PRO239 – Julieanne Kost
Sunday, December 9, 2012 – Sunday, January 13, 2013
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The next photographer we are investigating for the emulation assignments will take us into a world that is strongly dependent on post-processing. The layer effects can be made using the likes of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Gimp. There are loads of textures to use on Flickr and the web has many tutorials on how to apply them.

Kost combines a passion for photography, a mastery of digital imaging techniques and knowledge gained from a degree in psychology, in order to construct a world similar enough to appear familiar, yet obviously an interpretation of the physical reality that surrounds us. She states that her images are highly personal representations her dreams and personal reality, yet are abstract enough to allow individual interpretation.
“Because the components are created at different times in different locations, I find that my work falls somewhere between the more traditional photographic practice of capturing a single decisive moment and the time compression techniques used to tell a story in cinematography. In my images, I create imaginary scenes layering elements together that are unconstrained by linear time and physical location. By choosing elements that work together to form a cohesive message, I am able to create a composite image more powerful than its individual parts.

From a technical standpoint, I feel that a computer is not merely a shortcut for what is possible with a camera, but instead it allows me to discover what is possible in no other medium. However, with the digital realm being so forgiving and offering so many options for exploration, that discipline becomes part of the challenge. The paint is never dry, the exposure is never fixed, and the print is never final -all components can be done differently at any point. Here the art form is knowing when to stop and realizing when you’ve said what you set out to say.”


This emulation assignment was harder than I anticipated. I struggled not only to identify components of Kost’s work that I could incorporate in to a photo, I also had a hard time finding subject that would lend themselves to the Kost’s aesthetic. In addition to the obviously preferred square format and images through an airplane window, I noticed that she incorporates lines in her photos quite often. It was this element that I wanted to find and capture. I looked through her Flickr photos as well as her website portfolio for inspiration. I ultimately settled on this shot taken one frozen afternoon in a local parking structure. It had the lines (yellow) that I was looking for and additional lines formed by the light and shadows. It is these elements that I consider to be the subject, not the dusting of snow and scattering of ice. I have been reading “The art of photography: An approach to personal expression” by Bruce Barnbaum (I highly recommend it). Has this statement in his book: “Photographers look for relationships; snapshooters look for things.” I am not sure if I succeeded, but this is intended to not be a picture of a “thing”.

Cropped square, added the frame to mimic Kost’s work, and desaturated it a bit. It was a cold, post-blizzard day.

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