OIS, 13MP 117° ultra-wide lens with f/1.9 aperture, 12MP 120° ultra-wide Gimbal mode Camera with f/2.2 aperture & 32MP pop-up front-facing camera with f/1.9 aperture.

Lg Wing

For other connectivities WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc are the other services available.The phone has 4000mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0+ 25W fast charging, 10w wireless charging Li-Ion battery. It can provide long standby and talktime. FM Radio is available in this phone and the list of supporting ringtones are: Polyphonic, MP3, MIDI, WAV. Some inbuilt apps are added to this phone for providing better user service.

Specifications Of LG Wing:-

-OS:- Android 10

-Rear Cameras:- 64MP rear camera with LED flash, f/1.8 aperture, OIS, 13MP 117° ultra-wide lens with f/1.9 aperture, 12MP 120° ultra-wide Gimbal mode Camera with f/2.2 aperture

-Front Cameras:- 32MP pop-up front-facing camera with f/1.9 aperture

-Display:- 6.8-inch (2440 × 1080 pixels) Full HD+ 20.5: 9 aspect ratio P-OLED display, 3.9-inch (1240 x 1080 pixels) 1.15:1 G-OLED second screen

-Processor:- Octa Core (1 x 2.4GHz + 1 x 2.2GHz + 6 x 1.8GHz Kryo 475 CPUs) Snapdragon 765G 7nm EUV Mobile Platform with Adreno 620 GPU

-RAM & Storage:- 8GB RAM, 128GB / 256GB storage

-Battery:- 4000mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0+ 25W fast charging, 10w wireless charging

-Dimensions:- 169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9 mm

-Others:- In-display fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C audio, MIL-STD 810G Compliance, Water and Dust Resistance (IP54), 5G SA/ NSA, Dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz), Bluetooth 5.1, GPS/GLONASS/Beidou, NFC, USB Type-C

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42 infallible tips to live healthy forever

42 infallible tips to live healthy forever

Someone said: "In the end what matters is not the years of life, but the life of the years." So what can you do to look and feel younger at which …

1. Listen.
According to a French study, listening to relaxing music before having surgery reduces anxiety more effectively than a sedative.

2. Be firm.
The force of grip on the hand is the best way to predict the future appearance of disability, according to a study that lasted 25 years, done in more than 6,000 men between 45 and 68 years. The weakest participants presented twice as many mobility problems as those with steel hands. Other research, which included 140,000 men and women, associated weak grip with increased mortality, especially due to cardiovascular disorder.
3. Browse.
A study with people between 55 and 76 years showed that searching the Internet increases brain activity in regions related to reading, language, memory, and visual fitness. The development of the areas responsible for elaborating complex reasoning and making decisions was greater among those who surf the web.

4. Breakfast.
Harvard University scientists observed the evolution of more than 367,000 older adults over 14 years. People with the highest consumption of cereal fiber presented a risk of dying 19 percent lower than those who consumed it less. The probability of dying of diabetes was 34 percent lower among people with the highest intake of this nutrient, which is present in whole wheat bread, barley, and bran.

5. Read.
researchers from the United Kingdom asked volunteers to spend time reading, listening to music, having a cup of tea or taking a walk. Reading reduced tension levels and heart rate by 68 percent, and proved to be the most relaxing activity. (The one that was less effective: video games).

6. A tip from Hamlet:
if you want to live for many years, learn to deal with "the penetrating shots of unfair fortune." Researchers at Harvard University recommend the same: less than 2 percent of men who showed "psychological strength" (temper and flexibility to face situations of tension, anxiety, and depression) during a study, died before age 53. 37 percent of those who did not have died at that age.

7. Socialize.
The risk of dying of lonely people is 14 percent higher than that of the average individual and twice as high as that of the obese. A study from the University of North Carolina found that loneliness exacerbates hypertension more than diabetes. According to related studies, loneliness could reduce the immune system and increase the risk of heart attacks, embolisms or depression.

8. Onion An investigation
the University of South Carolina revealed that older women who ate onion daily had bone density figures five percent higher than those who consumed it once a month or less. Their intake was also associated with a 20 percent lower risk of suffering a hip fracture.

9. Belt.
Although it seems strange, if your belly is not flat, the best remedy is to put a belt; neither too high (outdated) nor too low (looks scruffy), but right in the middle. “Shortening the torso gives the impression that the legs are longer – explains Stacy London, host of the What Not to Wear program; This will make you look taller and thinner. ”

10. Remember.
Psychology Today magazine reported that, according to Loyola University researchers, evoking good times about 20 minutes a day can make people happy in a week. "The positive events have their magic and mystery," says Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky.

11. The rear.
Being fit and slender is the key to living healthy for a long time. However, according to an article review done at the University of Oxford, people with large butts are healthier than those who store extra weight in the abdomen; they have lower levels of cholesterol and blood glucose, as well as a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. More research is needed to confirm the protective effect, but apparently, the accumulated fat in the lower part of the body secretes fewer inflammatory substances than the abdominal.

12. Cry.
But laugh! In his book Heal Your Heart, Dr. Michael Miller says that he and his colleagues asked 20 people to see fragments of the movies Rescuing Private Ryan, Crazy for the Game, Blind Love and Crazy for Mary. Participants’ blood vessels contracted up to 50 percent during stressful scenes and dilated up to 22 percent with funny ones. "Laughing 15 minutes led to vascular improvements similar to those obtained by consuming statins or exercising 15 to 30 minutes in the gym," says Dr. Miller.

