PC case/fan mod (my trashy-redneck tower)

PC case/fan mod (my trashy-redneck tower)

I seem to have lost the metal case side to this PC case, but had this [much older] plastic tower case going out to the trash and thought I’d retrofit it to cover the exposed innards. Works just fine for now; eventually I’ll find the proper siding and cut the fan holes in that. I have also measured out a vent hole in the top of the case.

I couldn’t find the front of this case either, so the HDD/Power LEDs and the reset/power buttons are from a different computer case all-together. You can see them kind of hanging down to the floor. :oP

Honestly, I like the trashy ‘hack look’ this on this case, with a lot of the bare case exposed.. My previous case sported a sweet "hanging fan mod" to push air to the CPU and RAM, but left the innards too exposed. See here: flickr.com/photos/jpl3k/1984471884/

Posted by Jpl3k – Jipple28 on 2008-11-03 14:41:10

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