Should Car Wash Fundraisers be Banned to Prevent Urban Run-Off?

Should Car Wash Fundraisers be Banned to Prevent Urban Run-Off?

Some cities wish to ban carwash fundraisers to help prevent urban run off to storm drains, other cities like Santa Monica are trying to get community non-profit groups to volunteer to use waterless car wash products. Some think this is a solution, but that is not a viable solutions at all – why you ask?

Well, because Dry Wash n Guard, one company that makes waterless car wash charges over $ 20 per bottle and it can only do a few cars, additionally it takes about 15 minutes to do a car, whereas a pressure washer does it in five minutes with little if any real costs. The Dry Wash n Guard MLM Multi-level Marketing Company people are constantly trying to get people to use their product, which you cannot blame them for, but this is no reason to ban carwash fundraisers.

Many companies with knock-off products, cost less because they use KEROSENE as a major ingredient, because it is slippery and coats the granular of dirt to help not scratch the car. Still if the car is dirty it still scratches a little. Further, Kerosene AKA Diesel Fuel only takes one gallon to pollute 1 million gallons of water, so that is no real option to a hand car wash at a fundraiser .

Even if, some companies like the “Green Earth Waterless Car Wash” uses a different chemical, well what is in it? You know the product Simple Green kills fish when boat owners used it to clean their boat hulls, dead fish floated up the next day.

You see the real problem is that we have a huge problem with environmentalism running a muck, the law of unintended consequences. One city that would like to see waterless carwash being used is San Francisco. In the City/County of SF the water in the storm drains runs thru clarifiers unlike other cities, still they want to stop car wash fundraisers. This makes no sense when there are simple procedures the kids can use to prevent pollution.

There are lots of cities that have banned or tried to ban car washes and lots of politicians who have lost their job because of it. In 1993, I was involved in one of the first big fights on this issue and the community won and the politicians pandering to environmentalists lost. Learn more – there are about 50 news articles on the subject: .

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