13. Damascus.
This fruit is good for the skin. The essential oils obtained from the seed are rich in gamma-linolenic acid, which stimulates skin regeneration. Its oil, light and slightly greasy, is full of vitamins A and E, which explains its excellent moisturizing properties.

14. Trot.
Running daily (whether 5 or 10 minutes) reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by up to 50 percent, and in 29 the risk of death in general, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Even those who did it once or twice a week, at less than 10 kilometers per hour, benefited.

15. Cheese The risk of type
2 diabetes is up to 12 percent lower for those who eat 55 grams of cheese a day (two slices) than for those who do not eat it, according to a study published in 2012 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers believe that the probiotics of cheese and yogurt could reduce cholesterol levels and stimulate the production of certain vitamins effective against diabetes. Do not overdo it: cheese usually contains a lot of fat.

16. Dust it off.
Powder makeup can settle on wrinkles and adhere to facial hair, which will make it look older.

17. Autumn.
To unveil the secrets of the century-old people, researchers at the University of Chicago gathered information from more than 1,500 people born between 1880 and 1895, which they compared with the background of their brothers and spouses (almost 12,000 people). According to the results, those born in March, April or May will probably live longer than the rest. This could be due to the fact that the autumn weather is kind to babies and causes fewer seasonal infections.

18. Meditate.
Experts from the Center for Brain Mapping at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) studied the brains of people who meditate, and discovered that they possessed more gray matter, tissue responsible for memory, emotions, sight, hearing, speech, impulse control and decision making.

19. Beer It is good for the hair.
Before bathing, mix three tablespoons of degassed beer at room temperature with half a cup of warm water. After shampooing, apply the solution, wait two minutes and rinse. This will give your curls greater volume, as they tend to lose it over time.

20. Go shopping.
During a ten-year study in Taiwan with more than 2,000 people over 65, men who went shopping every day had a risk of premature death 28 percent lower than those who did not do such activity; in women, the risk was reduced 23 percent. Healthier people also show a greater propensity to visit stores; Doing it every day could extend life thanks to social contact, physical conditioning, and mental agility.

21. Type.
Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA conducted a series of studies to find out if there were differences between students taking hand or computer notes. Both groups yielded satisfactory results, but those who used paper and pen better grasped the concepts of the classes and managed to retain the information for up to a week.

22. Massages.
In addition to being pleasant, subtle and usual massages increase blood flow, so they could keep your skin healthy and radiant. Kimara Ahnert, an expert in dermatological care, told Women’s Health that massages allow skin sagging to be corrected, stimulate lymphatic circulation (thus the cells excrete toxins and open space for nutrients) and revitalize dull skin.

23. Tofu.
In a study initiated in 1992 and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers recorded blood concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in a group of 2,692 healthy older US adults and followed them up to 2008. In the case of people with the highest concentrations of the aforementioned nutrient, the overall risk of death and death from heart disease was 27 and 35 percent lower, respectively, than that of the group with the lowest concentration of said compound. Ingesting 250 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids a day can extend the life of people from 65 to 2.2 years, say the researchers. Simply eat 170 grams of cod or 60 of firm and raw tofu to get these benefits.

24. Move.
As part of the largest study on healthy aging in Australia today, researchers analyze the daily routine of 230,000 people. It has been observed that sleeping too much (more than nine hours), sitting for a long time (more than seven hours) and exercising little (less than 150 minutes per week) quadruples the risk of premature death.

25. Invite.
Organizing a party (making the guest list, the menu, deciding where everyone will sit) forces the brain to make complex decisions and close social ties. Both activities reduce the risk of developing senile dementia, according to Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik and his book Outsmarting Alzheimer’s.

26. Carrots.
As part of a study published recently in Behavioral Ecology, some women looked at two groups of men: one had consumed beta-carotene supplements; the other no. According to the participants, the former looked healthier and more attractive.

27. A lot of sun.
Low concentrations of vitamin D have been associated with the incidence of osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. But that’s not all: a new study says that insufficient "vitamin from the sun" raises the risk of premature death by 26 percent. It was not possible to identify any exact cause of death after a 12-year study in 13,000 men and women "because the impact of vitamin D on health is very diffuse," says Dr. Michal Melamed, professor of medicine, epidemiology and public health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In addition to milk enriched with this nutrient, Melamed suggests sunbathing from 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, between 10 and 15 minutes, several times a week.

28. Color.
“Dark clothes usually give us a conservative and elegant air, which is not bad,” explains Dina Scherer, image consultant and owner of Modnitsa Styling. But it can also make us look older because we seem less accessible. ” By using vivid tones, one conveys the idea of ​​being open and fun, which brings youth. Use brightly colored accessories (scarves, necklaces) near the face: they are perfect for accentuating facial features, says Scherer.
29. Plants.
To carry out daily tasks, such as opening jars and loading packages, strong, flexible and agile hands are needed. Gardening is perfect for exercising fine motor skills and muscles, according to a study published in HortScience. It may even help to release the tension associated with repetitive movements, such as typing or using the telephone, particularly if you alternate it with these activities.

30. Speak softly.
Talking too loud could stimulate the formation of polyps in the vocal cords, which makes the voice become hoarse and tired. Don’t scream, better come closer.
31. Put flavor.
Want to look younger? In general, vitamin C seems to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, says a UK study. Hydration also keeps the skin healthy. Lemon water, which incorporates both elements, is the perfect recipe for a radiant complexion, says Erin Palinski, a nutritionist.

32. Sing.
According to an American study in 166 older adults, people who sang in a choir for a year had better health, used fewer medications, felt less alone and experienced fewer falls than those who preferred not to sing melodies. This could be due to the effect of singing on breathing and the emotional benefits of being in harmony within a group. During another Swedish study, the following was observed: the heart rate of those who sing in unison not only decreases but synchronizes with time. This could be beneficial for blood circulation and mental health.

