OPC-3 – A Powerful Antioxidant

OPC-3 – A Powerful Antioxidant

OPC3 is a powerful antioxidant found in supplements also known as Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, and also contains bioflavonoids and organic acids. It seeks out free radicals, helps maintain brain health by supporting production of the neurotransmitters, and helps maintain circulation that is healthy by dilating blood vessels and strengthening arteries, veins and capillaries. OPC3 has a wide array of beneficial health benefits.

OPCs are found in pine bark and grape seed extracts, however it is also found in other natural sources, such as citrus and red wine extracts, which is why OPC3 is so strong-it is the typically the combination of 3 sources of OPC. This natural super blend of antioxidants has given results to many people for a number of antioxidant related health issues.

The super antioxidant capabilities of OPC3 also helps maintain joint flexibility, and a healthy complexion while promoting cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels. It can help relieve stress, reverse the aging process and offset symptoms from Diabetes, Muscular Sclerosis or Macular Degeneration. It is believed to be a blend of the best antioxidants available to humans on the market today.

Sometimes OPC3 antioxidants are also referred to as PCO�s. Because it is a compound, this is merely a flip of the two chemical names, but the qualities remain the same. While research is inconclusive, researchers believe that the antioxidant supplements have health benefits when coupled with a diet that is rich in antioxidant foods.

Since Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta carotene are strong natural antioxidants found in many foods. They are especially beneficial when foods containing them are mixed with the strong antioxidants contained in OPC3 supplements. This super-charges the antioxidants found naturally in the food and the ingredients of the OPC supplements for the strongest results in antioxidant treatment.

In products containing OPC3, they are commonly mixed with an isotonic solution to maximize absorption. Typically, supplements may run anywhere from $ 60 to $ 100 depending on the manufacturer or dealer, but the cost of these high powered ingredients is the primary reason and OPC is used in a number of different products. It is not unusual to find it in serums for complexion or medication for your pet�s arthritis. As you start to understand what OPC is, you will notice it in a number of health and beauty products, as well.

In product reviews of OPC3, customers have reported success in a number of uses from erasing age and wrinkles, having more energy, boosting the metabolism and immune system and an overall feeling of good health through increased brain and mental capacity. It has also been shown to help with weight loss, although it is unclear whether it is due to the increased metabolism or increased brain neurotransmitters. Whatever, the cause, OPC3 is powerful and has shown results.

You can now purchase OPC3 on the Internet in a variety of products, without prescription. For a feeling of good overall health that comes from the strongest antioxidants on the market today for humans, OPC3 is affordable considering the many uses and remedies provided.

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