Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

“left the scrap business for appliances will flow Where? “Many are prepared to participate in

TM to

Activities of consumers questioned whether these waste appliances to be refurbished, or after being assembled into the market again?

Movement of waste household appliances arouses concern

Every city in Beijing, are scattered with some second-hand market, many of whom are a large number of second-hand home appliances, some from the outer look also belongs to new products, some vendors clearly told reporters that the surface appears to be new appliances, all through the assembly and refurbishment, the replacement for a shell


. Used appliances used for assembly of diverse origin, of which there are some from various supermarkets and other activities in the host after the TM to be discarded appliances cheap home appliances for sale to professional waste recycling company. Some vendors are purchased from recycling companies, after they discarded appliances during dismantling and assembling, but also continue to use the scrap parts for assembly of new products, and some parts have been damaged part was sold to other


Waste recycling vendors, can not use the sales value does not directly abandon. Direct disposal of these waste components directly on the local soil and water caused great destruction, there is information, each


Machine or computer monitors containing cathode ray tube an average of 4-8 pounds of lead. Once the lead contaminated soil would be a serious water will eventually harm humans, plants and microorganisms, but also on children’s brain development has a dramatic effect. An old


The cadmium batteries can be pollution, 60,000 liters of water, the water can be filled with three standard swimming pool. In a well-known e-waste recycling to


Guiyu, many migrant workers so infected with respiratory diseases, skin ulcers, while the other is a common disease, kidney stones.

Although various documents issued by several countries and by helping and supporting the formal policy of waste home appliances recycling, little is still effective, in April 2007, the government approved waste disposal unit of China Star Appliance Recycling Group

Environmental protection

Industrial Development Company Limited (commenced operations. In 2008, Beijing’s first focus on e-waste and waste sorting center appliance Han Jiachuan, Haidian District, was built and put into use. But recovered in the small traders under the impact of high prices, China Star green living have a great impact on the large, China Star, a green marketing department in an interview, Mr. Court said that the dismantling of many small and medium business, driven by the interests may also be used home appliances recycling of scrap sales, and the present state no sound legal provisions to provide for the quality standard system used home appliances, consumer interests will eventually be damaged. He suggested that environmental protection for the Chinese star to be a large recycling company preferential policies and support, while not included in the waste Appliance Recycling Directory of Company shall be resolutely banned, to prevent the waste from the source appliance re-enter the market.

Similarly, as the nation’s largest home appliance retailer Gome has maintained that all countries should strengthen the control of waste home appliances recycling


Bringing home appliances division director Wangjia Sen said in an interview, in order to protect the ultimate interests of consumers, hoping that the recovery of waste household appliances dismantling by the professional bodies to be destroyed from the physical point of view. Wangjia Sen said, there are some small recyclers regardless of social responsibility, recycling of waste will be re-assembled into the appliance market, these second-hand home appliances can not guarantee security issues may also arise on the ongoing impact of home appliances to the countryside. Wangjia Sen told reporters that the current recovery of our country may be close to 90 million household appliances, these appliances once again assembled through illegal channels into the market, its low price is likely to become very popular in the 23 markets, many rural consumers drive the price to buy These products not only affect the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, rural consumers will give a tremendous security risk.

Environmental protection into focus again

Enterprises should take social responsibility, consumers should be made on the environmental movement. China Star Marketing Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. Yuan also said that countries need to be a lot of publicity on recycling, waste electrical consumers about recycling in the small traders after being possible consequences on the environment. Experts have pointed out, currently the majority of consumers still very backward notion of environmental protection, many consumers in the waste disposal or household appliances driven by interests, often hundreds of dollars for the sake of the interests of waste household appliances will be sold to small traders, while the Experts also pointed out that large-scale professional recycling companies should not be at home waiting for a large number of discarded home appliances, small traders should learn, go to communities for recycling, environmental awareness at the same time convey to the minds of consumers to go for more, the only way to gradually solve the problems behind the public awareness of environmental protection.

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