33. Kilos of more.
The National Center of Epidemiology of the United States issued a report with data from almost three million people around the world. According to this, although extreme obesity reduces life expectancy, the risk of premature death is lower for those who are slightly overweight (body mass index of 25 to 30) than for those who have a normal weight. This does not mean that being overweight is a sign of good health; But if your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels are normal, losing weight will not help.

34. Shine.
Put a little petroleum jelly or lipstick on the center of the lower lip. This will give the mouth more volume, which will make it look younger. Avoid dark-colored lipsticks; Your lips will look thinner.

35. Side.
Apparently, sleeping on your side is associated with a lower risk of neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. During an experiment done at Stony Brook University, it was observed that when rats sleep on their side, the pathway that discards unnecessary brain chemicals works best. Human studies are still pending.

36. Ankles.
You may feel sorry to show your calves, but don’t hide your ankles. “As we age, we cover more parts of our body, but there are areas that we can leave insight,” says Lauren Rothman, image consultant and author of the book Style Bible. Wear fisherman’s pants to lengthen your legs. You will look attractive and sexy; In addition, the ankles almost never reveal age.

37. Seasoning.
According to a study conducted in Singapore with 1,000 adults between 60 and 93 years old, people who eat curry at least twice a year performed better on cognitive tests than those who consume it once a year or less. Turmeric, that yellow spice used in many types of curries, contains a chemical of plant origin called curcumin, which prevents cancer, is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
38. Be fulfilled.
Psychologist Howard S. Friedman, co-author of a historical study that followed 1,500 children for almost eight decades, says that: “the personality trait that allows us to predict who will reach an advanced age, took us by surprise: it was the dedication. Joyful children were not always older, but those who did their homework. ”

39. Chocolate and wine.
A recent study, published in the journal BMC Cell Biology, confirmed that eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine has great health benefits for people.
40. Believe.
According to a four-year study, older adults who began painting, drawing or sculpting at maturity and retained this pass-time until old age presented a 73 percent lower risk of mild cognitive impairment than those who did not adopt None of these artistic activities. Hobbies help to direct attention.

41. Walk.
Walking barefoot reduces the load on the knees 12 percent more than walking in comfortable shoes. It could also minimize the pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis. These were the findings of a study carried out at the Rush University Medical Center with 75 patients affected by the condition. According to a subsequent investigation, shoes designed to improve mobility (flat, flexible, emulating barefoot mechanics) reduced the load even more (18 percent) after 6 months of use.

42. View.
Now it turns out that carrots are not the champions of visual health. The egg contains nutrients (lutein, vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids) that are good for the eyes and may help prevent age-related problems: macular degeneration, cataracts, and other chronic conditions.

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Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26

Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26

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Windows 10 is a axis point for Microsoft, which hopes to balance afterwards the Windows 8 disaster, so accepting appropriate every distinct affection of the new operating arrangement is analytical for the company.

Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 (26+ images) – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Today, Redmond appear the official wallpaper which would be acclimated in Windows 10, answer that this photo is absolute and no Photoshop has been acclimated to actualize it.

Instead, the aggregation catholic to San Francisco to set up a flat area the Windows 10 logo was advised application light, lasers, and projectors to actualize the alarming aftereffect that you can see in the video below.

Cortana Animated Wallpaper Windows 10 (71+ images) – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

“Blasting lasers, pumping smoke machines, black filters and falling clear dust. Not all desktop images are created equal. Take a attending abaft the scenes at the authoritative of the iconic Windows 10 angel in our accord with apple renowned, San Francisco-based architecture administrator Bradley G. Munkowitz aka GMUNK,” Microsoft explained in the description of the video which you can watch below.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is aggravating to actualize a new iconic wallpaper that would be at atomic as acclaimed as Bliss, the official desktop accomplishments that was acclimated in Windows XP.

Animated Wallpapers For Windows 26 – drive.cheapusedmotorhome.info – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Obviously, it all depends on how acknowledged Windows 10 will absolutely be, but there’s no agnosticism that the wallpaper plays a actual important role for the all-embracing attending of the operating system, abnormally for first-time users who install the new Windows afterwards July 29.

The wallpaper matches the aphotic affair of Windows 10, which is already accessible in the cabal examination builds, so no abruptness here. Obviously, it won’t be animated, but Microsoft could use a agnate action for the cossack awning in the final adaptation of Windows 10.

New Anime Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 | Anime Wallpapers – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Windows 10 will clearly admission on July 29 and will be offered as a chargeless advancement for users active 18-carat Windows 7 or 8.1 on their computers. Enterprise barter still accept to pay for Windows 10.

Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26 – animated wallpapers windows 10
| Encouraged in order to the website, within this time I am going to explain to you concerning keyword. And today, this is the very first graphic:

26 windows 26 logo animated wallpaper – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

What about image preceding? can be in which amazing???. if you think maybe therefore, I’l m teach you many picture all over again under:

So, if you desire to secure all of these fantastic images regarding (Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26), click on save icon to save the graphics to your laptop. They are prepared for save, if you’d rather and wish to get it, click save symbol on the article, and it will be instantly down loaded in your home computer.} Finally if you want to find new and the recent picture related with (Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26), please follow us on google plus or bookmark this site, we try our best to present you daily update with fresh and new graphics. Hope you love keeping right here. For many up-dates and recent information about (Seven Clarifications On Animated Wallpapers Windows 26 | animated wallpapers windows 26) pics, please kindly follow us on twitter, path, Instagram and google plus, or you mark this page on book mark area, We attempt to offer you update regularly with all new and fresh images, enjoy your searching, and find the ideal for you.

