People grow older and carry their past with them. I am glad my memory is bad… Today I’m a busy person. I wish I had some time to myself. I am not complaining, I have managed ok, got a job, a house, a car, a computer, an ipad, and all sort of modern toys. I waste more time in traffic queues and with people I can’t stand than I would like to admit. I keep promising myself to change all this someday … I am still such a pretty woman, with myopic big eyes, curly grey hair and tight jeans. I surely deserve it.

I live in a messy home, with lots of dust lying in every corner, books and newspapers pilling up almost up to the ceiling, clothes waiting to be washed and ironed, and lots of decorating ideas waiting to be put in place. Someday I will be organized, or leave this place I don’t want to call home.

This is my Present.

Posted by ٭ Regiina ٭ on 2011-03-02 19:47:15

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