Operational Transparency in BPO

Operational Transparency in BPO

Operational transparency in BPO companies is a professional necessity. Clients that call centers work with are located thousands of miles away, across oceans and continents. It is primarily on the strength of reports and progress charts that such business partnerships work. When the clients are in the dark about the progress in the telemarketing projects, they feel a growing sense of uneasiness. Call centers may be proceeding in the right direction. But the clients would want an update regularly. Premiere telemarketing services firms always make it a point to provide clients with the necessary information. Operational transparency is needed for the mutual growth and trust. Let us take a closer look at the different ways in which operational transparency can be maintained.


The best way to keep your clients in the loop is to have online reports. Call center services need several reports generated on a daily basis. Every department of the call center, be it lead generation, Market Research customer service or telemarketing, come up with reports of progress. These reports are important for the supervisor or the manager of the BPO team. Clients generally don’t like to get into the micro details of the project. They want to get a bird’s eye view of the progress. It is the duty of the managers to assimilate these reports into a single one which gives off the picture clearly. Keeping these reports web-enabled allows the clients to take a look at them any time they want. Time zones may prevent the call center managers from being physically present to pass on reports to the clients. Web-enabled reports solve this problem.


The next way to keep operational transparency is record the calls at the customer service desk. When you record calls, you can use it for two functions. The inbound call center team can be trained in ways of telemarketing by listening to the calls. You can always pick up the failed calls and analyze what went wrong. Similarly, you can also learn lessons in telemarketing services from the more successful cold calling calls. You can also share these recordings with the clients should they want. You can send them sample calls or scratches of conversation. They can have a fair idea about your call center services and the quality of your work. You can always ask the clients for feedback and encourage them to chip in with their suggestions.


Data security is one of the major factors to maintain operational transparency. Clients share their classified data with their BPO partners on the conditions of confidentiality. Customer support agents have to be particular about the use of this data. Operational transparency would mean that they are making the clients aware of what kind of data they are using and how. Clients must know that there is a proper data security option in place to counter leaks and misuse of data. Because of operational transparencies, clients can step in with their suggestions whenever they wish to. They can provide their opinions and feedback to their call center partner. Such methods keep business partnerships ticking.

Call center services have to maintain transparency in their operations. The clients need to know what kind of BPO work they are doing at different stages.

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