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Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 | (26++ Wallpapers) – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

3D Moving Wallpaper for Windows 10 – WallpaperSafari – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

I will do fast background removal services + I will professionally 40 photos background removal in photoshop + I will do any photoshop editing work within 24 hours – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

I will do fast background removal services + I will professionally 40 photos background removal in photoshop + I will do any photoshop editing work within 24 hours – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Beautiful 4k Animated Wallpaper Windows 10 | Anime-WP – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

windows 26 girl – Akba.greenw.co – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Learn The Truth About Animated Wallpapers In The Next 17 Seconds | animated wallpapers – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

3d Animated Wallpaper For Windows 10 – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Aquarium Live Wallpaper Windows 26 , (26+) Pictures – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Windows 26 Animated Wallpaper Tutorial FREE 26 – YouTube – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

How to get an animated desktop in Windows 10 with … – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Moving Wallpaper For Windows 7 Animated Wallpaper Windows … – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Best Of Animated Desktop Backgrounds for Windows 10 … – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

RainWallpaper brings live animated Wallpapers to Windows 26 – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Windows 10 Hero Wallpaper animation (6 SEC) – YouTube – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Best Windows 26 Animated Wallpaper GIFs | Find the top GIF on Gfycat – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 | (26++ Wallpapers) – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

26d live wallpaper windows 26 | animated wallpapers free hd: 26d … – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Awesome Free Animated Wallpapers for Windows 26 | Anime Wallpapers – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Good Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 Free And Gallery – Desk Wall – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

Animated Wallpaper Windows 26 (26+ images) on Genchi.info – animated wallpapers windows 10 | animated wallpapers windows 10

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Fuel for flights – Natural Fire 10 – US Army Africa – 091011

Fuel for flights - Natural Fire 10 - US Army Africa - 091011


First helicopter flights launch during Natural Fire 10

By 2nd Lt. Sara Snider, 11th Aviation Command Public Affairs

KITGUM, Uganda— When U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Kellyjack Luman needed to inspect growing operations at this remote village in northern Uganda, he relied upon the CH-47 Chinook helicopters from the U.S. Army Reserve’s 11th Aviation Command, a Fort Knox, KY-based unit supporting Natural Fire 10 this month in Uganda.

The flight was a first of many for the Chinook aviators, who will airlift supplies and troops around Uganda. Having the 11th Aviation Command at Natural Fire 10 is key, Luman said.

“It’s a really long drive from our headquarters here in Entebbe to Kitgum – we’re talking roughly an eight hour drive,” Luman said. “We’ll move more than 500 people both up there and back, plus supplies vital for life support during the exercise.”

Operating in Africa is an extreme effort for a U.S. Army Reserve aviation unit to undertake, said Maj. Doyle Riley, Company D, 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment.

“From dismantling the aircraft in Kansas to transporting our helicopters and gear aboard a Russian aircraft to Africa, then rebuilding the Chinooks at Entebbe airfield and beginning operations a week ahead of schedule – those were monumental tasks we accomplished,” Riley said.

In the cockpit, Riley and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ron Erkie piloted the mammoth two-rotor helicopter through the Ugandan skies. Nearby, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dwayne McQuade and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jim Hand flew their sister ship alongside, carrying a group of aviators who were learning the air routes North from Entebbe.

Luman and Col. Eric Nantz, U.S. Army Africa’s operations officer, led a site survey team to Kitgum to check on construction of a camp that will house soldiers from Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda , Kenya and the United States during the exercise.

The team also inspected the forward area refueling point, known to aviators as a FARP, where they will land during operations to take on fuel.

Luman stated his firm belief that there is no difference between active and reserve component Soldiers. That said, Luman was impressed to see a stateside Reserve unit tackle the mission with such enthusiasm.

“Getting the aircraft here, ready to go early, assisted U.S. Army Africa staff greatly, allowing us to check out the areas where our Soldiers will live and work,” Luman said. “Without the 11th Aviation, it would have taken two days out of our time to drive there and back.”

CAPTION: Chief Warrant Officer 3 Don Taylor, 46, of Gardner, Kan., Chief Warrant Officer 4 John Berezoski, of Olathe, Kan., and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Steve Cappel, 32, of Colorado Springs, Colo., check flight date in their units’ aviation mission planning system, an advanced computer system that build flight routes for aviators operating in Uganda for Natural Fire 10.

Cleared for public release.

Photo by Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Africa

To learn more about U.S. Army Africa visit our official website at www.usaraf.army.mil

Official Twitter Feed: www.twitter.com/usarmyafrica

Official YouTube video channel: www.youtube.com/usarmyafrica

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Tribute to Flickrites

Tribute to Flickrites

So i decided to tag alot on this to make up for all the tagging i don’t do. (i hate it) i wish i could post this into like 20 groups like some poeple do on flickr. this is a tribute to all of them out there. post your pictures put some tags (3 to 6 at most) add it to about 2 to 3 groups and then shoot some more than waste you time on here…. off the soap box now….

