Saviors of Sanity Book One: Sparkle in the Shade- Part One (Prologue+Chapters One to Eight)

Saviors of Sanity Book One: Sparkle in the Shade- Part One (Prologue+Chapters One to Eight)

I’m writing again as well, and my stories are better than before. Well, nobody read those anyways, so I had to learn how to improve all by myself. Plus, my work is not professional, so expect there to be mistakes. I would love it if you point those out to me (I might miss some errors in my editing…a lot of errors probably).
WARNING: I’m serious, this series isn’t for kids because it has a lot of mature themes. The first book is the least…demented, so more demented stuff as the series progresses. And, there’s so much demented things. BWAH HA HA! This part will be shorter than the others since I’ve to put this warning/information here. There will be about Sixty-Seven Chapters, so it’s a long story. The chapters do get longer as the story goes on also.

Let’s begin our adventure now, and you’ve been warned.

Saviors must be Saviors:
Shade, where did it come from and why is it here haunting us? People say the Shade came from the Graves of White Magic, a mysterious place that only exists in fairy tales, while others argue it was the creation of the Onyx Magic that brought this pain on the beings of the realities of Earth. None of these are correct, it was the fright of evil that created it. I know this because Shade is created by many things and one of those are fear. But, we have beings to battle the Shade, Saviors of Sanity. They do not do a very good job. And, the Shade itself has people to protect it called Creators of Insanity. Saviors are chosen by the Gods of the Onyx Magic while Creators get chosen by Jadezl, the ruler of the Shade.
Shade, you might wonder why this thing is so horrible. Well, I can answer you with one word, insanity. This thing is the cause for all murder, rape, possessions, and everything else evil in the realities. It’s sin. For years people have been naive while Saviors sacrifice everything they have.
Shade, how do you defeat it? There is no way to stop it; not that the realities know of this instant. Yet, without the Shade there would be no sleep, night, or shadow. We have to thank the Shade for these things. But, we have to rip it to little pieces to avenge all the lives it hurt.
Shade, I was stupid to give into it. Right now, I am walking in the Maze of the Shade slowly losing all of my memories. But, I found something unusual here, a crystal ball. Whenever I stare into it I see people on Earth living their lives like there is nothing wrong in the world. Children I see think that only villains die and suffer and heroes live happily ever after except if their name is Mufasa. Oh, how the world is stupid for not noticing the real images flashing in front of their eyes.
Shade, why won’t you let me go now? Out of this place, out where I could get my life back. But, I know I would just want revenge in the normal world, and then back to this place I would land. There’s no escaping once you jumped into the endless pit.
Shade, why do you want to hurt so much people? And, why do I see nobody here besides me? I am alone, so I can tell I’m going insane. It seems like I am the only person with a sense of sanity in the Shade, me..or do I? Me, Azur, of all people has hope to continue on.
So, Good, why don’t you act? All you do is create Saviors, and by the look of it that plan is not working pretty well. Saviors, they end up to falling into the Shade’s hands no matter what they do. Some just give in while others are forced by darkness itself. The unfortunate get their bodies taken over, and they bore the Eyes of Jadezl.
Good, why are you called Good anyways? The real good is the Dusk, but barely anybody can be part of that. I don’t know the reasons, yet I have a feeling that the consequences are not worth the risk? What is so wonderful about making people be blinded by the light anyways? Almost everybody is blinded by the light. They are just naive pawns, following anything that would not lead them on the path of the Shade. Those people have no future, just useless and forgettable lives. To awaken from the curse you need to realize the world isn’t just black and white.
Creators of Insanity, most of their actions are questionable. But, they do evil deeds to keep the balance between darkness and light. Because light casts shadows, the world needs the Shade to survive. If one reality falls, the rest of them will not care. Many realities have fallen already, their progress forever lost because there was no insanity, there were no Creators. Creators do what they desire and only that. They are loose cannons, so Jadezl sometimes has to keep them on his leash. Heck, some join the Good’s side, but those people are just doomed to succumb to the will of their real master.
Saviors of Sanity, why do you fall so easily? Is it because you are like the people, naive and careless or is it that your souls keep on being taken over by Jadezl’s army. Saviors, you are literally the exact opposite of Creators. You do what you are told by your superiors without question, so Saviors are puppets. But, when a Savior gets its freedom the Shade usually takes the person away. Possession, death, whatever needs to be done to get rid of the free.
And then, there’s them, but I really don’t want to talk about those unlucky few. They’re neither Creator or Savior, yet the souls can still wield Onyx Magic. That’s all I want to about this small group.
Freedom, nobody in the realities have it, and the Dusk are the people closer to getting it. The lucky few that are part of the Dusk. Dusk, the people that are part of no Good or Shade, but the people can still use some of the powers that come with the sides.
Tanna, or whatever your name is, tell me why you did this to me! Why did you take away my free will, you bitch?


