no need to speak. your smile says happy.

no need to speak. your smile says happy.

It’s Graham! Smiling! Without glasses on so he can show off his purty eyes
= 3=
Old photo, actually. It was lying around in my screenshot folder, collecting dust. And I needed a photo of Graham and here it is! Ta-da.. sparkle sparkle.

Alrighty.. I’ll just get on with the important part and leave the rant for later. Anyone wanna do a collab? 😀
Yeah, so I need a partner for the Dangerous Pairs competition that soulangel’s hosting over at simmuse. And it’s prolly really late to be asking this… cuz applications close on the 30th but.. I just.. I want to enter but I’ve been losing my will to edit lately. So I thought maybe if I worked WITH someone, it’d spice it up for me. And maybe them! You’d get to work with Graham~ = 3=
So yeah:
need a partner. flickr mail me on here if you’re interested. PLEASEIAMDESPERATE. *cough*

Okay, rant incoming. Don’t feel obliged to read below the line. You will prolly feel depressed after reading >_>


Life … is really annoying me right now. I have a dance recital in five days and one of the five girls in my dance class dropped out. WTF number one.
Supposedly.. this guys likes me and I only like him as a friend. The ones who are friends that I don’t have an attraction to otherwise.. why must it be them that likes me? WTF number two.
I’ve been losing interest in editing… again. Hence this half-ass edit. WTF number three.

Why is everyone leaving the sims community? Holy bageesus.. at first I thought it was just a few people but then like.. BAM. There’s some serious poof-action going on. And is it me or has flickr seemed EXTREMELY dead lately? Like, in the recent activity thing.. the updates don’t even seem recent! It’s like.. 30 hours ago.. such and such said this. I’m like. wow. =__=
It makes me sad to see things kind of like.. dwindling away. D;
I don’t like being sad.
It makes me sad…er.

Even Scribblers doesn’t feel the same to me. I mean, it’s still pretty active and all. But even the activity on there wasn’t like it was when I first joined. Or even one summer ago. Is it the sims 3 wave of excitedness? I really hope so. Because I love this community. I don’t want to see it fade away. :[

This is all stuff that should go in a blog.. but I’m too lazy atm plus my blog got taken down because it was so.. dusty XD
Oh and I’ll try to update with the rest of my kitty pictures. Just can’t open the files to edit them right now. Computer is being screwy. I want a new one.

I want a lot of things right now.. actually.

*infuses self with happiness*
*flails from sudden wave of happiness*
*then goes back to depressingness*

Ugh.. I need to go to sleep. What’s that saying? Something like.. things look better in the morning? Yeah well, things better look a hell of a lot better in the morning is all I have to say.

Posted by aisha! on 2009-06-23 06:26:47