Sichuan Changhong: Legend Of The Left Really Only

Sichuan Changhong: Legend Of The Left Really Only

The old Chinese stock market investors, Sichuan

Changhong And Shenzhen Development Bank is no stranger to these two stocks. Thinking back 12 years ago, in 1997, that is, the last round of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox, the Chinese stock market entered a bull market high point, in that “Cuikulaxiu” the market, the Shanghai market leader in Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen City The leader is a deep development. 2 is a dominant player can be said to call the world should, as a whole for both Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies is looking. Eventually, the Shenzhen Development in early 1997 opening of 16.50 yuan rose to 8 May in the highest price 49 yuan; Sichuan Changhong in early 1997 opening of 22.77 yuan rose to a May 21 (Lunar New Year, “Budding”), the highest price of 66.18 element.

Despite the bull market in any round

people will not make money, but in this round of the 1997 bull market, whether or not make money to earn, and are deep down “deep development” and ” Sichuan Changhong, “the two names. In particular, Sichuan Changhong, in that stock boom, the days, “Spirit in” the term used to describe not only the Sichuan Changhong, Sichuan Changhong more frequently used to describe the stock market under the leader.

And Sichuan Changhong in the stock market, “Spirit in” corresponds to, it is in China

TV Industry do anything they want dominance. This is located in Mianyang, Sichuan Province before the military small factory, in the head of Ni Runfeng led, after 10 years of development, has become the most well-known companies, the value of a business has accounted for the entire GDP of Sichuan Province, 1 / 9, while Ni Runfeng head of the CPC Central Committee also elected as alternate member. These are Chinese entrepreneurs who can hold a candle to.

Here, it may also recall that those familiar with Sichuan Changhong Electric current slogan: “serve the country with industry and national prosperity responsibility”, “to use our brand and build our new Great Wall,” “Heaven Rainbow, human Changhong”, “Changhong responsibility to national prosperity, dedicated to you?? Changhong Red Sun “… …

Drafting this point, should start “but” the.

From May 21, 1997, after the price hit 66.18 yuan and Sichuan Changhong began the long journey free of loneliness, and that loneliness is 13 years. More precisely said, from “Lonely” reached the “lonely.” 13 years, China’s stock market has gone through several rounds of large and small bull market, the Shanghai index from May 12, 1997 high of 1510.17 points, phased risen to the October 16, 2007 to 6124.04 points. Echoing the original, and Sichuan Changhong Shenzhen Shenzhen Development Bank has already leading to new highs, while Sichuan Changhong year’s “little brother” who?? Qingdao Haier,

Hisense Electrical appliances, Midea, Gree, etc., share prices are record highs. Only this year’s “big brother”, has been in decline. In other words, anyone who bought at 66.18 yuan and Sichuan Changhong has been held, so even in 2007, the Shanghai index broke the 6,000 points, held by Sichuan Changhong also a 50% loss.

What Changhong how it? People repeatedly asking. Changhong also hope those of investors who always want to Changhong, one day, “Return of the King,” but the fact that ultimately destroyed the hope that those who intended to grab a rebound while investors often have no choice under the quilt’s only voted with their feet repeatedly Now when the “Spirit in” into the “disposable used to Changhong.”

Investors are voting with their feet, one person was in hand to report all his name is Van Der. He was a man in combat, beginning in 1997, van der were reported to the authorities on suspicion of financial fraud, Sichuan Changhong. During this period, although the industry continued to be suspicious of the Changhong, which also includes scholars and financial experts Lang summer grass, but none have such a dedicated portrait van der Sichuan Changhong “love war” for 13 years. Finally, 13 years later, van der equal to the relevant departments in Sichuan Changhong informal survey of suspected fraud.

In fact, the days of the years Changhong also bitter. APEX has been seriously weakened after the company , MBO die a natural death, trust management has to go hard back, the introduction of strategic investors have thunder without rain, diversification often run into a wall, been engaged

Air conditioning , Been engaged Mobile , Been engaged in the battery … …, may eventually sold or loose powder. Even to hold the last base??

TV But as long as the wander

States United States Suning stores and other home appliances is not hard to find, Changhong booth in front of popularity, is not as Philips,


And other international brands, not as Haier, Hisense and other domestic brands.

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