Chapter One: Calm Waters
“Summer break and nothing to do! All I’m doing is staining my clothes with sweat. This isn’t even natural for this place to be so warm now! Oh, I’m also hanging out with boring people as usual, and some of them actually like math,” complained Dalia, a girl with short muddy hair with waves of the ocean at the bottom at her hair and the sand was the color of her eyes. “Hey, changing the nonexistence subject, do any of you know where Rebecca is? She seems to be the only person here that can be of interest right now.” There were three other girls with her, and they were all sitting down on the beach. The ocean was calm, making a few small waves.
“Um, I don’t know, but I know that Denmark is always boring during the summer. Well, at least in the little town we live in.” One of the other girls, Faith, said that with her brown hair waving in the wind. “Try calling her, Daila, maybe she will pick up or something.”
“Can’t, my phone is dead because I tried to call her so much times. I’m just going to guess that her phone is dead like mine, and Rebecca forgot to charge it for the billionth time.”
“You seriously forgot, guys, ha, sometimes you guys can be idiots. Hey, we might have just met in school last year, but you should’ve at least remember this much,” Kayla, another girl on the beach, responded when she fixed her red hair. Her green eyes were fixed onto the ocean and the setting sun. “But, should we go home now? It will be dark soon, and it’s not safe when the darkness comes.”
“Oh, don’t be a coward, you have us. If any creepy people want to hurt us, well, we beat them up instead. I’ll make them meet my fists!”
“Faith, sometimes you can be so immature with all your different personalities–”
“All of you need to shut up!” Jacklyn yelled. She crossed her tan arms and looked around with her brown eyes. “We just need to calm down since the few people still here are staring at us.”
“I cannot calm down when I’m covered in gross and uncomfortable sweat,” Dalia responded.
“You still don’t remember; what good friends you guys are to Rebecca. Oh well, I still think this is amusing to watch.” Kayla laid on the sand, and the teenage girl just watched the others. Then Jacklyn continued to yell at the two other girls.
The ocean was starting to become harsher. Waves began to kidnap innocent seashells that are on the shore, and they forcefully dragged them into their prisons. In the middle of the beach five shells were together. Waves caught two of them and left the other three by themselves. For some reason, one of the seashells captured escaped the waves since it was the only one saved by a person walking on the beach. The other shell flowed into the sea, and then it probably fell on the cold ocean floor.
“Now I still can’t believe you forgot what today is,” Jacklyn said.
“Well, I still can’t believe the weather is like this. Like, Denmark is never like this so it’s weird, it’s confusing. Plus, I never was good at remembering things, and I can’t recall any of my mysterious childhood.” Dalia stared with her light brown eyes into the ocean. So, Kayla and Jacklyn looked at each other and laughed.
“She does this every year at this exact time, so some of the students used to make rumors about it in middle school,” Kayla reminded, “it is because she is mourning her old friend and I believe her name was Tanna or Tara or something like that. Why can’t I recall that girl’s name?”
“Oh, now I remember, it’s that time of year already? Gosh, summer break really does go by quickly,” Faith responded. Her eyes were also fixed on the calm waters.
A few other people were on the beach, so the four friends had it mostly to themselves. The sand went on both sides and expanded endlessly. There was a sight wind making things flow softly in the breeze, so it made the smells of the ocean fill the friends’ noses and it made them happy to be free from school.
“Yes, it’s that time of year,” Jacklyn responded to Faith, “but, I still wonder why she does this! She barely knew he, yet Rebecca has been doing this for years on end. Forgetting this is like forgetting about Kayla’s monthly seizures.” After that, Kayla looked down on her wrist at the watch on it. The time was 5:13 in the afternoon.
“Well, I’m gonna go home because my parents are going to kill me for not taking care of that jerk known as my sister, Nicole. I hate that little brat more than anything! I wish she can be out of my life, but then somebody else that’s annoying would probably join it instead.” Kayla stormed off of the beach and stared behind her. “Guys, you might want to leave since there are rain clouds in the distance, so I guess the weather channel was incorrect about these things again.”
Out of nowhere, the rain clouds reached the beach. Small raindrops fell out of them, and everybody stood up. The sand was becoming a darker color of brown, and then it turned into mud. Three shells from earlier get carried off into the ocean, but the one that escaped was still there. The person holding it must have dropped it. It was waiting for something.
The person was an African-American woman that wore a raincoat that covered most of her face, but she seemed to have yellow eyes.
“Now my parents are gonna kill me when they see my outfit is now all wet,” Kayla complained. “They just have to freak out about every small thing that happens!” She ran to the sidewalk, and the red head waved her pale hand around. A few seconds later, a bright yellow taxi cab came, picking her up.
“Thank Gods our homes are close. I really don’t want to get a cold or something over our break since that’ll suck.”
“We still need to hurry, Faith, because the rain is really coming down hard.” All of the other girls then started to walk in different directions, going home for the last time ever.
“Bye, see all of you tomorrow.” They had no idea what was going to happen to them, but nobody was going to spoil the secret. The girls just had to figure it out for themselves. Everyone of them needed to accept the cruelty of the events of the nearby future.

