Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Best Buy Asia president and chief operating officer Yang Ming does not want to be a crazy challenger, but want to be a sharer.

Ming Yang was managing a consumer electronics retail store, yes, the whole of China is only so one. Precisely, as Best Buy president and COO of Asia Pacific Ming Yang was in the entire Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) is also simply for this one just opened shop in 9 months.

However, this store is just like a sword of Damocles has been hanging in the Gome and Suning, and other Chinese home appliance retail giant heart. Although it is not Best Buy will give the local snakes are a real threat? That two local companies in mainland China, the number of stores are Best Buy’s 650 times and 410 times, but Yang Ming does not appear to be very anxious. Best Buy global experience and strong financial strength put in there? In fact, elements from his daily work can be seen, Yang does not want a crazy challenger but want to be a sharer. Every day he patiently accumulated experience in China in 2008 to open 8-10 new stores for the preparations.

Ming Yang was not much rest time every day, 40 years, slept 4-5 hours a day. He laughs, this is young love to play, do not want to sleep habit.

I do not think the pressure of the General Assembly, I am used to a few people who do the work. In the past, I left a company’s position, the general back to 4-5 to share my personal work. My approach is to change an opinion, not into a dead end.

Have time I will read most books is very professional, for example, and market research-related, industry books and so on.

Yang, who now oversees Best Buy’s three business units in China (Global Sourcing, Five Star, Best Buy), the three business units need to be managed separately from him, each department has different levels of the session to be open, so the meeting occupies the main part of his daily work.

My daily 8:30 to companies to deal with the United States sent an e-mail at night. Session from 9 o’clock in the morning will usually have two, at noon I tried to lunch in 10 minutes to solve, and then went to work at one o’clock the meeting begins, there will be two. We have retail, human resources, finance, business development and other team needs me to time reasonably spent on each sector. Many things are fixed type, such as business development meeting two weeks time, there are many contracts to be approved retail work is not very compelling, there are a lot of little content in it.

I believe the significance of each will have it in there. Arrival, will be where I can from each lot to learn. We do not just report numbers simple, we will be involved in different areas each week, such as IT, home audio-visual sector, and will have a more detailed report.

My daily working hours generally difficult to determine. In fact, Best Buy employees of each company’s sense of belonging are very heavy, most of the time employees spend at work more than at home. We each had one large meeting, and hope my colleagues in easy circumstances leave the company. Under normal circumstances we find a place exchange. May be a team knocked off around 6:30 we will eat together in the office next to, two or three times a week, which is team building. Recently, many multinational brands is China’s CEOs substitutions, and we will take the time to new people to conclude, like Best Buy in the past and how their business is done, so he told us and his products a better position to understand. Conversely, we also want them feedback, such as what new products and so on.

In the past five months, I have seen several brands of the CEO, they were the first time the first company in China.

Yang Ming hope he can get in for a meeting I spend more time in stores. In addition to buying shares on business visits to Nanjing, Best Five Star’s stores outside the

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