Pasay City, A Key Urban Centre

Pasay City, A Key Urban Centre
Pasay City is one of the significant municipalities in the Philippine capital Manila. It is a thriving urban centre with key features of interest. The district has the distinction of having been one of the four original towns that formed Metro Manila; due to its strategic location in proximity to Manila, it soon became an important urban centre at the time of the American Period, a significant time in Philippine history. Today Pasay City is a fascinating locale to visit, with many interesting attractions.
There are many explanations with regard to the creation of the name of the locality. According to one story, the name developed from the broken-hearted wail of an unfortunate lover. The story goes that Paz and Jose were in love and wished to spend the rest of their lives with each other. However Joses father was only a tenant on the estate of Pazs father, and Jose was compelled to stop meeting his lover. Paz, in unbearable distress, died. After her funeral Jose in anguish tunnelled a passage into his lovers grave and died with the despairing cry Paz-ay. It is said that Pazs parents in regret and sorrow named their estate Paz-ay, which became changed over the years to Pasay.
Today Pasay is noted for its urban and commercial establishments. It is a venue of choice for art enthusiasts as it contains such renowned venues as the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, as well as other museums and art establishments such as the Metropolitan Museum, Folk Arts Theatre, Design Centre of the Philippines and the Manila Film Centre. The young at heart and the small fry will be delighted by exciting amusement parks like Boom na Boom and Star City. There are also many shopping opportunities and excellent restaurants in the area.
It is also noteworthy that Pasay City is the location of numerous government offices making it a locale of significance. The Philippine National Bank headquarters, the Senate of the Philippines and the Department of Foreign Affairs are all located here. There is no doubt that today Pasay City is one of Manilas foremost urban centres.
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