Chapter Two: When Rain Falls
Rebecca enjoyed walking in the rain, but something inside her told Rebecca that this unexpected rain was important in some way. It was not just another rainstorm in the small town of Aabo, Denmark. “I promise I will find you, Tara, no matter what happens.” She pulled a photo out of her right back pocket and stared at it. “It might take forever, but no matter what I will find you someday.”
The girl in the photo wore a smile on her face. And, in the corner there was a word written in sloopy cursive, Tara. Right by the name is a little smiley face that was also not neat at all. Rebecca even wondered if anybody else could even read the name correctly, but she knew there had to somebody else. Maybe one of the people that Tara used to tell her stories about, Azula or Valkyria. Tara always thought those two names were unusual too.
“Then–” All of the sudden, a taxi cab zoomed right by her, so Rebecca tried to see who was inside it for an unknown reason with her crystal eyes. She just had a feeling that something important was in there. A girl with red hair was inside it, sitting in the passenger seat. “Oh, it’s Kayla, she must be going home already.” She continued to walk the opposite way the cab was going.
But, right after Rebecca saw Kayla, the raindrops turned into the color black. “What the hell…that’s weird.” Suddenly there were fingers tapping on Rebecca’s shoulder, and she looked around to see one lonely person behind her.
“Um, do you know where, um, Hotel something is?” questioned the woman wearing a raincoat.
“No, I didn’t even know there were hotels around here, and I lived here for all of my life.” She walked away from the stranger, but the African-American woman followed her.
“What’s your name, mine’s Rein,” the woman introduced herself.
“Just get out of my life, Rein.” Rebecca did not turn her head, yet she still heard footsteps behind her. “Leave me alone or I’ll call the police and report you as a stalker.” The same cab from before passed them after that, and it still had Kayla sitting in it. The look in that girl’s eyes told Rebecca that something was not right. “Wait, what’s that cab doing?” The taxi entered the dark, mysterious alleyway.
“I don’t think that’s good.” Then Rebecca stormed into the alleyway. When she reached it they were gone, then Rebecca started to panic. Her feet made the blonde pace all around the place.
“Is something, um, wrong?” Rein asked.
“What do you think?”
“Yes, um, yeah.” The tone in Rebecca’s voice clearly scared Rein to death. “But, um, what do you think that is?” A shaking finger pointed at a thing in the distance. It looked like a tornado made out of darkness, the Shade, and it was where Kayla lived. Another one was in the part of town all of her other friends lived as well.
“That explains everything,” Rebecca said. Both of the girls stared at each other until they ran out of there. “But, do you know what the hell is happening here, Rein? What in the realities is going on?”

