Northwest Paint Market Tour: Urban Rural Development Are Different – Paint, Market, Northwest –

Northwest Paint Market Tour: Urban Rural Development Are Different – Paint, Market, Northwest –
Northwest, mainly in Shaanxi? Gansu? Ningxia? Qinghai? Part of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. The total area is about the country’s 1 / 3 of the country’s total population is about 1 / 14, an important strategic position, rich natural resources, currently untapped, hidden huge development potential, is the national key development Project .

This year, we had reported in Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Gansu, in some cities, this issue is presented for everyone Gansu, Ningxia, and Qinghai provinces, major cities of the building materials market. Kim Chang, Zhongwei investment boost Paint Sales, Wuwei, Zhangye promising rural market, Jiuquan, Xining, stable development of Shizuishan coatings market.

Jinchang good paint township market investment Putty Favored
Jinchang City is located in Hexi corridor, the northern foot of Qilian pulse, known as the Silk Road on the legendary luminous pearl of the motherland, “Nickel,” City in a total area of 9600 square kilometers, an area under its jurisdiction a county, 12 townships (towns ), with a total population of 43.77 million people.

It is understood that the implementation of investment projects Jinchang 97 this year, investment 400 million yuan of the Shangri-La ecological residential district a project has been completed, the Group invested 200 million yuan in the era of Kim Chang hotel construction projects, investment 60 million yuan in the upper domain commercial and residential construction projects, investment 30 million yuan in the days of color shopping and so on, these projects have been the main cap, a total of 2.008 billion yuan capital in place, up by 30%. Engineering cap will bring a lot of paint needs, which undoubtedly Jinchang coatings business is favorable.

Jinchang forming building materials market in the Jinchuan area only comprehensive market?? Armored building materials market, which was established in 2000, has been developed, mainly engaged in furniture, lighting, curtains, fabric, paint Plate , Cabinets, hardware, doors, etc., has become Jinchang, hexibao consumers to buy building materials and other peripheral Decorative Materials Major markets. Sun Biao flying paint dealer manager, the local consumer brand awareness is not strong, secure in the context of quality, price is the preferred subscription.

Jinchang town market to economic levels, milk Glue Basic paint is not acceptable to local consumers. According to Kao paint dealer Sun Jingguo manager reflected, Kim Chang township market development still resistance, home prices in the consumer Decoration Account for selection factors. Resources paint Li Xiaoxiang manager told reporters that Kim Chang township market is the mainstream big white powder, putty powder is the trend, being more difficult to paint the market. Manager Li in Jinchang first push putty, putty than as a large white powder Environmental protection , But the price is low compared to latex, so very popular in the rural market in the short term there should be a good development. Jiayuguan mixed into the mainstream

carpentry business needs of leading paint
Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, located northwest of the central Hexi Corridor, east of Hexi town of Jiuquan City, the west and the oil city of Yumen, South Hill snow in the Qilian Mountains and bordering Sunan, North to the color of bronze in Montenegro, the central part of the western margin of Jiuquan oasis.

Jiayuguan City is now accelerating urbanization, the public demand for basic housing and the demand for improved housing conditions have been improving, coupled with the surrounding districts and counties, towns and villages in the proportion of residents in Jiayuguan purchase increased, resulting in housing and sustained demand. In a series of expanding domestic demand and promote the healthy development of real estate policy measures stimulated, Jiayuguan City, development and investment real estate market showed steady growth, expanding the scale of construction, completed in an area of doubling market development trend of gradually warmed . With the real estate business in 2010 to further restore investor confidence, market demand and further to become better, real estate development and investment will continue to grow steadily.

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