St. John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong An Escape From The Urban Anxiety

St. John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong An Escape From The Urban Anxiety
The irresistibly vibrant city of Hong Kong situated facing the Pearl River Delta and surrounded by the South China Sea is an extremely urbanized city. Its cultural diversity is so prevalent that its impossible to label this city as belonging to a particular culture or religion. But it can be labelled as a tourist magnet, due to its possession of a large number of various attractions.

Such a one is the St. John’s Cathedral located in the Central District of Hong Kong Island on Garden Road. During the period of British domination of Hong Kong, an Anglican Church building was created as Anglican Christianity was the traditional denomination. Built in the shape of a cross, this cathedral is decorated in the style of the 13th century English Gothic tradition and is the oldest of its kind in the Far East. The clean cut features of its exterior project a serene appearance while its interior accentuates pure beauty through the colourful lighting that its artistically crafted stained glass produces. The north and the south faces of the tower carry the decoration of two former Hong Kong governors coats-of-arms. A relatively large memorial cross which was unveiled in memory of the fallen soldiers of the First World War can be seen next to the cathedral.

This richly constructed major centre of Hong Kongs Anglican Christianity is open to the public daily from 7am to 6pm. Being situated in a major shopping area, surrounded by grand structures like the City Hall and the Bank of China Tower, hasnt had any effect on the tranquillity of this sacred place which is ideal for reflective meditation and prayer. As a matter of fact, St. John’s Cathedral is a breath of fresh air offering respite for the senses amidst the urban buzz of this area. Declared a historic building in 1996, this church plays an important role in strengthening the regions social service structure as it takes part in various social service programmes. Tourists and visitors are always welcome at any of the churchs services. This cathedral, well-known as oldest surviving Western ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong, is a must-see for those visiting Hong Kong.

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