Chapter Three: Insanity Conquers
“Clara, Clara, earth to Clara!” yelled Alice when she was waving her hand in front of Clara’s face. “I know your life has been crap lately, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore me all of time.” Clara did not move a single muscle, and all she did was stare in the distance. Her eyes were filled with wrath.
“Why did I have to do that? That was exactly what the Shade wanted, and I was stupid enough to let myself become one of Jadezl’s countless dolls!”
“Because the Shade got him, that’s why! There was no saving Zack from its hands, so you’ve to stop moping about the freaking past!” Ben, another person in the room, responded. “Gosh, I swear the Shade is getting more powerful every day, and they’re getting harsher with their torture as well.”
“And, most of the people in this reality, or any realities, don’t believe it exists,” Clara said, putting her head in her pale hands. “The people of the fake world need to open their damn eyes. Right now they only care about money, jobs, love, diets, gossip, and many other useless things, but they don’t realize what the real problem is, the Shade and Jadezl.”
The three of them were in a room covered with walls of many colors of blues and a floor of fluffy white. And, there was a red bed in the middle that was filled with pillows and blankets which nobody was on, but it was clearly slept in the night before. There were a couple chairs in this little space, so Alice and Clara were sitting to ones next to each other. On the other side of the room, there was a white, casual dresser with a single, dusty photo on top of it. In the photo there was five people, three of them were Ben, Alice, and Clara while the other two were people not in the room.
Two other people that were in that photo, both of them had black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin, but their faces and other features were nothing alike. One was a man while the other was a woman. They seemed to be happy with the people in the room. Who were those two?
“Also, don’t make me get started with Azula. That girl hasn’t been found in ,like, five years now, so she is probably with Zack right now. This is such a messed up life I have,” Clara sighed.
“Don’t be so negative, Clara, just be lucky she didn’t end up like her other friends because rumor has it that those two are possessed!” Alice got up from her chair, and started to walk towards the photo. “She isn’t dumb, and Azula is strong. That girl is not gonna end up like that idiot, Zack!”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t have to end her like I did Zack.”
“Girls, stop fighting, you two have done this everyday for the last year.” Ben crossed his arms and stood up near the wooden closet doors. “Just because two of our friends aren’t here anymore you girls act like jerks, that’s something you need to accept.”
“This is such bull crap!” Alice took the photo from the dresser and held it. “You wouldn’t be acting like this if…” Then she softly put the photo back on the dresser, and she looked at it with her blue eyes. Her eyes were placed on her soft-looking face.
“Stop fighting!” Ben yelled. But, the two glared at each other. “Gosh…this is insanity!”
“I’m getting out of this room.”
“Well, then I’m staying,” Clara responded to Alice.
“This is useless, sometimes I doubt why I stay here. All you ever do now is whine about how I mope about my past.”
“Shut up,” Alice yelled, “Also, you should really stop moping if you realize that’s what I’m furious about.”
“You shut up, Alice,” Clara said.
“Why don’t you all shut up?” A new person walked into the room, a girl. “I guess I have to play peacekeeper again. Alright, now I’m peacekeeper Lina, and I demand all of you to shut the hell up!” Lina pointed one of her darker colored figures at the two girls. “Well, Ben, you can still talk.”
“That’s good to hear.” The only boy in the room stayed in the same position.
“Plus, now we have something to do,” Lina added.
“Finally, the newbie does a thing that’s actually useful.” Clara crossed her pale arms like Ben. “Back when I was brainwashed, or should I say in MARKA, all the newbies were even more annoying.”
“Tell us what it is then, Lina,” commanded Alice while looking at Lina and her black and white outfit. After that, she stopped staring at Lina and glared at the blue and white wall. “Don’t keep us waiting.”
"Well, I’m looking forward to something finally happening," Ben commented, "for the last months the Shade has been quiet. It was like it was waiting for something, and charging up its power for the Gods know what."
“There has been some weird things involving the Shade in a town named Aabo, Denmark in reality 6,703,457,891,853,513:901, and they might be hunting down some people there.”
“Denmark we go then.” After that, Clara bolted out of her chair. Then she grabbed a backpack from under the bed, and she quickly put on. “Come on, we should all get out of my boring room. I’m going to write our housemates to make sure they know that we’re going somewhere.”