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Letters from the Gulag..Chapter One

Letters from the Gulag..Chapter One

Letters from the Gulag………Chapter One
Friday night finally rolled around. She fed me. I was in no mood for food. When it was time for the traditional bottle of imported beer, I had no taste for it. We had sex earlier, it was also bland but it was necessary. Is this more than you need to know? I think so. There was a pall in the air, is that the correct usage of the word? I think so. No magic trick was showing up as in the previous week to stall the inevitable. How can I describe the feeling? Similar to but not the same as going in for exploratory surgery. Similar to but not the same as playing in a major sporting event as an untried rookie. You get the picture.
The drive to the Central East Correctional Facility on Highway 36 a little east of Lindsay was dangerous. There was a darkness that accompanies winter driving in mid Ontario. A darkness only relieved by the blinding lights of oncoming traffic that you hope haven’t spent the last two hours in a shitty pub drowning their work week away. I arrived about twenty minutes early, looked around, found the Intermittent Parking location, scouted the human farm out and turned south back to the Tim Hortons on #36 for a piss. The place was empty, save for two cars at the take out window. Next time I’ll grab a couple of cookies and a hot chocolate.
Back at the parking lot, some folk were chewing the fat, sucking back tobacco. By the entrance I could make out about a half dozen folk in an awkward line, hovering in the cold, most everyone sticking to themselves. To my surprise there were two ladies in the line, you expect to see men in these types of lines, we read about ladies committing crimes but we rarely get even a glimpse of them afterwards, society is like that. Men Bad…Woman Good… At a minute or so after eight a guard came out with a pad and shouted, “everyone with work party exemptions come and sign in.” That’s the line I wanted to be in. Those folk show up at eight on Friday night and they leave. The following day or two they provide a service for a community organization, I’m not sure which organizations exactly, but I’m working on it. My call earlier in the week to the Social Worker did not deserve a return call. Governments are like that, slow movers.
Ten people walked away leaving about twenty of us ‘weekenders.’ Other weekenders had already signed in at various times, according to the courts order. My late check in was considered a lenient consideration by the judge as my time served each weekend would amount to four days, this took in the period from Friday PM at eight until Monday AM at nine. Four Days.
At the admitting and discharge station we were ushered like cattle into a large twenty by twenty cell. Three burly guards stood watch, they wore gloves, black leather gloves, I guess they were afraid of diseases. My paper work wasn’t in order, I was the last person to be processed, I cracked, “that’s OK, I’ll go home and come back next weekend if you don’t want me.” No laughter. When I told them I had to see the nurse because of the recent surgery it was as if I had thrown a fast curve ball. I was taken to the nurses station. That’s what it was, a station, no sign that said nurses office, just a squared off piece of hallway, with a table and a chair, some charts, a computer, a filing cabinet and nurse Ratchet. I didn’t know how to answer one question, ‘do you have any STDs’ the last time I’d heard that was in reference to a brand of exquisite hashish that had found its way into my hands and bore that same name STD. I replied, ‘pardon me, I don’t know what you mean?’ ‘Sexually transmitted diseases.’ She forgot to say asshole. My sneer was enough. ‘No.’ Was my curt reply. Are you a danger to yourself, have had aids, any current medical issues, I went to take the plaster bandage off my umbilical area and she told me that wasn’t necessary. We were finished.
Things had moved along rather quickly at the check in counter. They had found my paperwork in the head office and I noticed where it said, start of sentence..Feb 20…end of sentence..April 03. I was brave and asked if last weekend spent in the hospital counted, the congenial gentleman, he could have operated a fish and chip truck said, ‘I don’t know.’ When I was asked to hold my left arm out the guard slipped a plastic coated name tag on me, like something you would get at club med, except the colours were black and grey, on this identity tag my mugshot and prisoner number were printed, and this piece of I.D. was necessary if I was to get any prescription medicines. They did not put it on tightly as I soon found out it slipped on and off with ease.
I was the last guest. The guy with Michael Jacksons gloves escorted me to a cell full of winter shoe dirt, I kicked it away. He told me to get undressed, I did, he handed me an orange (think Monk orange) short sleeved coveralls that were rolled over a pair of boxer shorts, they fit, a pair of anklet socks, they were small but when stretched just covered my hooves. There was an orange Tshirt only two sizes small, I measure a true 3xxx. When I bent over to put the xl overalls on they wouldn’t pass my shoulders. He found me another pair, they almost fit. For shoes my ensemble was finished with a pair of faded blue laceless deck shoes…by the designer…Made in China. He made the mistake of asking me my shoe size. The 12 EEEEEE response did not elicit a smile. But if you don’t have those give me a pair of 13s….surprisingly they fit. Before I tried the changed clothes he had me stand spread eagled against the wall, then turn around and bend over exposing my anus to his face. I’d been given a garment bag made of indestructible material to place my clothes, my shoes were placed in the bottom, they did not supply plastic bags, a red pull through twist tie device was used to keep people out, except if you looked carefully the zipper from the bag could be pulled down, so the purpose of the red tie did not make any sense. There was a slot in at the top of the bag where a miniature version of my arm wrist band with ‘joint’ number could be inserted. Look at the attachments.
Larry whom I’d met in the Peterborough bucket was just getting his outfit on and another cat by the name of Ron Ha was leaning up against a cold concrete wall. I sat in the waiting cell with Ron for a few moments, his eyes were like little slits, he was stoned, right out of it, he said, “I feel like a stuffed turkey, I just did five #10 Vals.” He was fucked up, big time. The guards, two of them escorted the three of us down two long hallways, of course I was trying to check things out, no time this time, they were in a hurry to get us locked down. In the second hallway my guard thought I was walking to close to him, chit chatting him all the way, ‘get over on the left side’ he had to tell me, how would I know the procedure. I didn’t salute. We came up to a box, I can describe it as resembling a pinball machine set on its back with a carpeted seat built into it. It was like a detector box that could look into your body, like a type of X Ray machine with about six or eight buttons on the side. I guessed if they lit up, the person sitting on the box was smuggling in a knife or gun or box of dynamite up his one inch anus hole. This was the deluxe machine. On the top of it there was a spot where you put your chin by bending down towards it and you were asked to shift your skull to the left slowly then the right slowly. Another Dick Tracey inspired gadget to see if you had a machine gun or torpedo hidden under your tongue. Go figure. My questions as to the purpose of the device went unanswered. I just hope this isn’t the technology we are using in Afghanistan to justify the murdering of innocent people.
