only a fool will CASKET

only a fool will CASKET

and then ya’ll do this shit suveiled shaft we’re watching you and shaft’s back we are really SFATS playing you SHAFTS playing NICK CARTER i’m a purist if the novel says white he’s white

and then it’s kill a child and move the box on a small adjustment…mason’d and the last memeber of golden dawn british priminster WHAT DAVID SAYING isn’t true repo man and a spotter a 20yeear olf punk and they laugh IT UP…wrong again ex navy I should have saved up for the house SNAKEYES…delayo and then curse OFF….check the box there’s no money not even in my BOING pogostick BALANCE…and audit to cash book going postal and she’s more solid when she’s sad that ghosty might be a deomon prays with me though a haunted house cause germans say PUT HIM UP kill them all david capper a BIG name to live up to llyods account $10 billion cause summerwarz is how david things about toyville and his christian taoist chumpums windom hill I think you broke the internet your the spotter where’s the car and laugh it up over the younger generation BLAST UP…GUNNa blast UP…it’s been a Blast shaft set me up RIGHT IKE…ever worked in a commercial enviroment SOLDIER and then we were going to give you the job as computer guy actually you were gunna give me a lot of jobs HE’s still commander sigs…and then at st james tavern or steps WE"LL be alright sir in the caine mutainy and centro get off cause they fell rusty we need mutiple cons HOW MUCH MONey did dayb DAVID spent to get this done a DOG chip that’s programble? YES…and then ZAPPIN walk man and bessie bounces mim swears LIKE a trooper and at changi THE MONKEY MAN he’s so JAPO in king rat a hero for right now the british hated the monkey man OF India..cause he has a camfalger tree and kept typing in spyforce…TRADITIOn was very IMPOtant to OLD hirhto the great enemy and finsihed YOU GO NOW no only a fooll would casket but in scamm perth 7kg of meth Legit business leverage..$10billion bank of scotland and they laugh it UP do they cause that ex navy got his foot stamped on by BUMPER fareeel OLD scholl a furfy..cause IT was the worlds most expensive cup of cofee and then chipped like play staion all you need is an atenna at the old atn site LEKE..there in disney land on you old nokia phone smart phone playstaion chiped and now you whole dust size a number a fractual location…

it’s alright everyone cause german some demons are like that more solid when sad I"LL feign I can’t seer them LOOKED IN that seer and then in iq test TOUNGUE IN a warning CIA HEAD forgot his trade skill THERE IS A MEETING ohoh just write a book like everyone else NSA POLITCAL and then on digital they look at analogue like it’s digital His freind says the 20year is making YOU can still use a phone one armed soldier COmmerical enviroment fell for a con we need mutiple cons a squeeky wheel

Posted by PTB3001 on 2013-10-27 00:17:25