Splendid ‘BRICS’, NORCO Colors Xiamen Light Show

Splendid ‘BRICS’, NORCO Colors Xiamen Light Show

3rd September, the BRICS (China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa) summit was held in Xiamen. The eyes of all over the world were fixed on Xiamen. To hold the BRICS summit, Xiamen started more than 1,400 night view projects including buildings, bridges, shorelines, parks etc. Recently, cross-city light project almost finished. Night view of Xiamen became more glamorous to welcome guests home and aboard, and magnificent lights color Xiamen’s night.

Walls of every building became a ‘curtain’, and lights painted colors on it. Movable light cartoons were displayed one by one, so your eyes could hardly catch them. The scene, ‘moon halo’ of Yuanboyuan, is poetic and classic, and ‘Gosh of egret’ immersed in changing shadows, like a flying fairy, dancing in the sky.

Then how to realize the light show? Uneven faces of the building wall and long distance between the walls make it a difficult task to represent stereoscopic views on them. Massive calculation and detailed prepare is essential for the light show.

After collecting measurement data on site, and schematizing perspective effect, designers needed to simulate and test the effect on computer many times, and used multimedia system to adjust depth of field. Then they divided the building shadows in to 3 parts, that is, concave effect, protrude effect, and flat effect, and configurated camera and lights properly to present 3D views on building walls.

From analysis, calculation, and simulation and test to execution, to exactly control varies lights, a reliable and effective computer system is necessary. For the high standard international conference-‘BRICS’summit, a securer and more stable computer hardware is needed.
In the Xiamen ‘BRICS’ summit light show program, as a controlling computer hardware system of the light show, NORCO IPC performed as well as the show.

As a leading industrial computer developing and manufacturing maker in China, NORCO has more than 20 years professional experience. Countless successful applications and cases showed NORCO’s technological strength and its influence to the industry. NORCO products served for many light shows for international events, for example, Hangzhou G20 summit light show last year, Beijing ‘the Belt and Road’ Yanqi Lake light show, Wuhan ‘Two Rivers and Four Riversides’ light show etc.

Thanks to the support of technology, Xiamen ‘BRICS’ summit light show presented audience a scene of wonder land. As leading power in the industrial control computer industry, NORCO saluted the summit with its technology strength. With its powerful R&D capability, high quality and heat dissipation design, high damage resistance, unique aseismic design, NORCO IPC adapts to severe environment like wide temperature range, high humidity, and dust. NORCO products are the best choice for light show.

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