Chapter Four: Craziness Attacks
Jacklyn had reached her home by the time she saw the weird black tornado in the distance. “What! That’s, um, scary and weird.” She was in her room, looking out her window while she covered herself under the unmade bed in the middle of the small space. “This is bad, really, really bad.”

Dalia was still the streets when the mysterious natural storm caught her eye, and she was almost to her home. She was right in front of her door, and Dalia noticed she forgot the keys. “Oh crap, I really need to have a better memory about these things.” Freaking out, she tried to look for a place to go. Then Dalia ran over to a nearby bench, but she felt like it was not enough cover. Yet, she knew there was nothing else she could do, so Dalia stayed under the bench. “How is this even possible?”

Faith screamed when the weird blackness entered her vision, so she told herself to calm down and that everything would be alright. There were many things that she could protect herself with, but all of the things were near large amounts of easily breakable glass. Nobody else in her family were at her house, but they never came home from work until very late at night. In a panic, she ran into the bathroom. She cleared out of shower out of everything including a harmless rubber duck. Faith jumped into it and closed the curtain. “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, but I’m just too young to have my life ended!”

Rebecca did not know what to do with this creep and the unnatural storm, yet she just guessed she could go into the alley. There was nothing else to do. Her house was too far away, and she was stuck with Rein. “Alright, is there anything I could protect myself with?” Rein glared at Rebecca like she was crazy. Then, ignoring Rein, Rebecca emptied out a trashcan she found and got into it.
“I don’t think that’s the smartest idea.”
“Shut up and go for cover, Rein!”

Alice, Clara, Ben, and Lina were inside a jet with four seats in it. “We’re nowhere near Denmark,” Clara complained. “Sweden is hours away from our destination, and nobody here can teleport.”
“Stop being a baby, Clara, because we have to go there. The Shade is there, so we have to go there since it’s our job to limit the Shade’s power,” Lina, the pilot, responded.

Kayla was still in the taxi, and the driver was speeding to escape the doom heading towards them. “Now my parents will totally kill me if they survive thing,” Kayla complained to herself when she felt a numbness in her head. Realizing what was happening, Kayla started to freak out. “Oh crap, not now, anytime but now…” All of the sudden, the teenage girl fell over.
“Miss, oh my god!” Her body then went out of control.

Chapter Five: Darkness in the Soul
“No, Ms. Eastman, put in over there,” Tanna commanded, “I hate it when things aren’t where they belong.”
“It’s not my fault you have OCD, and, for the last time, call me Leah.” The girl who was talking was moving something on the desk in the center of Tanna’s office, so her bright red hair was all over the place. She had the expressions of anger and boredom written on her face.
“Just do it, plus I don’t have OCD.” So, Leah moved the coffee cup a few centimeters to the right. “That’s better.” After that, Tanna sat down in the chair in the room. “Now get out of my office.”
“But…fine, whatever you say, Tanna. I just wanted to ask you about something important.” Leah rolled her green eyes and walked out of the room. She slammed the door, and Tanna just stared at it.
“Sometimes I worry about this reality.”
Her yellow eyes glared at the door, and, for some reason, Tanna smiled. She laid down in her chair and glared at one of her paintings. Tanna had brown hair which made her weird yellow eyes stand out. And, she looked a lot like the girl in the photo, but Tanna had those yellow eyes.
“Well, Azur is out of the way for over a year now, so that’s a good thing. Now I’m in charge of this place.” There was suddenly a knock on the door. “Leah, I don’t want you in here.”
“No, it’s me, Ida, and I have the information you wanted.”
“Come in.”
After that, a young girl that looked like she was in her late teen years entered the room by opening the oak door. Then Ida closed the door, and just stood there, waiting for Tanna to do something.
“You wanted to see the photos I took while I was in out on my last mission.” Ida walked towards the desk, and she put a folder on the wood. “These are them, Tanna, I hope they’re good enough.”
“Alright then,” Tanna responded. So, she picked up the folder from the desk and opened it. Inside, there were pictures of a girl with blonde hair, blue highlights, and the same cat-like yellow eyes Tanna had.
“Why do you want these anyways? Do you know this girl, or does Lord Jadezl want her for one of his plans? You don’t have to answer since I’m just curious. I know I shouldn’t know everything, so, Tanna, do as you wish ” Ida asked.
“Yes, so tell me, where did you take these, Ida?”
“Um, a really small town in Denmark, and it was called Aabo in reality 2,895:1,345.”
“Then we got to go there–KNOCK KNOCK. Then we–KNOCK KNOCK. Can you stop interrupting me, whoever is at the door?” Without permission, Leah entered the room. There was a blank look on her face.
“Tanna, you told me to get you when it was 5:45, and, well, it’s 5:45 right now, so yeah, just doing my job.” In a hurry, Tanna jumped out of the seat. She did not say goodbye to any of the girls in the room, so Tanna just left without saying anything. “May I ask what you’re doing?” Tanna stayed silent. “Okay, I guess not.”
“Imbeciles,” Tanna whispered when she exited the room, “only if they were actually good at their job, then we can finally find that bitch Victoria.” Then Leah and Ida were out of her sight, yet, for some reason, she smiled. She kept smiling in the weirdest times. There was something wrong about her, but barely nobody with the Shade knew what. The girl in the photo, Tara, the girl in the mystery, Tanna, the betrayer of the Good, Saviors of Sanity, and Onyx Gods, Xena.

