PC Autopsy – Somewhere Deep Inside

PC Autopsy - Somewhere Deep Inside

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…Having some minimal experience of working with laptops, I know that one of the most serious problems they may have is overheating, which is usually caused by the dust that builds up around the fan – which, apart from the aluminium plates designed to absorb heat, is the only cooling device for the entire machine. I figured out that most apparently, this was just the problem my PC had.

So, I got out some numbered plastic bags for the screws, downloaded a sheme for the laptop and started disassembling it. To tell the truth, this laptop wasn’t made for non-professional maintenance, believe me. Most VAIOs, or at least, an older model I previously owned had a very comfortable access both to the motherboard and the fan from the bottom of the computer – unscrewing a panel was enough. Over here, to get the the CPU fan, I had to take off everything – and by everything I do mean EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF HARDWARE – including the motherboard.

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Posted by Unknown-Artist on 2008-02-06 22:36:39

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