NGC7023 – proc4

NGC7023 - proc4

Iris Nebula (NGC 7023) , imaged from dark skies over 2 nights with a Newt (AstroSysteme Austria N8) astrograph rather than my scopes (hence the star spikes).

Luminance: 13 x 1080sec
RGB: 6 x 600s each
total integration time: 6.9 hrs

Calibrated and stacked in Maxim DL
Processed in Photoshop CS2

4th run-through. Ditched PI completely (I kinda like the HDR but I think it ended up a bit overdone once I looked on it on my other computer) ….. stuck with just PS this time – spent more time/channel and combined via Lab color rather than L+RGB ..
Also kept the dust a little darker this time … I could stretch it alot more, but I think I like it a bit darker. . .

probably done with this data for a while. I think people are getting tired of seeing variations of it!

Posted by Anna ( on 2011-06-11 19:17:09

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