Chapter Six: Small Cracks Turn Into Big Ones
“That’s weird,” Leah noted, “Tanna usually isn’t like that. She never just bursts out the door without even saying goodbye to her servants.”
“Well, maybe she’s doing something that we don’t need to talk about, yet it’s too important to wait any longer.” Ida grabbed the folder on the desk, and, after that, she closed it. “Because Tanna isn’t a person that talks a lot about herself, we can never know for sure.” Then Ida walked towards Leah. “Plus, I doubt it’s anything to worry about. Maybe it is just something with her family, friends, or even her possible secret boyfriend or girlfriend.”
“So, why is she asking you to take pictures of that girl?” Leah questioned. “The only info we know about her is that her name is Victoria and that’s she is twenty-five years old, that’s it, so why is Tanna ordering us to be this girl’s personal stalkers?” She crossed her arms, and remembered that Ida probably knew everything and was not telling her the truth. Leah was starting to question why she was still friends with her.
“Leah, right now we have to focus on our next mission. We can’t waste anytime asking pointless questions, but you’re doing that anyways.”
“You know, I’m only doing this to have a job, get some money, and paid off my rent for my small room in this headquaters. If this is anything crazy again, I will freak out.” Leah stared at Ida with her green eyes, so Ida glared at her back. Ida shook her head in disappointment.
“Then you might as well walk out of the door right now.”
“What is it?” Leah asked, “I won’t leave until I hear what it is since I want you to be safe.” So, Ida got a phone from the back pocket of her jeans, and she unlocked it. Ida turned to a page with a lot of emails. One of the titles were titled Mission 3,102 for Ida Khan.
“Are you sure you want to know, Leah, you can just leave now and I will do it by myself.” After that, Ida played around with her blue hair.
“Ida, I won’t make you do everything by yourself!” Leah stared at the emails Ida got, most were from her and Tanna. “We’re both part of the Shade, personal servants of Tanna, and we can take care of ourselves by using our strength and knowledge.”
“I know, and that means I can do things without you too. I’m not a little kid who needs you for protection!” Ida looked at Leah with her dark blue eyes. “You just don’t like doing these missions, but Lord Jadezl might start to question your existence. Maybe you should just give up this career path since you always wanted to become an actress before this.”
“Lord Jadezl this, Lord Jadezl that, I don’t want to hear that name! I am gonna go crazy, and then I might join the Good in my insanity. Oh wait, I already am because of this shit,” Leah yelled. The next thing Leah saw was nothing, and there was no Ida in the room. “She teleported out of here again, predictable.” But, Leah noticed she left something behind because Ida’s phone was glaring at her.
Leah stared back at it, seeing if Ida would appear again. But, after a few boring seconds, she grabbed the simple black phone. “Let’s see what we have here. This might actually help me in my current state of mind.” She opened the email to see there was nothing but a word.
“Useless, wait a minute, it could be a secret message about Ida’s mission. Yeah, there’s a type of bird named Valkyria I think, but that explains nothing, and then there are those fairy-like things that collect souls from a battleground.” Then Leah scrolled down the page and saw another word, a name.
Victoria…and then Leah saw a picture of a blonde girl with blue highlights.

