Rubber Soles And Transparent Formula And Technology Of Production – Footwear, Rubber, Beef Tendon –

Rubber Soles And Transparent Formula And Technology Of Production – Footwear, Rubber, Beef Tendon –
Transparent rubber into two kinds, one is semi-transparent rubber, custom tendon end of the city. The other is pure and transparent rubber, commonly known as glass, plastic. Today we mainly discuss the formula and process translucent rubber.

Country’s factories produce tendon in the end, but really to operate strictly in accordance with the process, to achieve the theoretical value of the formula to set a handful. One reason is that in order to save costs, and second, the formal process in the end do not know how to do. Most others are copied, as long as the color can be close to, can be translucent enough.

Today speak of a theoretical formula can be set up formula and process, based on this framework, you can create up to international advanced level around the year 2000 on the physical properties of the standard. Production can be achieved while products such as NIKE and the ADI standard. Why not meet latest international standards, it is due to material limitations and our ideas.

1. Material Material effect on the properties is very important. China’s current development of rubber materials is very large. Basically common materials can reach 90 years of international level. However, the quality of materials of different manufacturers vary significantly. If you are using the white carbon black, and some to 6,000 yuan a ton, and some only 3000. If you want a good product properties, select the genuine product manufacturer. What impressed me most was when originally I was foreign and detector tests Shoe Washing experiments, must use an American brand of washing powder to test. And ten years are so. China’s detergent quality not good? No, but a pursuit of stability. Raw materials, you may spend more money, but abnormal decrease in production, reduce defects, is the equivalent of saving. General plant production is often abnormal in solving mind spent the most, and most bothers. We should not sleep all night the night to deal with problems.

2. Formula China’s shoe rubber factory sorely lacking what? Technology! We all should feel the same, in order to find a good teacher, ask people for a good recipe, should spend big money! Please do not come to a full-time, part-time, please. Raw materials, technical guidance for traders, but also spend money on raw materials suppliers and so on.

Good RB formula must meet three basic requirements: property, cost and processing of the three best balance. Shall be subject to multiple selection and production test by the formula to determine the composition of the final.

Formulation is a very complex task, the design formulas need to request a reasonable indicator of the physical properties of rubber and with the choice of the main agents, and to ask the designer about various operating characteristics of the machine, the integrated consideration while also need to consider environmental and other factors. At present, China’s overall technological level of formulation to be 30-40 years behind the international level. Because the liberation of our technology industry is blank, liberation has suffered during the Cultural Revolution and so on, until we go back and discover, has been behind too much.

Now we talk about the specific composition of tendon rubber formulation
1. The main glue Should be normal with NR or natural rubber with styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber IR system, based on butadiene rubber-based system. At present, most of the factories are also used for natural and styrene butadiene rubber-based system, because the BR in the 60 years before the international production, the Chinese 67 years to start production, and this time was during the Cultural Revolution, China’s technology was a disaster. No one to study the use of these new materials. A lot of shoe rubber factory in the early held that only state-owned factory masters to spread out to several recipes, that you would follow suit. Real technology development is foreign investment in China, the outflow of foreign capital has created the technology in China shoe technology. Therefore, China’s system Shoes Should be grateful to foreign investment.

Here is a simple formula with the example of the main rubber

NR / IR 20-30 international standard use of rubber in Malaysia. Most domestic use 3L standard plastic.

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