Now You: bits & pieces, 10 things

Now You:  bits & pieces, 10 things

1. i am a love junkie, a dislocated mermaid & sloppy perfectionist.
2. the above three things are currently large pebbles in my shoe.
3. i sleep too much or sleep very little. there is never enough time in the day to do all that i aspire towards.
4. i love to cook but sometimes have to throw out what i’ve made. other nights i am so lazy that it’s all i can do to slice up a cucumber and some cheese, add canned garbanzo beans and call it a meal for my family. i have a secret desire to have enough disposable income to hire a family chef.
5. i feel a deep kinship with creative, authentic women and hold my friendships in a sacred space within. even if i am shitty about keeping in touch.
6. i am having a hard time with this list because my mind keeps wandering to sad and heavy places. i don’t much enjoy who i am as of late and really need to shake the dust.
7. patience isn’t my virtue and obviously spirit thinks it’s exactly what i need more of.
8. i have a historic novel ive been working on for a decade. it’s been nearly done almost as long. there are hurricanes and a young cuban girl looking for answers.
9. my father is from cuba. my parents divorced when i was two after he was institutionalized for schizophrenia. i never saw him again, despite my attempts to make it otherwise.
10. i am somewhat terrified i will not live up to my potential.
11. i love the number 11 and consider it magic. and i love the feeling of community this group of women has given me when i sit at my computer and look through everyone’s beautiful and profound work and journeys. thank you from the deepest core of my heart. xo

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