Portable Chicken Coops – Great Options For The Urban Chicken Keeper

Portable Chicken Coops – Great Options For The Urban Chicken Keeper
Portable chicken coops are popular options for the small flock owner. Traditional chicken coops are fixed. Once constructed, the owners mean for the coop to stay in one spot. For larger flocks, this is the most sensible solutions. Today, many people that own chickens do not have a large flock. They may keep a few for eggs and the occasional Sunday dinner. When they have a small space, some choose to use a portable option. Portable coops provide enough space for your chickens while also helping with cleaning and maintenance chores.

What makes portable chicken coops different from traditional ones? Portable coops allow the owner to move the structure around the yard. Portable coops are usually a single structure instead of many. Most traditional fixed coops have a foundation and attached pen. It is difficult to lift and move about. The portable type usually has the pen and brooding space all in one contained unit. With a bit of help, the owner can move the coop around with ease. These portable options usually provide easy access for cleaning and getting to eggs. In most other ways, these portable coops have the same elements as their traditional counterparts.

When should you choose portable chicken coops over fixed ones? The decision is really a personal one. There are a few things to consider however. If you live in an urban area, you likely have a smaller flock than someone living in a rural area. Many of these portable coops allow room for a limited number of birds. Some give shelter to three hens while others can handle up to seven. A larger number of birds make a larger coop non-portable. If you do not want to dedicate a corner of your yard to a permanent coop, then a portable one makes sense.

Portable chicken coops provide the same amenities as traditional ones. They have a run area when the chickens need out and about. They provide shelter for the night and for brooding eggs. You will need to put in a feeder and watering system to keep the chickens healthy and happy. Many of the designs provide for predator protection as well as shady and sunny spots. All of these come with the portable design. You can move the coop around to keep the grass healthy while keeping the chickens healthy at the same time. Those are just a few reasons to consider a portable coop.

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