Please Stand By

Please Stand By

In the early days of TV, if there was a problem with the broadcast, someone would hold a large card in front of the camera that would say something like "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please Stand By" That is what I am doing today

The motherboard on my 5 year old home built computer went bad. I don’t have the money for another computer, so I have to replace the Motherboard. and of course, I have to upgrade the CPU, memory, video and power supply to work with a modern motherboard. And then, I’ll have to reinstall Windows.

It’s times like these I realize how much of a flickr addiction I have. In the mean time, I’ve had to dust off a 9 year old laptop to keep up with everything. I just hope I can get everything up and running before I run out of room on my camera’s memory card.

Hello to anyone who found this photo here:…
GemStone 101: Managing Out of Memory Situations

Posted by (aka Brent) on 2008-06-24 19:21:39

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