Scutigerella immaculata

Scutigerella immaculata


Away on fieldwork so no computer today!! Will catch up on everyone later providing there is Meteor coverage (lol) or hopefully wireless in the million b&b’s we will be in!! Roll on the 10x10m plots in plantations!!!!!

This was my fourth year undergrad project, I took 100’s of pictures using an SEM but most were crappy, its a really finicky thing to do! The back ground had to be photo-shopped with the amount of dust specks that showed up but other than that this is my cute little Symphylan as is! They live under rocks in broadleaved woodlands which can be a bit of a pain in the arse because they always chose the massive boulders! They have no eyes because they just sieve through dirt all day being veggies. Fast little buggers too considering they’re only around 2mm at a push!

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