soldiers on my desk, no post processing aside from the framing

soldiers on my desk, no post processing aside from the framing

Just to prove something for myself, I Was really wanting to work on setting white balance via grey card and to show that I can take pictures without having to manipulate them. I was very impressed with the results I achieved from just using my grey lense cleaning cloth and in camera settings =) Also I spot metered in this comp. handheld in low light situation. Me personally I like to post process my photographs, because the art of it is intriguing. I heard one of my friends say, " Yeah but you processed it". I didnt know there was something wrong with digital processing. We live in a technological advance culture, I dont know about you but spending hours in a old DARKROOM just doesnt appeal to me. But I can hang out in a digital darkroom @ my computer with no HARSH CHEMICALS and get jaw dropping results. I did this to show myself that I could get away from processing and still get a 1/2 way decent composistion. I guess thats what sets the artistic photographer who manipulate there photographs on or flckr from just ordinary point and shoot, Just my thoughts!


Also if you look closely, I need to dust lol..

Posted by Daniel E Bruce on 2008-04-19 01:40:21

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