Samsung Galaxy Mini Replicates The Galaxy S In A More Petite Body

Samsung Galaxy Mini Replicates The Galaxy S In A More Petite Body

The Samsung Galaxy Mini is a phone that is causing a lot of interest and buzz in the budget end of the mobile phone spectrum due to the fact that it is a phone that is going to handle a number of features, despite the presence in this segment that is known for being cost conscious. The Samsung Galaxy Mini manages to do this by introducing most of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S. Obviously, some of the features have been not included with a view of reducing the cost of the phone, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy Mini seems to be a replicate the Samsung Galaxy S.

The features of the Samsung Galaxy Mini will be starting with the 3.14 inch touch screen display. If you thought that getting a touch screen display in this segment is something to be cherished, then you will be left surprised by the capacitive technology that is also going to be present in this touch screen display. Normally, this is going to be present only in the high-end or even the mid-range of smartphones, but to the present in the budget end of the spectrum is really the amazing aspect of the phone. It will make the phone recognise multiple touches, which is something that not many phones in the segment can claim to be offering. This is a significant advantage over the competition and the gap between the rivals only deepens when they take a look at the other features of the phone.

It will be using the latest TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, which means that you will be having a very good interface for operating the Android operating system present in the phone. The major reason for including this highly productive operating system, which has so far been seen only in the high-end mobile phones is due to the powerful processor that is present in it. It will be capable of running the Android operating system quite brilliantly due to the fact that it matches up with the various requirements of the operating system. Further, it is capable of doing this due to the presence of decent amounts of RAM in the phone. Apart from providing memory for the RAM purposes, Samsung seems to have also provided the Samsung Galaxy Mini with sufficient amount of internal and external memory.

The internal memory will be 160 MB, while the external memory will be 2 GB, although it’s not the platform that can be included into the Samsung Galaxy Mini. This will be able to support up to 32 GB, which shows the amount of features present in this phone. The inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy Mini’s 3.15 megapixel camera is something that will also enable the phone to take photos as well. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is a phone that was made available in the UK market only a few weeks ago and it is available in contract options that start at around 10 per month, which makes it extremely attractive.

When searching for Samsung Galaxy Mini deals online you can save a great deal of money by doing a comparison. In this manner you can also find a great deal for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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