Sunday morning at the park – a new ball

Sunday morning at the park - a new ball

"Oh, buy that silver ball for them," said the wife, as we walked past the provision shop downstairs, on the way to our morning at the park. She remembered the last time we went and the kids didn’t have one to play with.

We are not an outdoorsy couple but we thought the kids would benefit from some fresh air and sunshine. It would be a good change from overcrowded malls and the Great Singapore Sale. Also, Papa could use some activity other than all that time in front of the computer.

We managed to get in some ball time, with Mommy trying to get Faith to play too, and also some time on the beach playing with sand.

One of the instincts we had to curb was the instinct to keep them from getting dirty. Kids need to get grubby sometimes. So we let them play in the grass and sand.. Even if it meant having to dust off half a beach of sand from their sweaty faces, clothes and shoes later.

And then my senses told me it was going to rain and it was time to go.

Sure enough, the raindrops fell on the windscreen of the car as we pulled into the highway. And a knackered Isaac started to nod off in his car seat.

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