Shaw Initiative Wave: He Seems A Transparent Emerald

Shaw Initiative Wave: He Seems A Transparent Emerald
He seems a transparent Jade ?? Visit Shenzhen Jade Jade Jade Co., Ltd. in the initiative, Chairman Xiao Bo

He was only twenty-something vilified the Chinese jade culture has a deep understanding and perception; face of China’s jade market situation, he has different views of ordinary people. Or the Maotouxiaohuo, now Leadership The franchise with a large jade Jewelry Company. He is in Shenzhen Jade Jade Jade Company Ltd.?? Shaw initiatives wave.

1979, the Shaw was born in Shantou, Guangdong initiatives wave. Generation from the beginning of his grandfather, their home had been in emerald production, processing and Sell . Long-term prolonged exposure, not only made him a business expert, but also because culture steeped in Emerald, and became extraordinary scenery.

Xiao initiative wave in Shenzhen Jade Jade Jade Co., Ltd., is a set of emerald design, processing, wholesale, retail, franchise into a professional jade company. Products with superb technology, unique innovative design unique; and high quality service concept and business philosophy has won industry acclaim and domestic and foreign consumers.

The man jade Yu culture is one of the characteristics of Chinese culture, its spirit of the Chinese nation, will, morality, philosophy produced a huge impact. The so-called “gentlemen’s Peter in the jade.” Chinese people on the special interest of Jade There are ancient, like jade and even in gold and other jade, so there is “gold jade is priceless,” said.

Shaw initiative wave that in ancient times to the representative color of jade gentle kindness, tenacity, a symbol of wisdom, texture, do not harm the edges and corners, said justice, when the issue of crisp percussion music that is incorruptible and relaxed reflection of virtue. Personification of the characteristics of ancient jade, jade that the “benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage, Jie” Five Virtues, jade business people, more attention should be paid for the natural character of the modification and strengthening the moral self-discipline to “Five Virtues” as a mirror is also an important means of establishing business reputation. Xiao initiatives

face wave, we can say that he is like a species of emerald ice Hang Mei Sik: transparent Bise as youth has not conceal the general brilliance, it also has a deep social-snappers.

The de jade Shaw initiative wave that is rare and beautiful as jade, and many people have such a noble and full of spiritual treasures vulgar, and only know sum of desperately; a number of unscrupulous businessmen playing shoddy, as real trick harms the interests of customers and consumers, serious damage to the consumer market, jade jewelry, these people have the key elements inherent in emerald?? benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage, clean forgotten.

This point, Shaw initiatives wave to reporters sadly made a example: as a large number of counterfeit brand-name clothes, like too many fakes would have destroyed the brand. Jewelry market, too, a false person may destroy the confidence of the people for the emerald, and even destroy the whole market.

Xiao initiatives wave that we should establish the confidence of the people for the jewelry, you should establish their own Brand .

For Jade, the first course to ensure its quality. Origin is very important, only has an excellent texture of the original stone, only to consumer spending confidence. Chui Chui company has been insisting in imports from Burma natural jade material.

Saying goes, ” “, with a good rough, you need to create their own ideal image, as well as refined, in every craft, including Jade Accessories Creative, Fu design, exquisitely crafted, is excellence. Any one product, have to create a classic approach to take seriously, so as to ensure the production of the product “works in the refinement, precision and seek clever.”

Its jade products If the first two constitute the material basis for a Jade brand, it is for a brand, but also need to give it content-rich Corporate Culture . Shaw observed that, as the “king of jade,” the jade, in addition to its own unique moral, we must also constantly increase its value, given their proper cultural connotation and noble qualities. City Villa in Jade Jade Co., Ltd. established a complete set of enterprise culture systems and a range of cultural activities.

Corporate vision: to create timeless value, do the most trusted jade business.

Business philosophy: abundant life, eternal value; corporate values beliefs: development of unique charm jade tree in the world consumption of fashion;

Entrepreneurship: precise and sincere, to the new to constant; business orientation: Honest and responsible, innovative fashion, leading the market;

Production concept: process, practice, norms, etc.

Around the corporate culture, Tsui of Tsui companies have undertaken a number of cultural activities, such as the “enlightened wisdom, innovation and the future” Kai-section; to “broad view of the sea to know and challenge the future” view of the sea activities; to ” long-term perspective, the future integrity “of the climbing activities, have vigorously promoted the spread of the company’s culture, the value of the company’s products provide an effective upgrade.

When talking about these, Xiao Bo and company initiatives Yan Shuming, vice president of planning are that: the market is always changing, faith forever; the market is always changing, innovation forever. Chui Chui in the emerald is not only the companies engaged in production, but also give people the feeling of beauty, a symbol of happiness and career success. To arouse the people’s soul The quest for beauty and the yearning for happiness, in addition to interest on the demand function, the more affective interests, the interests of self-expression needs.

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