Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Effective time management today often means having everything planned out in a rigid and detailed schedule. There’s the daily schedule, the weekly schedule, the monthly schedule, and the 5 to 10 year plans. When you have these, people say you are a good time manager. They call it good time stewardship.

People handling enormous tasks are all the more expected to have effective time management. Especially people who own or operate big companies. But no matter how big and global the company is, it is no match to the task that Jesus Christ had in his day: saving all mankind. And “mankind” since the day of creation to this day can number any billions of people. Jesus must have had an effective time management. He finished the task successfully, having its impact felt powerfully even today after some 2000 years hence. What was his time stewardship style?

Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Jesus introduced a lot of radical reversals that orthodox management practices in known organizations today would definitely reject. Assigned with the gargantuan task of saving the whole world, how did he manage his time? What were his priorities, given a limited 3-year initial soft launch to set the whole enterprise in full swing operation after?

Radical Jesus Teaching Secret: Just Meditate God

If we were given that big task of saving the world, what would be our priority? Probably, planning. We would have planned our schedules and action strategies pronto, like adroit corporate planners would today. In fact, that’s what churches do today. We would have lots of closed door meetings. But Jesus went out to remote places alone and meditated, not his own plans, but God’s plans. According to him, he never made his own plans at all. He just sought his Father’s plans and implemented them.

To Jesus, effective time management is spending lengths of time meditating God, getting action plans straight from him, and implementing those alone. One may probably argue that radical Jesus teachings on effective time management apply only to church ministries and not to daily life, especially corporate life. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. The fact is, many church ministries don’t believe this. They, like secular organizations, have the proclivity to plan their own from start to finish. The only difference perhaps is that they pray for their plans.

World empires have come and gone and doubtless they were all built by man’s plans and effective time management. Yet none had the endurance and stability that the Jesus enterprise, which was started and sustained by radical Jesus teachings, has. And the key secret to this was doing nothing except what God instructed.

A Timeless and Powerful Management Principle No One wants

Most people would rather confine radical Jesus teachings, like those on stewardship of time, to religious and spiritual matters. They don’t realize, these principles are boundless. They encompass all things in this world. But they’re so extremely radical, no one wants to try them seriously, not even the church at large. Though most people would readily give their nod to the idea that radical Jesus teachings are what wisdom is all about.

If you want success in time management that lasts long, check out Jesus’ style.

Juancho S. Gaerlan, aside from being a diet and fitness article expert, is an authority on modern radical Christology. He has written 7 hard-copy inspirational books on the subject and contributes literature on spiritual radicalism at http://whatjesussays.webs.com on a regular basis.