We continued our walk and quickly came upon an opening in the forest where almost naked nubile winged ladies in light pink nighties lied on coral green petal flowers the while floating in a calm sea of milk white honey flavoured liquid. Oops, wrong story, I wish.
It was my first encounter with a guard tower that could observe the activity in several sections of a ‘Pod’ at one time. I don’t know how many guards manned this area, we were greeted by two and as so much was happening so quickly I never had the chance to introduce myself. Larry was taken to segregation, his debilitating back injury required him to use a crutch and I believe his pain medicine came in a very desirable liquid form that was the envy of every prisoner. Morphine. I didn’t know what to say to him, they just pushed him down a hall in a wheel chair and I thought of his upcoming loneliness. Ron Ha was greeted raucously by the guards, they teased and cajoled him then quite quickly escorted us around the circular control tower to Unit 2C, cell #16, the second tier, where we would spend the entire weekend locked in our cubicle except for one hour of ‘range’ time on Saturday mid day.
In a way it was all now happening so fast, so fast, so much adrenaline was pumping in the system, the adrenaline itself removes some recollection of events, however a few things remain clear. As we passed the guards circular tower Ha told me to grab, a towel, some sheets, three thin ones and some toilet paper and a Styrofoam cup that held a tube of clear toothpaste and a cellophane wrapped yellow toothbrush that was missing it’s handle, the handle had instead been shaped like a penny attached to the brush head by a short half inch neck. I should have grabbed four, not two rolls of toilet paper as when we got into our crib Ha showed me how to use the extra toilet papers to make a pillow. There was no one up in the ‘range’ when we arrived. We climbed the stairs to our bunks and the heavy cell door closed with a loud metallic thump. It was a very final sounding thump.
The lights were not yet dimmed, my room mate made a quick dash for the stainless steel shitter sink combination. He dropped his coveralls in record breaking time. Loud grunts like a chorus of honking geese came from his exposed hairy ass that was raised a few inches from the bottom of the toilet. There were two distinct splashes, like objects flying from the air and landing in water. Ha smiled with relief. With his spare hand he reached into the toilet water and scooped out two ‘packages’ that were about three to four inches in length and having the circumference of a half dollar piece. Each ‘package’ was carefully wrapped in three clear condoms. I was quite surprised.
Back in 74 when I took a rest at the Queens behest, I recalled reading how Henri Charriere the main character in the book Papillon had inserted a bullet shaped two section object into his anus for the purpose of carrying, unbeknowenst to others, various tools of survival, money, gold dust, opium and other sundry articles. The loot was partially used to ensure his place in the bottom of the ship, he was being transferred to Devils Island off the coast of South America from France. Ostensibly to be a slave to the prison system for eternity. It’s a great read, however let me take this opportunity to point out that Henri compiled his story from the exotic experiences of several notorious characters, not just his own, well, just a slight variation from the truth from time to time is acceptable.
Back in cell 16. Ha was almost hollering with joy. I said, ‘how did that fucking X Ray machine miss those things up your pooper!’ Ha responded with a sly grin, ‘look what else they missed’ and he pulled his cock out from his hands and it was adorned with a huge stainless steel fetish cock ring that was inserted through the piss hole at the end of his ample dick and came out the side of the dick head about an inch down a little past the natural heart shaped curve of the head, it was accompanied by a ball bearing on a rod that looked as if it could be used as someone’s prayer bead. The degree of my shock at all of this remains a vivid reminder of why not to go to gaol.
Within moments Ha was washing his packages in the sink and untying the package that held a dozen tailor made smokes, some papers and a small black Bic mini lighter. It was a rather moot point when he thought to ask, ‘do you mind if I smoke. I’d already played my, ‘I need the bottom bunk’ routine and I couldn’t quarrel with some smoke. He was so stoned, he was doing things by rote. He could say, ‘they don’t call me the Hoop Meister for nothing!’ When Ron told me he’d been in and out of jail since he was a kid when he served two or so years for murder, that he wasn’t guilty of, the pity gland was opened wide. It was to late for me to tell my own war stories, but I think he caught my drift early on when I mentioned the word ‘somewhat connected’.
The rest of the weekend was an ongoing play on how to trade tobacco for meals, tobacco for more shitty food. Two tailor mades for two hot meals. Two papers and two piles of shitty dry tobacco for someone’s sleeper pill, one paper and one pile of dry tobacco for one stale honey bun. I was happy to get the apples that were leftovers. Our range was equipped with two guys, we called them servers whose job beside carrying trays and the odd roll of toilet paper to cells was to transfer contraband to other cells through the opened meal delivery doors situated halfway from the top and bottom of the doors. There was a trick to doing this, and the servers had some class in this regard, tolerating Ha’s pit-bullish abusive instructions. Yet, that mild changing of the forced boredom was an interesting diversion from what seemed to me a waste of time. Let me tell you, when I feel inclined, I will write the ministry of corrections, the warden of that prison, my member of parliament, the guards union and any other organization that I can irritate and complain about the inhumanity of placing people in a super maximum institution and providing them only with food and shelter. The only diversion for our stay was a Television set that sat at least fourty feet from my cell door window, at times the volume set at maximum, as UFC members tried to dismember each other on Saturday afternoon. The Academy’s did not get mention as a NASCAR event took up the evening on Sunday. Where were the decks of cards, the torn paperback novels, where were the Bibles, where were the exercise yards?
Monday morning. I drove my room mate into town, and after getting to know him a bit, I felt privileged for my humble upbringing. I took the opportunity to say to him that if he wanted to see his grandchildren he’d have to curb his drug behaviour. He’s a smart fellow. I must mention that a few times on Saturday, I could have been very teary eyed at the thought of my moms service taking place without my presence, but I sucked those tears in, it is not a proper manly thing to do in prison, to share ones emotions. My partner, slept most of the time, asleep on the wonder drug Methadone that they brought him daily. Sleep is good..Sleep is God’s graces in this instance!

