Pond Aeration Systems – Solutions For Your Urban Backyard Habitat

Pond Aeration Systems – Solutions For Your Urban Backyard Habitat

A container of water left undisturbed will quickly become stagnant and cloudy. This is easily demonstrated when pools of water are allowed to sit during the summer months. Mosquitoes and other pests will find the stale water a nice breeding environment and it will eventually get murky and smell. If the water is aerated, the smell and cloudiness will quickly clear. This is due to the increased presence of dissolved oxygen, which oxidizes organics and provides a more desirable environment for fish.

Anyone involved in aquaculture professionally or even as a hobby knows the importance of aeration. Pond aeration systems for your backyard pond are available in electric and solar. Many ponds also incorporate waterfalls and fountains, which aid in introducing dissolved oxygen into the water. A wide variety of wind-powered aerators are also available in many different compressor styles from piston to diaphragm and bellows.

Most of these aeration systems, however, are only suitable for larger ponds that wouldn’t be considered the “backyard” variety. Aire Dynamics currently offers a colorful backyard garden pond aerator that blends nicely with the garden scape. The system is very functional and can pump up to 0.75 cubic feet of air per minute. This will maintain the cycle of eliminating organics and odors. It will also help sustain an even temperature throughout your pond. This is very important during the hot summer months when the water can become stratified and less capable of retaining dissolved oxygen.

Pond aeration is not only required to maintain a healthy environment and healthy fish, it’s now functional and with the introduction of the new Garden Aerator from Aire Dynamics, it’s also trendy, cool and GREEN!! Running a wind-powered system saves on utility bills and won’t freeze up during the sub-zero winter months. They are virtually maintenance free and will offer years of reliable service to your backyard habitat.

Furthermore, pond aeration systems from Aire Dynamics (http://www.aire-dynamics.com) keep a portion of your pond ice free in the winter months. Paying thousands of dollars for Koi and other garden pond fish only to lose them to winter kill is an expensive lesson in the importance of aeration.