Chapter Seven: Waking Up
“Yuni, you might want to see this,” a girl said. On the floor, Jacklyn, Dalia, and Faith were lying there, dazed, and they were wondering what was happening. There was another woman in the room with blonde hair and weird green-blue eyes.
“What is it?”
“Um, just come here.” It was clear that the girls were awake. A woman with black hair and eyes then walked into the room, and the friends just assumed that she was a uincron, a person who is half unicorn.
“How did they get here, Rikku? Also, do any of them have any wounds or anything that looks like a bug or something like that.”
“These people just came from this random black portal thing from the ceiling, so I have no idea why that appeared out of nowhere. I don’t see any wounds, or anything that looks like it was made by MARKA,” Rikku answered while pointing at the plain white ceiling.
The room was small and normal, yet there was something wrong or just off about it. Walls and the floor were decorated with colors of brown and blue. Furniture was in the middle of the room in front of a big window covered by silky white curtains.
“Ow, my head hurts,” Dalia complained when she finally opened her eyes. Then the look of fear entered her eyes the moment she saw where she was. “Where am I? When am I? Am I still myself?”
“FayetteVille, South America, in reality 45,892,357:876 now where did you come from?” Rikku responded.
“Denmark, a small town named Aabo in Denmark. I don’t know what you mean by reality though.” Dalia felt faint, and she wanted to sleep again. But, a feeling inside Dalia told her that was not an opinion with the two strangers, Rikku and Yuni. Boom. “What was that?”
“MARKA, they’re here, in this town, we have to hide right now. Yuni, open up the basement now” The two other girls grabbed Jacklyn and Faith while Dalia ran after them.

In a even smaller room,
Rikku quietly closed the door and took a deep breath. “Dang it, Suki still in school, dang it!”
“Tell me why are we hiding from a shoe company?” Dalia questioned while looking at Jacklyn and Faith. They would not wake up; they still had their eyes closed.
“Everybody in this reality knows that MARKA used to be a shoe company, but now they’re terrorist. I guess your reality hasn’t figured it out yet,” Yuni answered. “It’s common knowledge for anybody who has a T.V, phone, or a computer.”
“What, but that’s impossible,” Dalia rebutted, “MARKA is a shoe company the last time I checked.”
“You’re from another reality like we just told you,” Rikku said.
“I don’t get what’s going on here! What’s with this reality and MARKA” Nothing made sense today to Dalia, and then she looked at her outfit to see it changed to something else, and that made her even more confused. Now it was simple flare jeans with a jean jacket over a white shirt. I don’t even own a freaking jean jacket, Dalia thought.
“Let me see.” One of the strangers, Yuni, grabbed onto Dalia’s hand.
“What are you doing?” Moments later, Yuni let go of her hand and stared at Rikku.
“Well, Dalia–”
“How do you know my name? Why haven’t you told me what’s going on here?” Everything was making Dalia scared, the things that were happening to her of all people.
“First, tell me why you have this?” She quickly grabbed a bag from Dalia’s pocket. Then Yuni opened it to see blackness inside it. “The Shade is inside, and it’s very toxic. It could affect anybody’s mind because this is the incomplete form of what we like to call Dust.”
“I don’t know what’s going on!” Dalia screamed. “And, I’ve never seen that in my life before. In fact I never owned this outfit! This is really confusing! What’s going on here?”
“First off, the reality thing since you seem quite eager to learn about the complex way our universe works,” Rikku responded. “Let’s see, whenever somebody makes a decision there are two or more answers to pick, so a reality is made for each of those choices. That’s the basic jist of it, and I don’t want to confuse you even more with telling you the not so simple version of it.”

