NEW way of doing things

NEW way of doing things

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Still in hiding? Yes, kinda. I have to let you all in on a little secret. Even if I were shooting right now, I really have no plans on sitting on my laptop all day for processing, so the real reason I am not shooting, or playing around on Flickr, is because I need a new computer. Until then, here is what I did come up with a few weeks ago, just getting around to processing it.

I took a class two weeks ago on photography for star trails. OH how happy did that make me, to be able to take this class for free and such a grand ole topic! Truth be told, I did not learn too much, I have been shooting star trails for more then a year, but I wanted to go any way, you never know what you might learn. Low and behold, I did learn something. A new program! For the past year, any one who knows me knows that I have been struggling with the idea that there were no good or easy programs for stacking star trails on a MAC computer. All the good stuff, easy that is, is made for the PC. As a matter of fact, the program I was using, has not been updated since 2005! Lets just say, someone needed to get on the ball! At this class, I learned about StarStaX, for MAC, PC and Linux. Amazing! Its a wonderful program, it’s free and easy! DONE! Makes me a happy camper, to say the least. I just so happened to already have the 559 images that needed to be stacked, I went home, loaded the software and BAM, with in a half hour, I had my stack. Before this program, it would take FOREVER to stack that many images! I did stack the same 559 images on the old PC using the old software, which did take forever, and there was VERY little difference between the outcome of the PC software and this software. I guess I can finally put to rest the old PC? Perhaps, for now, I will allow the dust to settle on it.

Geek talk:
A total of 559 images, all of which are:
30 seconds long
ISO 1250 (I think, from memory)

Please, enjoy!

OH, and once again, I was just playing around in my back yard, there is no real foreground here, I just want to be ready for when I am OUT of my back yard, with a great foreground to work with. I STILL want to do a star party!

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