Northern Liberties Real Estate Offers New Urban Design

Northern Liberties Real Estate Offers New Urban Design
Most urban development in today’s marketplace is a trend towards higher density and more efficient use of space. Of course, “efficient” use of space is a relative term that for most city planners means more square footage over less land. But, when given the right opportunity, urban developers should always consider options towards more open space and green building…even in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.

Northern Liberties Real Estate, a residential and commercial real estate developer in Philadelphia, is scheduled to begin construction of a single family house in the Northern Liberties section of the city. What makes this home different from other new construction in the market is its unique design and layout. After adding in all exterior decks, rear and side yards, the proposed property has less than 50 percent coverage, an unusual achievement in most urban areas where homes typically cover 90 percent or more of their properties.

After closing on 3 separately deeded residential lots last summer, Northern Liberties Real Estate spent several weeks and multiple site plan revisions to finally decide on their design. Rather than building multiple rowhomes on the 3 lots, Northern Liberties Real Estate decided to move forward with a more unique plan. After a lot consolidation, the company was now able to build only one house on an unusually wide lot of 37 feet.

This decision paved the way for distinctive design features rare for Northern Liberties and urban development anywhere in the country. With this project, Northern Liberties Real Estate set out to do something different. Building only one house gave the company the opportunity to create 2 side yards, 1 rear yard, a driveway for 2 car parking and 3 exterior decks. The result is a property with 50 percent open space, windows on all 4 sides of the house creating an abundance of natural light, and more green space then any other townhome in Northern Liberties Philadelphia.

Because of the scarcity and price of land in urban areas, this kind of layout is usually not financially possible. In order to make the numbers work and achieve investor and lender objectives, developers must often increase density and coverage ratios. However, Northern Liberties Real Estate offers a different urban option on this particular project. Could this be a trend in urban development? Probably not. But, the principals of Northern Liberties Real Estate would like to think so.

Author’s Bio:
Joe Jesuele is the co-founder and president of Northern Liberties Real Estate in Philadelphia, PA. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business development, leasing, and project management for residential and commercial properties. He is currently working on the construction of a single family residence in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. For news on this project and other Northern Liberties Real Estate projects, please follow the Company’s News.

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