Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

After 20 years of development, security industry in China has gradually climate, security products are increasingly favored by the consumers. But the market brought hot product quality and price can not be ignored such issues as lack of transparency, there is a lot of shoddy security products and prices are not standardized, harm the interests of consumers, but also caused confusion in the market throughout the security industry. With the new security site consumption patterns appear to facilitate the installation of optional equipment is expected to become the development trend of the form.

Prices on consumer confidence and transparent development of the industry are adverse

Security products with our residents the attention, there is also booming security market situation, many of the growing emergence of security equipment, in addition to some common security monitoring equipment, has emerged this year “image police”, smart security and other advanced Security devices to provide a lot of choice, to some extent contributed to social security. However, the market hot and growing consumer population, so many illegal businesses shoddy, disorder reported price, seriously damaged the interests of consumers. In addition, the historical causes for price protection and price opaque industry, also makes security equipment Beishou “profiteering” of the question, the development of the security equipment industry is extremely negative.

“I spent more than two thousand dollars bought a infrared network cameras, to six months, but useless equipment was a problem, often for no reason does not display, look for the merchant to exchange, recognize each other Jingbu asserted that I had broken. “Wang complained that:” The original is used to protect their stuff, only to become the furnishings, very angry. “

And Wang’s experience different, Mr. Liu is profiteering on the price of security products full of doubt, the original, in October this year, Mr. Liu contacted the family to do a specialized security company, to buy a new house install security equipment, but equipment price and decoration prices Querang Liu obsessed, “I later learned through a friend, can go online check the price, the results found on-line products, price of equipment than we spend double the price.”

China-related monitoring equipment for the center said, and now the market is indeed filled with many security defects, but also because the traditional security industry, the price of non-transparent, difficult to determine the consumer price level, seriously disrupting the market order, but also allows consumers hurt. The person in charge to remind you: buy security products, be sure to look for the brand, in some of the larger shopping centers are qualified to buy.

Optional equipment to facilitate the installation of home security will become the market trend

In security products, home security products, increasing the proportion of consumption, this modern family life and property safety awareness of the close relationship. In particular, modern home, common for the elderly and children to stay home the majority, therefore, many families will buy security products, which is in recent years, the reasons for the family popular security products, while the market-level security equipment Querang missing buyers not safe to use.

“Security products itself with some mystery, combined with an electronic device, buyers need to have some expertise, so a lot of unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of opportunities for fraud or profiteering.” Monitoring equipment center in China The researchers explained: “The proposed purchase before consumers, via the Web and other media, a better understanding of the knowledge of some security equipment, in fact, a lot of security equipment mall sites offer a number of reference prices and the knowledge to break the traditional price protection and huge profits, has brought benefits to consumers, but also the development of the industry to provide a reference. “

With modern technology, innovative applications using the Internet, more and more consumers can choose to install equipment to achieve. It is understood that the system of modern security equipment has become more concise and convenient, consumers can through a number of professional websites and professional guidance to get equipment installed, which according to their choice security equipment at the same time, the website provides price transparency platform, also fully meet the consumer demand for self-control installation costs.

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