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Dusty motherboard macro

Dusty motherboard macro

Still brushing up, trying to claw my way back to being the shutterbug I was before.

Strobist: Canon 270 EX, camera left high, slightly behind subject; TTL EV -1 on flashcord.

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” enchanted ” 28/ 365

so i was tagged again a few days a go by the wonderful "je suis nikki" but didn’t realize it until late last night..
this photo is somewhat nikki’s style ( a tribute to your awesomen-ness nikki!!!) minus the phobias and hair flip 😀 plus adding a little sprinkle of my signature positive "fairy dust" :)))

i’ll also mix it up and do a random top 10 favorite things ( aka guilty pleasure ) list

10. dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee- think i would die without it

9. watching all things on bravo.. project runway- (ok now it’s on lifetime)…top chef, even the housewives..i know it’s coo-coo and so drama driven.. but hey! it’s a lesson in ego madness! 🙂

8. New York City- i adore the city and always wanted to live there..closest i came was hoboken right across the river..still it is my favorite destination for a fun day trip- so much to see and do

7. "the princess bride" movie..oh my sweet wesley! romantic feel good silliness.."so i married an axe murderer" comes in second on laugh-able movies
oh and i have to mention "waking life" as just an all around awesome mind bender

6. pandora.com
how awesome is your own free music stations that you get to design??? favorite artists- jack johnson, ben harper, duncan sheik, jellyfish, rasa, alanis morrisette

5. Flickr… has changed my life… literally ..for the better- creative expression and honing my artistic ability… but..also
maybe not in a good way?!?- rrrrrrr.. i probably spend way too much time here…but it feels very rewarding!!!

4. audible.com
downloadable audio deliciousness! my self awareness resource for awesome inspirational/ educational and entertainment books. fav authors- Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Paramahansa Yogananda, Joseph Campbell, Dan Brown, Yann Martel

3. ALL the magnificent parks and nature preserves in my area..yes– believe it or not NJ does have righteous beauty and is not a continuous cesspool of factories!!!

2. my MAC computer…and photoshop..and picnik…not only just a computer and programs..but a connection to other beautiful souls and an extention of my mind’s eye

1. My family… #1 being my incredible son Ben who is the love of my life and has healed my heart in so many ways… <3 <3 <3 my husband who i love but is sometimes quite a challenge..my sister meg who i adore and admire and wish we lived closer!! and all the rest who may not be in my life on a daily basis but is surely in my heart and prayers everynight! and my flickr friends who i would not be the same without.. thank you for the inspiration encouragement! :))))

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My Photography Workflow

My Photography Workflow

Probably the question that I get asked more than any other is about my photography workflow. I actually feel like my photography workflow is pretty simple so I thought I’d write up a brief post documenting my process all the way from photo capture to photo publishing. Feel free to ask any questions if you need me to elaborate on things.

1. Step one, capture the image: I carry my Canon 5D and 5 lenses (24mm, 14mm, 50mm, 135mm, 100mm macro) with me in a backpack every where I go. I take advantage of the routine time wasted in a day to turn that time into photography. Walking to and from the BART train. Going out for lunch. Waiting in line somewhere. All kinds of everyday moments become photographic opportunities.

Of course I also go out on specific photowalks all the time. Sometimes these are weekend trips away from home, other times they are just evenings out shooting with friends or with my wife. I use 2 8GB SanDisk cards.

To learn more about what is in my camera bag you can read this post here.

2. Step two, transfer the image to the computer: Here I use a high speed USB card reader. All card readers are not created equal. Spend the extra few bucks and get a high speed reader. Every day or other day I use my card reader to offload images on my camera card to my computer. In my case when I plug in my card reader Canon’s "Camera Window" software automatically loads. This software then pulls all of my images off of my CF card and puts them into folders on my computer titled by date taken. After my images are transferred to my MacBook Pro I then put the card back in the camera and delete the images off of it. If I’m on an all day shoot I’ll take breaks during my day (coffee, lunnch, etc.) to take a moment and clear out my cards.

Bonus Link: 13 Tips for Using and Caring for Memory Cards.

3. Step three, sort photos: Here I open the folder that has all of the RAW files from a given day’s images using Adobe’s Bridge software. I create a subfolder in the dated folder called "maybe." I go through the day’s photographs and I drag anything that I think might have potential into the "maybe" folder.

4. Step four, first pass processing using Adobe Camera RAW: My next step is to open all images in a day’s maybe folder using Adobe Camera RAW (comes with both Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom). You simply select all of the images in your maybe folder, right click, and select "Open in Camera RAW." This is where 95% of my photo processing is done.

With camera RAW you can adjust the contrast of a photo, the exposure of a photo, the saturation of a photo. You can adjust the temperature of a photo (the reason why some white lights are sulfur yellow and other white lights are soft blue), you can adjust the vignette (black or white edges around a photo), fill lighting, etc. Adobe Camera RAW uses sliders to make these adjustments and it is easy as pie.

