Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center Settled In Urban Areas

Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center Settled In Urban Areas
March 20, Siemens Nanjing, Jiangsu province, to show the second machine center was established experience. The center is located in the urban Jiangzhou Road, following Zhejiang Cixi, Wenzhou and Chongqing, the Siemens set up in China’s fourth Experience Center machine.

The Experience Center area with experience, training areas, machine tool display area and spare parts area, can provide display of CNC machine tools, training, testing parallel machining, maintenance and other train services. CNC machine tools in a former staff on site will be a special-shaped aluminum alloy flashlight shell shape a turning. Many visitors stop and look, as in the appreciation of a work of art.

“Siemens demonstrated experience setting up CNC center, with the cooperation we seek high-end coincides with the idea for the machine tool industry to upgrade Hailing provides a good opportunity.” Hailing committee secretary Yang Jie said.

In recent years, Hailing the rapid development of special machine tools industry, the existing registered companies from more than 80 CNC machine tools, ancillary services, nearly 100 companies, machine tool more than 30,000 units annually, including brisk walking cut wire cutting machine tool in the domestic market share of 50 %.

Siemens company official said, many areas in China, Siemens has become a part of the local economy. The machine tool industry, the Siemens is a global leader in CNC technology, Hailing machine tools have a certain influence in the country, plenty of room for cooperation between the two sides.

“Siemens demonstrated experience setting up centers, like a beautiful erected Xiulou, she should seek the most robust young man marriage.” Hailing the main Ren Pengjun Economic and Trade Commission said that the current number of machine tool manufacturers Hailing actively and domestic research institutions, institutions of higher learning to cooperate, and constantly develop the products with independent intellectual property rights, but most are still in the low-end enterprise products. Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center’s presence, to promote the area to high-end development of CNC machine tool industry will play a catalytic role.

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