Posted A New Car Less Than 70% Shade Sad Film Transparency Annual – Shading Film, Foil – Automotive

Posted A New Car Less Than 70% Shade Sad Film Transparency Annual – Shading Film, Foil – Automotive
Temperature rising, summer is approaching, 51 before the holiday just bought a new car is ready to find Ms. Rui Auto Beauty Shop paste shade film, saying her boyfriend, so she “paused”: “not on the cards before the foil, then, to the Vehicle Administration or by the traffic police tear, otherwise they can not take pictures, not to the card.” Not on a layer shading film can also get in the way? reporters yesterday Miss consulted for Rui Car Professionals and Vehicle Administration department, seemingly simple foil, in fact, many “good.”

Lesson: there really posted to the tear film

Is a painful lesson earlier, Ms. Rui Wang boyfriend was issued a “warning” of. This reporter learned that, just half a month ago, Mr. Wang Daming the new car out the road 4S shop, unbearable excitement, taking advantage of happy hammer, the nearest to a friend opened the car beauty shops posted a film, until the temporary card will soon expire, only to remember the license plate, “the result being torn up.”

He told reporters: “the morning rain, Vehicle Not many people, I am happy ah, no long row of the team, put procedures nearly all gone, Delivery, license hand, the results be photographed staff stuck. said Solar Films must be tearing off the car to take pictures. My God! spent more than 1000 pieces posted a good film, ah, crashed, the torn one of the pretexts, notes on the so failed to be implemented. “

Rights: Strange 4S shop not alerted to the claim Wang Rights

strong sense, a moment of anger, he thought he was mentioned in the car 4S shop, it did not remind him not on the cards before the foil, “it told me that the temperature is high, the examination should be done beauty ah ah, the best have done. “

Came out from the Vehicle Administration, Mr. Wang went straight drive 4S shops, some negotiations with the manager on duty, to demand compensation for the loss, manager wronged: “Before such a thing was not there Yeah, not that one layer sun film it? “

Wang consumed an afternoon in the store, “I have been loud with their theory on, we are not getting to speak on the polite and restrained manner”, and finally, 4S stores agreed to send half a year Car wash Coupons.

Reporters yesterday, the store’s connection Sell Staff, received message is, “do not know specifically what, but we’ve received the request, all clients now provide a new car, do not have to remind the card before the foil.”

Vehicle Administration: “attached to low transparency of no”

Given the lessons of her boyfriend, Ms. Rui two days to drive everywhere, the sunny dizziness, also did not shore up to the foil, “and so be free next week, hurried to complete a license paste.” But, really can not on the card foil? With Miss Stapleton questions, the reporter yesterday, specifically to the Vehicle Administration license points on the staff of consulting, they did not find the tear film who was on duty, but also by Morning News reporter De Caifang, reminding more and more new car owners, “Can a new car after the foil on the card, depending on the shading film paste can achieve the required standards, transparency film less than 70% , certainly not. “

According to past experience, “the gentleman’s car was torn membrane, the membrane should be posted does not meet standards, to avoid dangerous driving, then ask the first official on the card and then tear film.” Clear that the other : “Brand new cars in the front, can foil, but the transparency and low, can not pass.” several laboratory-old police, particularly the proposed new owners who want to better understand what the relevant laws and regulations, “promulgated in 2004 GB7258 -2,004 “motor vehicle safety technology operating conditions” have clearly stipulates: ‘Vehicle cab must ensure that the driver’s front view and side view, front windshield and windscreen glass for the driver as other parts of the visible area transmittance does not allow less than 70%. All the windows mirror reflective glass shade film does not allow posting. ‘”

Which mirror reflective shading film, refers to those posted after the car windows like a mirror to the film, “in the street point of view, who can see the silhouette of the sun illuminate the film, is certainly not to cross the border, were traffic police found that he could be ordered to tear off the spot. “

Accident: a related film, but can also lead to murder

Why the requirements of a film, but also so harsh? Traffic police accident unit police, said the evening last summer, following a car accident near relations, knocked the woman multiple fractures, the investigation found that “the accident of a new car only posted half of the membrane, however, when the sky fades, the owner in turn, did not see the woman behind the bike crossing the road, because the optical transmittance, very low impact on his observation Rearview mirror Line of sight, and so on to him, and the brakes too late. “

Car now more and more hot days, combined with the coming “foil” The tide of the accident police warned: “sunstroke, to foil car is a must, but pay attention to errors, not to say that film the deeper the color to UV, in fact, that seems transparent, the effect of UV is also very good. The key is the owner in choosing films, do not plan a little discount, but a clear and reliable quality film, visible light transmittance higher, not less than 70%. “

Otherwise, the very likely outcome is, “Even after the paste on the card, and you drive at night and on rainy days when the sight is not a bad accident, to the annual inspection when the traffic police will also consider your future security, help you put off the film, however, a clean tear. ”

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