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raw heat

i am tall , dark & not so hansom ,,,,,hi as you probably know my names michael mcgregor (infinityplusone). i have for sometime now , been trying to get my infinity plus one out to the public , but there has been a few unseen hurdels that i have/must get over. i have been told that i would be knighted (dreaming , but a nice dream) for what i am about to explain , but unfortunately for me there are people who are totally against its release . now understand fully that infinity plus one is not just a mathematical solution but the answer to ”THE BIRTH OF THE UNIVERSE” . many/most/all religions are against its publication because it disproves GOD (if you think of the possibilities of a GOD then they are infinitly against), it means the bible is inpart lies with an unhappy ending (its not so much the religion , it is the type of people that has been woven into the fabric’s of some religion’s that makes my shudder to the bone) .infinity plus one / birth of the universe , i have known since i was 10yrs old , a time in my life that unbeknowen to me so much had happen’d . that’s how long i have been telling people . one of the most complex things about what i am about to say/explain , is the only person that’s meant to explain this is someone ”specail himself”. the main reason for me going to such lengths to get this out is to see my children(alex , tom). i could go into it but it would in itself get complex , let’s just say we are not all equal . now my (ipo) infinity plus one is based entirely on fact & possibility’s . so what i came to know is , at some stage ‘regardless’ there was NOTHING & something had to of come from nothing to make a beginning . after all time is a measurement & you need something to exist in order to measure it. so my job was to think of all possibility’s , without exception (everything). so all i had to do was a process of elimination , i broke it down to two choices POSSIBLE or IMPOSSIBLE (it sound’s in a way ‘as simple as that’ but when you combine it with every possible thing you can reach a very high number). it sounds like an almost impossible task but that’s what i done , i thought of everything & at the end there was only one thing possible, ‘highly improbable’ , but the only possible answer, & in that sense it was simple to work out , being the ONLY possible answer , ment the ONLY possibility. to give you a few examples= was it a chair , no because someone would have to exist in order for the chair to be made . was it GOD = no because something would have to exist in order for god to be made , did god suddenly just appear = no because what did he appear from . the only ‘possible answer’ is that the ‘smallest possible thing’ (microscopic) appears for the ‘shortest possible time ‘(Milli second).i am talking about a piece of time that’s so quick that you can not measure it without the aid of a computer & a size that small that you would need the best microscope to see . a freak of nature , with possibility at its limits. but still the ONLY possibility (the only possible answer = the answer). so you have this endless vacum void with nothing ,then this smallest/quickest speck of dust existing for the smallest amount of time possible . i know that the odds of this happening are huge (billions to one) but still the only possible answer .you might at this point think ‘ok then , s o what if it does’ . well a lot really . this meen’s that there was never infinity untill infinity plis one happen’d , because with these specks appearing for the shortest time , in their own right , they where their own infinities , time & time again . not only that but it makes it totaly possible for othere universes to exist out with our knowen universe’s , because for our infinity plus one to happen in an infinit void does not meen it was the first to happen in a infinit void ,there could be universes way in advance of our’s (in any concevible direction) because as i will come to explain , if you can get one from nothing , then you can get infinity from one(infinity X nothing = nothing) , because once you have come to accept this then what else is to be explained is simple to understand . so you have once again got this microscopic dust suddenly appearing for the shortest moment happening every so often through out the entire universe . well there was infinity of nothing & if you mix infinity with odds possibly in excess of a billion to one then , not only do you get a certainty of it happening , but you get the certainty of it happening again & again . until one time you get two of these specks happening at the exact same time & space (infinity plus one) now that’s the beginning of time , because if you get two anythings occupying the exact time & space only one thing WILL happen ”BANG” (explosion) . what will happen is tiny debris will be created from the BANG & they will be PERMANENT (the first thing to exist) & the chances that it will happen will be greatly increased.because when they become permanent they will be there for the next tiny speck to appear briefly for the shortest , quickest time & if it appears on/in something permanent then again you get anothere ”bang” & the chances of it happening again are yet again greatly increased & so on untill you have a near infinit number of these carbon debries . all within reach of each othere now this is where you need to use some imagination because the way i see it is , when i look at the shape of any world/plannet it is round with out exeption , so i am geussing that all the carbon debries would have gathered in a spherical shape and bound tighter and tighter each time gathering heat (remember a diamond is carbon) and the first plannet was created , then the plannet would at some stage expand then implode with age (the first big bang) it will in it’s self be an end but within it’s possibilitys become part of what we will come to know as the beggining of what we know today ‘ EARTH ‘ . now it might not seem that impressive to you but lets look at the statistics , &;may be they shine a different light on whats been going on & . the debris from the bang is not a given amount , what i meen by this is after the first little bang their was not a set number of debrie, but we can for certain say it is at the very least ONE (1) & that’s a fact (it must be at the very very least one). so we have got one (1) from nothing (0) because before the bang there was nothing (0) & after the bang we have at the very least one(1). before the bang there was an infinite time of nothing because if you add up infinite/infinity x nothing (0) = nothing (0) , it is as simple as that , any number x 0 = 0 so infinity x 0 = 0 yet i have proved infinity plus one (1) from nothing (0) (ipo) = infinity plus one because infinity X one (1) = INFINITY but getting one (1) from nothing THAT’S INFINITY PLUS ONE (INFINITY X 0 = 0 yet i have proved 1 = infinity plus 1 & . now if you think of the last number of infinity , its impossible you cant . so in doing so i have proved the impossible to be possible , with infinity plus one .because infinity x 0 = 0 yet i have got plus 1 that’s infinity+1 a number bigger than infinity = PROOF OF THE IMPOSSIBLE , making the impossible possible with infinity+1. in a way i find it funny because man/human kind has been saying it to each othere for a very long time (genneration’s) because if you think of it , when you ever hear someone saying ”’ YOUR MAKEING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING”’ that is in effect infinity plus one , because you can say the word ‘something’ is not a number but the word ‘something’ is , if you think of it at the very least 1 . you have got 1 from 0 , infinity X nothing (0) = nothing (0) yet you have got 1 , thats infinity + 1 (the answer to everything and what’s to come)

I’m Male and Single.

edinburgh, brittain

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infinity plus one

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