After I get an individual image to where I want it I will use the "Save" button in camera RAW to save that finished photo as a JPG in a new folder "Finished Images."

After I process my first pass imagery I move that date’s archive folder off my Mac and onto my drobo to back it up and store it more safely. Note, none of my RAW files are ever saved as processed. I consider my RAW files my negatives and always want to be able to go back to them and process from scratch if need be.

5. Step five, 2nd pass processing: Once I’ve finished my first pass processing I will point Bridge to the "finished images" folder. Here I will look at each finished JPG image in as large a format as possible looking for photos that need additional work. Typically less than 10% of my photos need additional work beyond camera RAW.

The type of work here is all done in Photoshop. As I go through the images I look for a few things consistently. Images that need slight sharpening. Images that have dust spots on them that need to be fixed with the cloning tool in Photoshop. Images that could benefit from dodging or burning, etc. As I see an image in Bridge that needs additional fine tuning I will double click on the image in Photoshop, make my edits, save the file and close it.

6. Step six, keywording: My next step is to keyword all of my photos using Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge has pretty powerful keywording capabilities. I can batch and bulk keyword photos. I might start out, for instance, keywording every single photo I just processed as "Las Vegas" "DMU Las Vegas Meetup 2008" "Vegas". From there I then might go through sub batches and keyword them (say Caeser’s or Wynn or Venetian). From there I might then bulk keyword certain frequently used attributes (neon, mannequin, graffiti, night, etc.). And then I go through each image individually adding any final keywords image by image.

Keywording is important because these keywords will be automatically read as tags by sites like Flickr and Zooomr. It also allows you better to search your finished imagery in the future on your computer. The Importance of Keywording Your Photos.

7. Step seven, geotagging: Here I use a free program called Geotagger. Geotagger works with Google Earth and allows you to pinpoint a spot on the planet using Google Earth and then drag and drop any images from that location onto the program and geotags them with that coordinate. Geotagger only works for the Mac but there are lots of other free geotagging programs like Geotagger out there that work with Windows. When you geotag your photos at the file level both Flickr and Zooomr automatically add them to the meta data on your photo and place them on their site maps.

8. Step eight, sort finished photos into A or B to be uploaded folders: My next step is to go through my imagery and basically sort 80/20. What I feel are my strongest 20% go into a folder "B." The rest go into a folder "C."

9. Step nine, publish: I publish twice a day usually but this is by no means a hard and fast rule. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I typically publish 10-15 photos at a time selected mostly at random from my growing pool of "to be uploadeds."

I make sure that when I upload these 10 or 15 shots in a batch that the "B" shots are uploaded last as Flickr and Zooomr only highlight the last 5 shots that you upload in an upload batch. I want these to be what I feel are my better images.

And that’s it. I’m sure that there are more efficient ways that I could be processing my imagery but this has worked for me for a while now. Feel free to ask any questions as the above might sound a bit complicated to some.

Additional reading: Thomas Hawk’s Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker . Brian Auer’s Your Guide to Adobe Bridge: Useful Tips and Tricks.

More comments and a conversation about this post over at FriendFeed.

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New Canon 5D Mark II, $2,700, 21.1 Megapixels, Full Frame Sensor, Anti Dust Technology, Shoots HD Video

New Canon 5D Mark II, $2,700, 21.1 Megapixels, Full Frame Sensor, Anti Dust Technology, Shoots HD Video

Well what a pleasant surprise this morning. Pre-photokina Canon has released the details on the much anticipated update to it’s popular 5D camera (yes, the very same 5D that I love and shoot with every single day).

The new camera will sell for an estimated price of $2,700. It will have a full frame 21.1-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4 imaging processor and an expanded ISO sensitivity range from ISO 50 to ISO 25,600. It will shoot at 3.9 frames per second (a disappointment to some who were hoping for a faster camera). Canon says that the new camera will be available at the end of November (just in time for Christmas grandma!).

It will also shoot 16:9 full 1080 HD video. The maximum length for videos on the new camera will be 4 GB per clip or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. The new camera will also have an input terminal for external microphones in addition to it’s built in sound.

Other features of the new camera include live view shooting and the ability to keep the shutter open in live view mode for quieter shooting (which Canon oddly says will be helpful to "law enforcement" in it’s press release). I can’t wait to see the follow up advertising campaign on this one, "Real cops shoot with Canon!"

It also includes a much needed dust cleaning system — dust on the full frame sensor was the biggest problem with the original 5D in my opinion.

Like it’s predecessor 5D model the new 5D will not have built in flash.

Apparently there is also a new grip (which looks massive) that will be available as an add on accessory for the 5D which will allow you to transmit images wirelessly to your computer or an FTP server. It’s said to include GPS which I would assume would mean that with this accessory you will likely be able to auto geotag your photos.

So will Thomas Hawk be buying one of these bad boys as soon as he can possibly get his hands on one in November? Hell yes! No doubt.

Even if you can’t or don’t want to spend $2,700 on a camera body though this is great news because the original 5D is sure to drop in price substantially and that is still one of the finest digital SLRs out to shoot with. If you want to pick up an old 5D cheap I’d be scouring eBay for a used one come November.

Along with the 5D Canon also announced an updated version of their popular 24mm f/1.4 lens. The new EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens. I have the current 24mm L lens and love it. I’d imagine the new one will be even better.

You can read the entire Canon press release on the new 5D here.

Additional coverage:

I4U News
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Fred Miranda
Canon DSLR User Group on Flickr

Unfortunately no coverage on the new camera yet from the "We Say No to Video" Group on Flickr 😉

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