Chapter Eight: Chains of Trust
“Where am I?” Rebecca questioned to nobody. And, of course, nothing answered but the cold wind. “The last thing I remember was jumping into a trash can…wait, why did my clothes change?” She looked down at her new outfit, baggy brown pants, grey shirt, and a red x on a shirt. Then she saw that Rein was awake and next to her. “Oh, it’s you again.”
“Do you know where we are?”
“No, I never seen this place in my life. Plus, did you even hear what I even said” In the corner of her eye, Rebecca saw something, red hair. “Kayla, is that you over there?” So, she stood up, and walked over to where she saw red hair.
“Are you sure that’s the best idea? You shouldn’t jump into situations without thinking first,” Rein asked.
“Shut up.” Rebecca then turned, she and saw Kayla on the ground with her red hair the only thing clean. “Oh my Gods, Kayla! Kayla!” She picked up her friend, but she would not move. “Crap, this is really bad! Of all times in the year it has to be now.” Then Rebecca noticed something weird with Kayla, and it was that Kayla was wearing a different outfit. It was a casual white sundress with a lot of dirt on it.
“What’s going on?”
“Gosh, just get out of my life already, Rein,” commanded Rebecca.
“She’s in a coma, isn’t she? Kayla must have accidentally hit her head during her seizures, or it could be caused by something like that. This is exactly like that time one year ago in your freshman class of Aabo High School, Rebecca.”
“How do you know that, Rein?”
“I have powers you know, being a Savior and all.”
“You’re a Savior, but I didn’t know Saviors could do that type of stuff” Rebecca’s eyes grew larger when she heard Rein say those words. Everybody wanted to be a Savior of Sanity and have the power of the Onyx Magic, but only a few selected people handpicked by the Onyx Gods of Jadezl were. “That’s awesome, you can like do a lot of stuff and save the realities from evil.”
“Well, too bad the Good is actually the evil in the world, yet I am stuck defending their idiotic viewpoints, immaturity, and actions,” Rein said. “The Dusk is also bad, using people just to become puppets of war against the Shade and Good.”
“What, but I don’t understand. If the Shade, Good, and Dusk are the bad things what is the good one?”
“The Shade, Lord Jadezl, he just wants to free people from the chains, but the Good, especially that Onyx God Mona, keeps feeding the world lies about the Shade and their intentions. The Good is making people think the Shade is like the Dusk.” Rein then sat down on the ground, so Rebecca did too. She was confused and becoming tired all of the sudden. Because of the things Rein was telling her, Rebecca did not know what to do. “And, I have something to tell you Rebecca, you’re one of the free. You’re a Creator of Insanity.”
“I don’t know what to do, Rein, or how you even know my name, but there just a promise that I made a while back to find this girl named Tara. Since I made that promise, I won’t succumb to the Shade like you have. Now I see you were lying to me about being one of the Saviors of all the realities.”
“Oh, Tara, I know somebody that meet her, and I might know where to find her. I also see that bitch told you about the realities, the truth.”
“Really, wow, this is…I don’t know.” Rebecca saw an image of Tara in her mind, her smile. And, years later after Rebecca promised Tara to find her, she still had not found a single clue until then. Right then, she noticed that Rein actually looked similar to Tara, but it was clear Rein was not her long lost friend.
“Easy, you just have to become part of the Shade, just like me.”

She entered some dream-like state and landed in some kind of castle. For some reason, she saw her other friends walking in the hallway. And, she heard a person with two voices, but Rebecca knew she heard one of the voices before. One of the voices seemed to be hers. Rebecca told herself that was nonsense; she told herself that she was not going to get possessed by anything.
Then Rebecca saw something else, herself, but it was creepy with the yellow eyes. Yellow eyes, that was the color of Rein’s eyes. She kept pushing the thought of possession out of her head.
“Rebecca…no, give her back, you monster!” a voice screamed. The voice was filled with the emotions of hate, anger, sadness, and fright, and Rebecca knew that scream from anywhere. It was Kayla’s. A feeling of uneasiness entered Rebecca’s mind after that.
"Do you think I’m that pathetic?" The person that spoke had two voices for some reason. Rebecca noticed one of the voices was her own.

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