Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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For me to write this is another attempt to increase my footprint, to see what I had written, many years later, smile back and reflect on what I was today. But the rational instincts creep up at times, more so after a number of classes are missed in stone cold winter. The alarm beeps 8:45 and there is a class at 9 but the dream is just so damn good, almost like a perfect lecture by an old school professor and the heater – burning red.

Someone in the dream says, Being so lucky as to live exactly in the narrow space of the galaxy where intelligent life can flourish, right in the Goldilocks zone, it means that if we were even 5% closer to the Sun, or 20% farther from it, we wouldn’t have been. Not even the great Siberian tigers, the magnificent African lions, Ethiopian baboons, Costarican crocodiles and neither the Chinese pandas nearing extinction, the Russian puffins, fat Polar bears nor the American Bald Eagles, the snakes and the dearest of wolves.

In the earth’s lifetime of 10 billion years, our planet must surely have witnessed a hundred, if not more, intelligent species like us. And we’ve been around for only 10000 years. In all these years, we surely have made progress, however infinitesimal it might seem, in the vast scope of the universe. Humans are the dinosaurs, the saber toothed lions, the clever ants and the dragons added. However, our might and intelligence forces us to act like a pack of wolves, like mere species with one face, but wanton thirst, a thirst for knowledge so varied and vast – we now wants to know where it all started and how it would end. Wolf like we are, biting down the outliers with apt social correctness and standing our ground to extend survival in a pre-determined way, though our computer models cannot predict the extent of human existence and our footprint. Humans might just be the most intelligent virus on earth, some schools of thought say, because we know how to make tools. Sounds so simple, but not quite.

Living in the little band of the Goldilocks zone, living, loving, disliking, offending, fighting, brooding over insignificant things must be pretty amusing if anybody were to watch from above. May be that’s what God is, the eternal pool of knowledge that knows all and patiently waits for us to evolve into more superior beings. May be God is everything that we do not know yet, the last milestone on a journey, for a quest to absolute knowledge.

And now we come to the part where we realize how insignificant we are in the vast scope of things. But…

Reflecting on a half-read book, revving the accelerator, making a tool, listening to music somebody else played, seeing a child smile, cracking an exam or interview, coming to terms to the fact that different streams of knowledge like mathematics, biology, and the various sciences – all originated from this very Goldilocks zone, from the most intelligent species inhabiting the planet, on a significant, however tiny timespan of earth we rule, the good part is, we rule.

Had cats been more intelligent than us, knowing how to make better tools, we would have been working for them. Or worse, be their pets.

Millions of galaxies, some close, many far off, and billions of them thriving so far we cannot notice have evolved somehow, sometime, to give rise to circumstellar galactic zones where life can thrive.They might have different suns, other moons, dissimilar shapes or sizes. It could be deducted, likewise, that one of the purposes of galaxies is to give birth to planets like Earth. Planets neither filled with red hot dust nor with dense icy clouds of carbon dioxide but with warm, suffusing life.

In a way it feels great to be small and have a lot of life around than to be one big desolate organism on an empty planet. History says that we can only make our little stay on the planet as long as we co-exist. Dinosaurs ruled earth like we are ruling it now, for so long only because they had less inequalities. Even the most docile plant eating dinosaurs were strong enough to fend off wild predators except T-Rexes or light enough to fly. The dinosaurs were however, not so intelligent. For starters, they didn’t know how to make tools nor could they discover, distribute, the various streams of knowledge like we did from thin air.

Humans are yet to evolve and reduce the inequalities in their mindsets, as a human brain is the most important organ on the planet as we know it, the most powerful. But as long as we evolve, however insignificant it might seem, we can still make a tool and wonder how many tonnes of soil it can dig, paint a picture and wonder how many souls it can move, click a photograph and wonder how many people knew what you meant it to be.

Title Dedication: Pink Floyd

Posted by Bharat Chintapalli on 2010-01-15 18:32:17

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