Not 356:34 – The Office

Not 356:34 - The Office

So.. we’re relocating in the office building, and after some seven years or so, I’m leaving this room. Next week will be the last on this floor, and I’m looking forward to starting over with a clean desk and, hopefully, some fresh air! The ventilation system in this room is crap and with all of the junk and dust that has accumulated over the years, it’s a wonder we’re still breathing in there. And at the moment, I have a cluster of screens and keyboards and wires and stuff on my desk, which I’m eager to clean up during the moving process.

Today I stopped by to pick up my MacBook (had it stay overnight to finish a partitioning job on my external drive), and as I was dragging the camera along I figured I’d take a parting shot of my desk.

Posted by hebedesign on 2008-10-11 17:11:13

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