Simplifying mathematical expressions with radicals

Simplifying mathematical expressions with radicals

Today we are going to learn about Radical expressions and how to simplify radical expressions? Before moving further we need to understand about algebraic expressions. Now first question arises is that What is an expression? Expression is a finite combination of symbols like constants, variables, operations, relations and syntactic entities that are well formed according to the rules applicable in the context. Algebraic expressions is basically an expression having one or more variables made up of signs and symbols of algebra. Let’s take an example:

3y + 2z = c

Here y and z are variables, c is a constant and 3 is a coefficient of variable y and 2 is a coefficient of variable z.

As we move towards higher classes the algebraic problems becomes tougher and more complicated. A daily practice of algebraic problems will help you to get confidence. Simplifying Algebraic expressions is not a very tough task, we just need to concentrate more on symbols and operations required to solve a given expressions. The steps to solve a basic expression involves : Firstly remove all the fractions in the equation, Then remove the parentheses . Combine all the like terms so that we get all the variables and terms together. Move all the variable terms by adding or subtracting on both sides of the equal sign so the variable terms are all on one side of the equal sign. And finally if there is any multiplication sign then remove it by dividing.

Radical Expressions are expressions in which radical signs appear. Now the question arises what is a radical? A radical is an expression that has a square root, cube root etc. or we can say that expression that has a root. The symbol of the root is √ . simplify radicals expressions is not an easy task, if the expression comes with decimal values then it is quite difficult to find the root of the same value. For simplifying such type of expressions various Simplifying Expressions Calculators are available online which solves radical expressions in a faster manner and provides an exact answer for the same. For example: Root x + 2 = 4

root x = 4

root x = squared 2

x = 2.

The steps to solve radical problems are : break or isolates the radicals to the left side of equal signs means get one radical on one side and everything else on the other using inverse operations. Then squares each side of the equation and solve the equation we get all the solution.

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